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U.S. 33 Northern Connector Alternative

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1 U.S. 33 Northern Connector Alternative
Goshen High School Auditorium, Goshen, IN Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 Welcome Rickie Clark, INDOT Office of Public Involvement
Purpose/explanation of public meeting Public meeting format Visit our sign-in table Informational handouts Project display area

3 Public Meeting Sign-in at attendance table Public meeting invitation
Project mailing list Public meeting invitation Mailed to project stakeholders on mailing list Announcement of this meeting Posted to INDOT website Meeting invitation sent to: Goshen News Electronic notification: Elected / Public Officials

4 Welcome Introduction of INDOT project officials
Project Management Design Real Estate Public Involvement DLZ – Project Design and Environmental Team City of Goshen Elkhart County Recognition of elected public officials

5 Project Stakeholders Indiana Department of Transportation
Indiana Division Federal Highway Administration Elkhart County City of Goshen Local communities Elected public officials Community residents and citizens Commuters Trucking industry Schools Emergency services

6 U.S. 33 Northern Connector Purpose & Need Preferred Alternative
Increase capacity and safety conditions for motorists and pedestrians along U.S. 33, within the project limits Increased traffic volumes contributing to crash frequency Preferred Alternative An overpass alternative between Monroe Street & Third Street Approximately 1 mile of two-lane roadway on new alignment Includes a section of elevated roadway Advanced forward as part of environmental assessment Additional Information Extension of project on north end from Main Street to 3rd Street Alignment shift on south end near Goshen High School

7 Project Development Process
Public Hearing to present Preferred Alternative Northern Connector March 2014 Engineering Assessment Environmental phase begins Purpose & need Develop alternatives Preliminary design phase Release environmental document for public review and comment Right-of-Way acquisition phase Construction INDOT public involvement activities and community engagement Public Meeting to discuss Additional Information December 2014 7

8 Preferred Alternative

9 Preferred Alternative - Revised

10 Preferred Alternative

11 Preferred Alternative

12 Preferred Alternative
US 33 – At Grade Section 12 foot travel lane in each direction 12 foot left turn lane at major intersections Concrete curb and gutter 5 foot wide buffer strip 10 foot multi-use trail proposed along new roadway

13 Preferred Alternative
US 33 – Elevated Section 12 foot travel lane in each direction 8 foot wide shoulders Retaining walls and barrier railing 10 foot multi-use trail along elevated roadway at grade

14 Real Estate Acquisition Process
uniform_act/acquisition/real_property.cfm publications/your_rights/ SPECIAL NOTE: The FHWA Real Estate Brochures are to be made available a the public hearing. This does not mean that everyone in attendance must have the handout, simply that they are available for property owners or for anyone who may have an interest in the process. Likewise if there are no relocations are anticipated – it is still a good idea to have some handouts available for viewing if questions should arise.

15 Real Estate Acquisition Process
"Uniform Act of 1970" All federal, state and local governments must comply Requires an offer for just compensation Acquisition Process Appraisals Review appraisals Negotiations

16 Real Estate Acquisition
Residential 5.8 Acres Commercial Acres Railroad Acres School 1.5 Acres City of Goshen Acres Approximately 20 acres of new permanent right of way Displacement of 29 residential parcels Six business relocations

17 Project Schedule Public Hearing: March 2014
Environmental Document Finalized: 2014 Preliminary Design Plan refinement: 2014 Real Estate Acquisition Activities: Appraising Negotiations/Buying Utilities coordination/relocation Construction:

18 Feedback INDOT would like to hear from you
Talk with INDOT project team members Comment sheet in information packet or mail comments to INDOT Sign-in to be added to project mailing list Visit INDOT Fort Wayne District page at All comments are very appreciated and will be given full consideration by project team.

19 Public Involvement Team
Rickie Clark INDOT Office of Public Involvement / Central Office Communications Division (317) Toni Mayo INDOT Northeast Regional Office in Fort Wayne District Communications Director (866)

20 Submit Public Comments
Submit public comments using the options described in 1st page of information packet: Public Comment Form Via Participating during public comment session via microphone INDOT respectfully requests comments be submitted by Monday, January 12, 2015. All comments are given full consideration during the decision making process.

21 Next Steps Public and project stakeholder input
Submit comments via options described on 1st page of information packet INDOT review and evaluation All comments are given full consideration during decision-making process INDOT continues work on Northern Connector alternative by incorporating project enhancements outlined by Additional Information presented during public meeting Communicating with project stakeholders INDOT Office of Public Involvement INDOT Northeast Regional Office in Fort Wayne INDOT website with U.S. 33 web page

22 Project Resource Locations
INDOT Northeast Regional District Office in Fort Wayne Planning & Programming Department 5333 Hatfield Road Fort Wayne, (866) INDOT Office of Public Involvement / Central Office Communications Indiana Government Center North, Room N642 100 North Senate Avenue Indianapolis, (317) Goshen Public Library 601 South 5th Street Goshen, (574)

23 Thank You Please visit with INDOT project officials following the public comment session Project Open House Project maps, displays, real estate acquisition table, INDOT project officials and informal Q & A

24 Public Comment Session

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