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Friends of the Fox River November 9, 2014 Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Bridge Corridor.

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1 Friends of the Fox River November 9, 2014 Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Bridge Corridor

2 Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor ~ 5.6 miles from Huntley Road to IL 62 Unique local/state/federal partnership Linkage of 3 State routes (IL 31, IL 25, IL 62)

3 Project Location

4 Project Purpose To enhance the Upper Fox Valley transportation network by reducing congestion and providing alternative and more direct routes to serve existing land use through efficient access to central business districts, employment and commercial centers

5 Project Need No new river crossings in Upper Fox Valley since 1950’s Population on west side of Fox River has increased ten fold since 1980’s Congestion on 3 regional River crossings: I-90, IL 72, & IL 62 Carpentersville Main St. bridge carries regional traffic through neighborhoods & impacts east side of river

6 From the Start… 1990 - Fox River Bridge Advisory Committee formed: To comprehensively study 20+ potential new bridge crossings of Fox River 1990 Fox River Bridge Study – 12 potential crossings (3 advanced separately) 1991 - ISTEA (Fed. Transportation Bill) funded bridge study: 1994 Fox River Bridge Crossings Corridor Analysis Document 1994 study evaluated 9 potential Fox River bridge crossing areas Evaluated 4 Dundee area corridors – County Line, Longmeadow, Miller/Lake Marian & Boncosky – 3 had significant environmental issues 5 corridors selected for evaluation by Environmental Impact Statement Longmeadow had the least impact to the human and natural environment

7 Environmental Impact Statement Required by National Environmental Policy Act under United States environmental law Document of likely environmental effects of a proposed development based on scientific assessment or study Considers land, water, air, structures, living organisms, environmental values at the site, and the social, cultural, and economic aspects A tool for decision making

8 Environmental Impact Statement EIS Team included: Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Illinois Department on Natural Resources Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Illinois Historic Preservation Agency Illinois Nature Preserves Commission Illinois State Geological Survey U.S. Army Corps of Engineers U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Various Environmental Consultants Kane County Illinois Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

9 Environmental Impact Statement 1992-2002 - EIS & Section 4(f) evaluation process 30+ Public meetings (North/Central/South): 1993 - Intro to project & solicit public comments 1994 - FHWA presentation to County Board 1994 - Presented corridors, impacts & solicit comments 1995 - Presented 5 corridors for EIS study 1998 - 4 public hearings – Presented draft EIS & reports 1992-2002 - 18+ County Board meetings (6 advancing resolutions) 2002 onward – various updates as required by Resource Agencies

10 2001 – Federal approval of Final EIS 4-Lane Longmeadow alignment 2002 – Federal Record of Decision approving 3 Fox River crossings Longmeadow Parkway, Stearns and IL 56/Oak: Best satisfies the purpose & need Least impacts to the natural & human environment Selected based on processes in compliance with NEPA Eligible for Federal Highway funding May advance projects through development process Environmental Impact Statement

11 Final EIS process established the final alignment & included mitigation of open space impacts Longmeadow alignment adjusted during EIS process to minimize impacts to environment 2002 Federal EIS & Record of Decision established final alignment Phase I & II engineering uses approved 2002 final alignment Open space mitigation ongoing and part of land acquisition 2008 Brunner Forest Preserve acquisition process included the conveyance of the Longmeadow right-of-way Environmental Impact Statement

12 2002 onward – Phase I Engineering & Land Acquisition Various public meetings & Funding Appropriations 2004 - Kane County 2030 Transportation Plan 24+ public meetings – Various locations in Kane 2005 - Intergovernmental Agreement Longmeadow Pkwy/ Huntley / Kreutzer Roads (Kane & McHenry Counties, Villages of Algonquin, Carpentersville, Huntley, Gilberts) Kane County Planning & Programming

13 2007-2010 – Longmeadow (LMP) Task Force & Study* Municipal request to expedite project & address funding *Traffic Projections and Financial Feasibility Study 10+ public meetings Resolution - Adopting study, support for LMP & Toll Option 9 surrounding municipalities 2 Counties (McHenry & Kane)

14 Challenge Federal & State funds are extremely limited Funding Opportunity County Toll Bridge Enabling Legislation Funding primarily through user fees Minimizes use of County funds Reduces risk & supports County’s capital needs by creating new revenue source Provides mechanism for non-Kane County Residents to pay for the corridor Why a Toll Bridge?

15 Toll Option Toll facility east of Fox River Primarily funds area between IL31 and IL25

16 Project located in an area highly concentrated with I-PASS users

17 Toll Collection All Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) I-Pass compatible

18 Municipal Planning Municipal planning efforts and public processes have included Longmeadow: Carpentersville’s 2007 Comprehensive Plan Algonquin’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan Development planning & platting Right-of-way acquisition Construction of roadway segments

19 Federal Government Support U.S Congress Appropriations in Federal Transportation Bills: 1991 - $8.3M to study and plan for Fox River Crossings 1998 - $9.375M for Fox River Crossings 2005 - $4M for land acquisition for Longmeadow Parkway

20 Regional / State Construction Support CMAP Planning, Programming & Air Quality Conformity Analysis ~$1M Congestion Mitigation / Air Quality Funds ~$5M from Kane/Kendall Council of Mayors ~$40M from State of Illinois

21 Project Development Following successful model of Stearns Rd Bridge Corridor Won local, state & national awards IL American Planning Association - Sustainability Award in 2012 Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District - Recognition of Excellence for Efforts in Conservation of Land and Water Resources Best Management Practices Closed drainage system near and over Fox River Vegetated swales and detention ponds Significant tree plantings and landscaping

22 Project Status / Next Steps ~60% land acquired to date Finalize Land Acquisition – 2015/2016 (~40% remaining) Finalize Phase II engineering – Spring 2015 Intergovernmental Agreements – Tollway, State, etc. Seek additional Federal & State construction funding Current Construction Cost Estimate: $97M 1 st construction contract letting – targeting late 2015

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