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Great Western Corridor Feasibility Study

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1 Great Western Corridor Feasibility Study
Yavapai County Board of Supervisors April 5, 2010

2 Project History Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization (CYMPO) Based on previous studies dating back to 1995 and the 2006 CYMPO study, a need for a new high capacity access controlled roadway was identified to meet year 2030 traffic demands. Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Transportation Investment Strategy identified the need for Great Western/Glassford Hill Corridor to meet future traffic demands. Yavapai County Taking the lead to further study the Great Western Corridor for a future controlled access roadway.

3 Project Schedule Oct 2008 – Study initiated
Feb 2009 – Agency Scoping Meeting and Public Open House July 2009 – Public Information Open House to present alternatives Sept 2009 – Preferred Corridor Alignment selected March 2010 – Feasibility Study, 15% Plans, and Environmental Overview complete

4 Regional Map Great Western Study Corridor

5 Project Location Granite Dells Pkwy Willow Creek Glassford Hill Rd

6 Project Overview Need for a regional system as identified by CYMPO, Yavapai County, and ADOT Continual coordination with agencies, community, and stakeholders Define the future controlled access roadway needed to efficiently move regional traffic Evaluate the environmental impacts of the preferred roadway corridor Prepare Feasibility Study and 15% design plans to identify future right-of-way requirements No construction funding

7 Stakeholders Yavapai County Public Works ADOT Prescott District
ADOT Roadway ADOT PreDesign ADOT Environmental FHWA City of Prescott Town of Prescott Valley Town of Chino Valley AZ Game & Fish Department AZ Fish & Wildlife Arizona State Land Department Granite Dells Estates (Fann) Granite Dells Ranch (Cavan) Deep Well Ranch (James) Cortez Enterprises

8 2030 Projected Traffic Volumes
Future Traffic 80,000 2030 Projected Traffic Volumes 57,000 64,000 106,000 91,000

9 Recommended Typical Section

10 Alternative Alignments
Outer Loop Rd Road 5 South

11 Evaluation Categories
Alternative Evaluation Matrix Evaluation Categories - Economic Development - Engineering Considerations - Construction & Maintenance Costs - Transportation Systems - Environmental Considerations

12 Preferred Alternative
Alignment Features - 2nd shortest alignment - Minimal utility conflicts - Least potential fragmentation of pronghorn antelope habitat - Furthest alignment from existing residential

13 Preferred Corridor Alignment
Future Chino Valley Extension Road 5 South Future Outer Loop Extension & SR 89 Interchange Great Western Extension Granite Dells Pkwy Glassford Hill Rd Future SR 89A System Interchange

14 Outer Loop Rd Extension &
Recommended Phasing Phase 1 - Great Western local diamond interchange on SR 89A - Limited access road - 1st interchange (by developers) Future Chino Valley Extension & System Interchange Road 5 South Future Outer Loop Rd Extension & SR 89 Interchange Phase 2 - 1st segment of Great Western Extension (4 lanes) - 2nd interchange (by developers) - Great Western on/off ramps Phase 3 - Remaining segment of Great Western Extension - Granite Creek Bridge - At-grade intersection at SR 89 Great Western Phase 4 - 3rd interchange (by developers) Phase 5 - Future SR 89A Interchange (configuration TBD) Granite Dells Glassford Hill

15 Final Study Products Existing Drainage Report
Technical Memo re: Granite Creek Crossing Analysis Traffic Report Feasibility Study Environmental Overview 15% Design Plans

16 Questions and Comments
Thank you! For more information please visit the Yavapai County Web site:

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