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Forms and Techniques in Advertising Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

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1 Forms and Techniques in Advertising Sports and Entertainment Marketing

2 Think About It!! 2 What is the difference between mass advertising and target advertising?

3 Objectives of Advertising  Build brand awareness  Increase awareness of product/service  Increase sales/attendance  Enhance company image 3

4 Types of Media 4 Print Media Online Media Broadcast Media

5 Broadcast Media  Advertising using television and radio 5

6 Broadcast Media 6

7 7

8 Print Media  Advertising that is written for the market to read and interpret 8

9 Print Media 9

10 10

11 Print Media 11

12 Online Advertising  Quickly becoming the most popular form of media  Reaches consumers through mediums such as social networking sites, email, pop up advertisements, and videos 12

13 Online Media 13

14 How do you know if it worked?  Did the advertisement increase awareness, attendance or sales?  How can a business get feedback?  Social media  Customer surveys  Press coverage 14

15 Pop-Quiz: Let’s See What You Know 15 1.Identify the four types of media. 2.What advertising media is growing more rapidly than others? Why? 3.Which specific media has the most waste? 4.Which type of media is best for product demonstration?

16 Elements of a Print Ad  Headline  Copy  Illustration  Signature 16

17 Headline  The saying that gets the readers attention  Usually the largest font  Contain 7 words or less  80% of readers ONLY read the headline 17

18 Headline Often uses catchy techniques to attract customers  Alliteration: Repeating initial consonant sounds  Paradox: A seeming contradiction that could be true  Rhyme: “The Quicker Picker-Upper!”  Pun: A humorous use of a word that suggests two or more of its meanings  Play on Words: “For Soft Babies and Baby Soft Hands” 18

19 Copy  The selling message or “fine print”  Clarifies and expands on the Headline  Should be simple and direct 19

20 Types of Copy  Features – physical characteristic  Benefits – advantage the feature offers  Claims – saying your product does something w/o factual proof  Comparisons – between product with competitors product  Uses – recipes, ways to utilize the product  Testimonials – third party sharing positive experience  Endorsements – paid celebrity or company recommendation  Action – asks customer to act immediately 20

21 Illustration  The picture that attracts the customers attention  Photograph, drawing, graph or chart  Should project an appropriate image for the product 21

22 Signature/Identification  Distinctive identification for a business  Name, logo, slogan  Contact information  Web address, phone number, street address 22

23 Sample Print Advertisement 23 Identification Copy Headline Illustration

24 Sample Print Advertisement 24 Copy Headline Identification Illustration

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