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Open-Air Christmas Fair 14 Dec 2012 to 1 Jan 2013.

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1 Open-Air Christmas Fair 14 Dec 2012 to 1 Jan 2013

2 Christmas Fair Project Front View Side View

3 Every year before Christmas the squares and streets across Europe are transformed into a Christmas Fairy Tale. This year for the first time we want to bring this same true Christmas Spirit to Cyprus! We welcome all our friends and guests to the Glorious Christmas Fair which will be created with great care to serve all ages and nationalities.

4 As at all traditional Christmas markets, an extensive variety of foods will tempt visitors as they stroll through the Market ‘streets’ (all the streets of the Fair will be named). More than 50 beautifully decorated stands, ranging from traditional and festive crafts, handmade bijouterie and winter accessories, will offer an unusual variety of Christmas gifts and products.

5 Well known delicacies such as nuts, honeyed delights, sweets, crepes, chocolates, Christmas cakes and mince pies, will be available, alongside traditional national products from Cyprus, Russia and Europe (wines, cured meats, delicatessen, cheese, jams, honey). The Christmas Market will be a wonderfully festive event where visitors can celebrate pre-Christmas, and come together to enjoy a glass of Glühwein or Punch with friends and family at this special time.

6 Guests will enjoy many different performances, entertainment events and activities daily. A variety of local and international choirs, orchestras and bands will perform on stage, creating a unique and festive Christmas atmosphere. Performers from across the island can take centre stage at the Christmas Fair as their talent sparkles and entertains guests daily.

7 Christmas Fair Program Children’s Christmas Plays New Year Museum ‘Make a Wish’ Christmas Tree Christmas Fashion Show Best Christmas Tree Design Competition Best Christmas Lights installations Competition Prize winning lotteries several times a day Visit Santa Claus, Agios Vasilios, Ded Moroz in their Christmas grotto Children’s Christmas Cartoons Fiesta Traditional Glühwein Festival Cypriot Traditional Cuisine Day International Cuisine Day Russian Traditional Cuisine Day Christmas Beer Festival Arts and Crafts Bazaar Cats at Christmas Show Dogs at Christmas Fashion Show New Year’s Eve Celebration – 31/12/12 And much more…

8 Christmas Fair Participants FOOD and ENTERTAINMENT Restaurants, eateries, cafes and public catering establishments may take part in the Fair. We anticipate hundreds of visitors daily who will enjoy a variety of different cuisines, snacks and refreshments… coffee, beer, juice, pizzas, crepes, deserts, wine tasting, sandwiches, etc. We welcome art and craft exhibitions, souvenirs, books (in English, Russian, Greek), face- painting, merry-go-rounds, children’s electric cars, trampolines, bouncy castles and any other family entertainment related to Christmas. Participation fee is discussed on an individual basis depending on the business activity and space required.

9 LET THE CHRISTMAS TALE COME TRUE! Contact: Marina Michaelidou Tel. 99 449 557 (Rus, Eng, Gr)

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