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The ideal partner for design and realization of promotion and merchandising activities.

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1 The ideal partner for design and realization of promotion and merchandising activities

2 Europence was born from the initiative of two large companies leaders in complementary markets: Expo Europa which, with its thirty years experience, represents excellence in the Gift & Premium sector and Mayence, an international group born in Paris in 1993 specialized in communication management of large multinational companies which, among other services, runs print management activities, digital marketing and produces POP materials. From a successful joint venture

3 The outsourcing partner The Offer Gift Premium Tailor Made Europence offers a complete outsourcing service that is unique in promotion & merchandising sectors, diversifying its offer into three macro businesses to satisfy various needs of client companies.

4 GIFT Select & Personalize Deep Listening to Marketing Needs of the Client Company Product Selection from the Best Suppliers in the Market Suggestion of the Solution the most Concordant with the Brand Strategy Planning of Graphic Design from Professional Designers Production of the Prints Personalization

5 PREMIUM Selection & Management Careful Listening to the Client Companys Marketing Needs Articles Selection & Purchase Production of Supporting Materials Winnings Notification Customer Service Logistic

6 TAILOR MADE Planning & Realization Original and Innovative Projects with a Great Communicative Impact Under the Best Market Conditions in Terms of Price, Quality, Timings and Certificates Synergy with the Client Company Deep Market Knowledge Increased Level of Specialization

7 Certificates Glocal Management Saving Goals Achievement CelerityReplicability Thanks to a long experience and a European coverage, Europence guarantees various benefits to its clients. Europence, the ideal partner! Our Value Proposals

8 Reliable certification bodies, through careful quality controls and factories periodic audits assure a strict selection of suppliers, guaranteeing compliance to Sedex parameters and to all certifications requested by European Community regulations and by customers. Standards Compliance Guarantee SUPPLIERS QUALITY CONTROL

9 Ethical Certificates Europence commits to observe Human Rights principles, labor rights and corruption fight. Suppliers as well are committing to those principles. Environmental Certificates Europence promotes the use of products that respect the environment. Observance & Application of Environmental and Ethical Certificates

10 Europence applies an internal procedure called G.I.N.O. A set of parameters that assure products quality and security. It is composed By four volumes: Quality & Security Come First! PRODUCTS IMPORT REGULATIONS Verification of Existing Regulations regarding each Product Category PRODUCTS Classification of Products into Categories and Verification of Concerning Existing Standards MATERIALS Check of Products Quality & Healthiness INTERNAL REGULATIONS OF CLIENT COMPANY Product Compliance to Internal Regulations of the Client Company

11 Glocal Business management: local accuracy and global flow.. With branches all around Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, UK, Spain and Sweden), Europence is the ideal speaker for large international groups, to whom - while keeping international standards - it guarantees a widespread presence throughout the territory trough accounts that, beside speaking the language of the specific country, have a deep knowledge of local customs & traditions. We are Glocalized and Grant You All the Benefits

12 Corporate Budget Optimization High contractual & purchasing power towards suppliers made possible through the large volume of handled goods. Negotiation & Research of Economy of Scale

13 Goals Achievement is our must! Results Optimization Europences long experience allows to select and find products with the best Quality/Price ratio through a wide suppliers network all over the world.

14 Timing Optimization. Immediate feedback on product availability thanks to an advanced web platform that allows real-time orders management. Careful supervising and attention to deadlines. Guarantee of Quick Feedbacks

15 Synergies & Processes Optimization. A chance to replicate performed ad hoc products and commercial operations into all markets of the client Company thanks to an international network. Once obtained the client Companys internal approval in a country, a project can be immediately repeated in all other countries where the clinet Company works, achieving advantages in terms of resources and processes as well as economical (goods cost reducing based on purchased quantity). Replication of Projects & Processes on an International Scale

16 ITALY Via Aosta, 1 - 24040 Ciserano (BG) +39 035 0952211 CONTACTS Headquarter European Partners

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