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Exhibition-presentation center «T-Module» August 2006.

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1 Exhibition-presentation center «T-Module» August 2006

2 Geographical location Tishinskaya square, 1, bldg. 1

3 T-Module is a new conception in the world of design and architecture. This exhibition-presentation center provides unique exhibition space. It favourably differs integrity and innovation of design. It offers essentially new way of the exhibition space organization. T-Module is very comfortable both for exponents and visitors.

4 T-Module is the only exhibition center with the interior concept developed by well-known designers and architects of Open Design company Sergey Kuzhavsky and Stanislav Zhitskiy.

5 Functional divisions of T-Module Exhibitions International Branch Thematic

6 Functional divisions of T-Module Presentations Seminars Conferences

7 Functional divisions of T-Module Fashion Events

8 Functional divisions of T-Module Fashion Events

9 Functional divisions of T-Module Corporate activities Parties Concerts

10 Additional services of «T-Module» Installation and reinstallation of exhibition stands and equipment 24 hours security Parking for 300 cars Online event translations Photo and video of events

11 CHARACTERISTICS Total square: 1 500 sq. m Height of ceilings : 8 m Conference hall: 78 sq. m Modular podium: 40 м х 2 м х 0,6 м Coffee house : 100 sq. m The standard exhibition equipment

12 Exhibitions and other events experience: Weeks of fashion «Russian Fashion Week» The All-Russia competition of young fashion designers " Russian Silhouette " " You are a Supermodel " show (a TVchannel "СТС") «Marlboro Rodeo Music» «Brazil Fashion Exhibition» - Days of Brasil fashion in Moscow " The international Championship on computer games " sponsored by "SAMSUNG" Seminars and master-classes of «Londa Cosmetic»

13 Exhibitions and other events experience: Exhibition-sale «Fashion Code» Presentation of the collection fall-winter 04-05 WESTLAND «Territory of Color». Concerts of Alexey Scanavi International festival of the Argentina Tango «Nights of Melanegro» Presentation of a New Year show programs by «One 2 Remember» company Exhibition Best Art-Galleries of Moscow

14 Contacts: ВПК «Т-Модуль», 123056 Russia, Moscow, Tishinskaya square, h.1 bldg. 1 e-mail: Tel. 254 15 72

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