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Your solution partner in Russia June 2014. Aktrion Contract is a joint venture of “Aktrion Automotive” from ( the UK) Assitec (IT) “Contract-Turkey”(TR).

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Presentation on theme: "Your solution partner in Russia June 2014. Aktrion Contract is a joint venture of “Aktrion Automotive” from ( the UK) Assitec (IT) “Contract-Turkey”(TR)."— Presentation transcript:

1 Your solution partner in Russia June 2014

2 Aktrion Contract is a joint venture of “Aktrion Automotive” from ( the UK) Assitec (IT) “Contract-Turkey”(TR). The company is established in November 2013 for the operations in Russian Federation as a Russian Limited Liability Company (OOO). OOO Aktrion Contract

3 International presence throughout the World: Worldwide Support Europe : Austria Germany France Italy Poland Romania Russia Slovakia Spain Turkey UK America : Argentina Brazil USA Asia : China India Africa : South Africa

4 Global References

5 Support in Russian Federation Head office:Moscow Active service centers:St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Moscow Planned service centers: (in May – June 2014) Elabuga / Naberezhnie Chelny, Togliatti, Nizhny Novgorod

6 Engineering Reporting: Inspection Results Summary Safe VIN Output Efficiencies Constraints QOS Data Cost / Revenue Status Order Depletion KPI Status Review Continuous Improvement Philosophy: Proactive Process Controls Process FMEA Mistake Proofing Robust Corrective Action 8D / 5 Why Continual Improvement In Our Process Control module, we provide services needed by companies as a periodic or wishes to use for specific periods to reduce the cost of white-collar service 1. PPAP Preparing Audit Approvement 2. SQE OUTSOURCING 3. QUALITY ENGINEERING 4. PROCESS AUDIT Pcpa Rpo Cqi-9 Cqi-11 Qsb 5. PRODUCT AUDIT

7 Process Improvement  Kick-Off meeting  Team Planning  General Planning  Training the team  Definition of processes  Creating check and defect list  Planning of improvement actions due to KAIZEN or PPS methods  Action plan  Review of process outputs  Completing improvement process  Creating work report  Evaluation of test results Systematic approach to closing of process or system performance gaps through streamlining and cycle time reduction, and identification and elimination of causes of below specifications quality, process variation, and non-value-adding activities

8 Supplier Development  STA representatives  Supplier process & system audits  Monitoring and follow-up of corrective actions  Continuous improvement  Supplier coaching and training on automotive standards (APQP, PPAP, G8D, FMEA, SPC, MSA, CQI-9, etc)  Qualified auditors

9 Resident Engineering Resident engineering relations are established between the companies generally. Setting up this relationship between the companies, interrupted by leaving the jobs.. Regular liaison with site key personnel and ‘real time’ product status feedback Product quality status review (point of delivery and fit) and proactive communication Concern evaluation and reporting: 8D (D1-D3) and digital photos PPAP / APQP process support at launch, face lift and engineering change control Guaranteed substantial cost savings on tradition support models Providing control from a distance ‘your eyes and ears’ on site Coordinating containment at your site with point of delivery Managed and standardised control of multi point of delivery issues Effective communication: Multi lingual support (fluent local and English) Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction Global Coverage

10 Services Sorting, Rework Visual Controls Dimensional Controls 3D Scanning Visual Measurement Non-destructive Inspections Ultrasonic Liquid Penetrant Magnetic Particle Destructive Tests Sample Preparation Macro Structure Inspection Micro Structure Inspection Hardness Tests Color & Gloss Measurement Paint & Coating Thickness Controls Micro-Cleanliness Controls Process Audit Process & Logistic Management Process Improvement(Kaizen, PPS) Customer Representation CSL-1, CSL-2 & CSL-3 Operational Areas Incoming Quality Production Line Process B&E Controls Final Quality Test & Measurement Labs Supplier Area Customer Area Contract Area Logistic Area Quality Control

11 Skills and Resourcing QSB Approved Trainer: Approved by GM Europe to deliver training to supply base. 6 Sigma training and product / process specific workshops Aktrion Contract’s Commitment: Proactive resource planning in conjunction with Client needs Provision of specifically selected and tested associates Test modules specific to role criteria Fully inducted associates prior to start – Site, Product and Process specific. Start Up Process Audit Daily Process Audit Qualified and Experienced Site Supervision – Outside the process Strategic resourcing partner to support contingency rapid response needs Wider search network to capture best calibre staff Associate appraisals and personal development Regular client reviews – KPI, Process FMEA and Continual Improvement Product Specific Training: Programmes developed to meet all product scopes Hands on test simulation to develop inspection & rework / rectification skills Training effectiveness verification

12 Product Testing Aktrion Contract Quality Services have extensive measurement and test capabilities, including portable hardness testers,paint, color and thicks measurements, CMMs / Faro Arm. These can be transferred or replaced to support any specific mobile needs.

13 Quality Control by Cameras and Sensors Existence Checks Size Measure and Controls Label Controls Surface Controls Missing/Defected Part Controls Sorting Counting – Classification Character Recognition (OCR) Barkode – Data Matrix identification Part Recognition Position Detecting Robotic (Robot Routing) Life and Abrasion Tests

14 Visual Checks Identification and characterization of defects can be detected visually or by means of optical devices, according to the relevant standards. Test is made by VT1-VT2-VT3 certified experts or operators Aesthetical Control Missing Material Control Welding /Burr Control Surface Control Endoskope Microscope Dimensional Controls Controlling dimensional errors by using appropriate measurement equipment according to the identified methods. Basic Measurements (Micrometer, Caliper…) Gauge Measurement (Square and Cylindrical) 3D Measuring Visual Measuring System Destructive & Non-Destructive Tests

15 Liquid Penetrant Tests Liquid Penetration is a test of method which is used to detect surface errors on all metal and non metal materials by using penetration properties of liquids, Test is made by PT1 - PT2 –PT3 certified experts or operators Magnetic Particle Tests The method is used to inspect a variety of product forms such as castings, forgings, and weldments. Many different industries use magnetic particle inspection for determining a component's fitness-for-use. Test is made by MT1 – MT2 - MT3 certified experts or operators Destructive & Non-Destructive Tests

16 Ultrasonic Controls Detection of cracks, pores, defects by using sound waves that can not be seen by naked eye. Test is made by UT1 -UT2-UT3 certified experts or operators Spot Welding Controls Mig-Mag Controls Thickness Check Crack Checks Pore- Residue Checks Hardness Measurement Measuring of how resistant solid matter is to various kinds of permanent shape change when a force is applied Leeb, Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Shore Materials: Metal Sheets, Steels, Forges, Plastic and Rubber Destructive & Non-Destructive Tests

17 Color / Gloss Measurements In order to ensure the sustainability of designs in Industry, in addition to other technical parameters, color parameters are the most important parameters to be evaluated. Color Measurement Gloss Measurement Paint Adhesion Checks Paint Coating Thickness Coating thickness is the most effective parameter of quality, Paint / Coating thickness is measured with devices working according to the different principles. Paint&Coating Thickness on Fe, Nfe Metals and Plastics Destructive Thickness Measurement Destructive & Non-Destructive Tests

18  The trainings are updated by taking into consideration new technological developments and the demands from the clients.  Trainings can be given at customer’s premises or in our training centers.  Trainers are all quality professionals with many years work experience at the automotive industry. Technical Trainings

19 Technical Training


21 Contacts Moscow Head Office Tamozhennyy proyezd 6, Moscow Telephone: +7 (495) 361 19 48

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