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Cooperative Development of Operational Safety & Continuing Airworthiness

2 OBJECTIVE. This chapter provides guidance for evaluating an operator/applicant's company manual or revision to ensure that policies, procedures, and technical criteria meet state (NAA) regulatory requirements.

3 ICAO Annex 6, Chapter 11.3 ‘an operator shall ensure that there is provided, for the use and guidance of maintenance organizations and personnel, a maintenance manual containing the following information: procedures for servicing and maintenance, an aeroplane maintenance program the responsibilities of the various classes of skilled maintenance personnel the servicing and maintenance methods which may be prescribed by, or which require the prior approval of, the State of Registry; and the procedures for preparing the maintenance release………………..etc

4 GENERAL A company manual should enable the operator's maintenance personnel to carry out their duties at a high level of safety. The complexity of the manual will vary with the complexity of the operation. The manual should cover specific items in accordance with the applicable Regulations, but may include additional items at the discretion of the applicant.

5 GENERAL A manual containing more than required information is therefore accepted rather than approved. Inspectors should be concerned primarily with regulatory compliance.

6 GENERAL The manual is an administrative tool used to control and direct personnel. It should define all aspects of the maintenance operation. (1) The policies and procedures section should address organizational matters. (2) The maintenance section should address policies and procedures for administering the inspection and maintenance requirements

7 GENERAL The manual should include detailed instructions for accomplishing inspection and maintenance functions. It should also include forms, instructions, and references for recurring non-routine requirements.

8 MANUAL CONTENT The following are examples of manual sections and titles. The list which follows is not exhaustive, but includes the principal topics which need to be considered for inclusion as procedures in the manual. The operator should not be required to follow the order laid out on the following slides, however all topics listed below should be included in his manual.

9 MANUAL CONTENT Part I - Management
Corporate commitment by the accountable manager Background Description of the organisation Management Organisation Chart Duties and responsibilities of management personnel Training policy List of certifying staff Manager *Others

10 MANUAL CONTENT General description of facilities at each approved location Scope of work under the approval Notification procedures to the airworthiness authority regarding changes to the organization’s activities/approval/location/personnel. Amendment/distribution procedures for the manual Manager *Others

11 MANUAL CONTENT Part 2 - Maintenance Procedures
Supplier evaluation procedure. Acceptance/inspection of aircraft components and material from outside contractors. Storage, labeling/tagging and release of aircraft components. Return of defective aircraft components to store. Control of defective components sent to outside contractors for overhaul, etc. SERVICEABLE

12 MANUAL CONTENT Sub-contract procedures
Acceptance of tools and equipment. Calibration of tools and equipment. Use of tooling and equipment by staff (including alternate tools). Cleanliness standards of maintenance facilities.

13 MANUAL CONTENT Technical Maintenance Data for aircraft/aircraft components including manufacturers service information and updating and availability to staff. Airworthiness directives procedure SB/Optional modification procedure. Repair procedure,major & minor damage. Weight and Balance control procedures

14 MANUAL CONTENT Procedures for compliance with an operator’s aircraft maintenance programme. Maintenance documentation in use and completion of same. Technical record control. Records for the operator (if the organization is not an operator itself). Control of computer maintenance record systems.

15 MANUAL CONTENT Rectification of defects arising during maintenance.
Release to service procedures to include: issue of the maintenance release required by Annex 6, Part 1, 8.5; certification as airworthy after overhaul, component replacement, inspection, modification or repair. Reporting of defects and other occurrences as required by the NAA MEL revision and control of MEL.

16 MANUAL CONTENT Part 3 - Line Maintenance Procedures (when applicable)
Line maintenance control of aircraft components tools, equipment, etc. Line maintenance procedures related to servicing/fuelling/de-icing. etc. Line maintenance control of MEL, defects and repetitive defects. Line procedure for pooled parts and loan parts. Line procedure for return of defective parts removed from aircraft.

17 MANUAL CONTENT Reference to specific maintenance procedures such as:
Fire protection; engine running procedures; aircraft pressure run procedures; aircraft towing procedures; aircraft taxiing procedures

18 MANUAL CONTENT Part 4 - Quality System Procedures
Quality audit of organization procedures. Quality audit of aircraft. Quality audit remedial action procedure. The qualification and training procedures for quality audit personnel.

19 MANUAL CONTENT Part 4 - Quality System Procedures
Analyzing the effectiveness of the maintenance program Reliability programs

20 MANUAL CONTENT The qualification and training procedures for personnel issuing certifications in respect of airworthiness after overhaul, etc., and for release to service (“certifying staff”). Records of certifying staff. The qualification and training procedures for mechanics.

21 MANUAL CONTENT Qualification procedure for specialized activities such as non-destructive testing (NDT), welding, etc. Coordination and control of manufacturer’s working teams based at the premises of the organization, Quality audit of sub-contractors (or acceptance of accreditation by third parties, e.g. use of NDT organizations approved by a State regulatory body other than the airworthiness authority).

22 MANUAL CONTENT Exemption process control. Concession control or deviation from organization’s procedures. Part 5 - Examples of standard documents used by the organization



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