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Focus Group Central Middle East

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1 Focus Group Central Middle East
Palestinian Authority Jordan Egypt Syria Max Suchov, Alexis Diamond, Nassim, Hiekali, Samantha Henshel, Natalie Jacobs. February 3, 2000

2 Gamal Abdel Nasser Enrolled into Royal Military Acadamy. Graduated in 1938. Elected president in 1956. Preached Arab nationalism Fought Suez-Sinai War against Israel, Britain and France. Becomes hero to Arabs. 1956 War

3 1967 War and Decline of Nasser
Nasser threatens Israel. Israel launches surprise attack against Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Egypt loses war decisively. Egypt humiliated Nasser dies in 1969. 1967 Six Day War

4 Anwar Al-Sadat Nasser’s aide Sadat becomes leader of Egypt.
Nasser and Sadat met in Military Camp. Went from Vice to President in one year! Peace treaty with Israel. Assassinated because of pro-Israel, pro-U.S. policies.

5 Hosni Mubarak Mubarak was educated in Egypt’s national Military Academy. Became Vice President in 1975. After Sadat killed, Mubarak becomes Egypt’s leader. As president Mubarak did a lot for Egypt. Threatened by Muslims fundamentalists, as was Sadat. Future uncertain.

Syria and Lebanon are located in the middle East. They have many types of languages and religions.

1970 Lebanon had a war with itself. 1973 Syria fights for the land Israel is occupying. 1979 there was a revolt in Hama. Assad brutally crushes it. 1980 Assad orders terrorist to go fight Israel. Israeli forces fight in Lebanon.

8 LIFE OF HAFEZ AL-ASSAD Assad was born as an Alawi Muslim.
He has Syria in his hands. He is known for a negative relationship with many countries and their leaders. Hafez al-Assad

Assad is the key to the peace agreement. The deal of the peace agreement is very simple. I think that the peace agreement is a bad idea. Golan Heights with Jewish Settlements.

10 Palestinian Exile Creation of Israel in 1947
App Palestinians exiled at gunpoint Palestinians and Arabs call for Israel to be destroyed Arabs lose war and retreat Yassir Arafat leads Palestinians

11 Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
Palestinian Liberation Organization formed to liberate Israeli occupation In may of 1964, it is founded by refugees and Yassir Arafat becomes leader After 3 more planes getting high-jacked, King Hussein starts “Black September” 1971 it is expelled from Jordan

12 Palestinians set fires and throw rocks at Israeli soldiers.
Intifada Street riots break out and Palestinians throw rocks at Israeli police forces( ) Israel’s image suffers from street demonstrations Oslo Agreement between Israel and Arafat Palestinian authority created, Israel gives West Bank and Gaza strip to Palestinians in return for peace Palestinians set fires and throw rocks at Israeli soldiers.

13 Intifada Victims of violence.

14 Palestinian Authority/ Oslo Agreements
Negotiations in Norway with Israel about peace Yassir Arafat recognizes Israel’s right to exist Rivalry with Hamas/ no peace Palestine is divided: terror, or peace? Arafat cooperates with Israel, he wants no war To become a full government in the future. Hamas and terrorism vs. Palestinian Authority and peace.

15 Britain and King Hussein
Britain gains power over Jordan in 1920. British install Abdullah in 1921. Abdullah assassinated in 1951. King Hussein takes charge.

16 Jordan loses Jerusalem.
6 Day war of 1967 Egypt, Syria, and Jordan attacked by Israel. War only lasted 132 hours and 30 minutes. Jordan loses Jerusalem to Israel. Arabs lose 3rd most holy city; Jordan humiliated. Jordan loses Jerusalem.

17 Black September of 1970 3 jetliners (British, American, Swiss) hijacked by Palestinian terrorists to Jordan. Planes blown up. King Hussein decides to go after PLO in his country. Jordanian army forces PLO out of country to Lebanon. Hijacked Airliner.

18 King Hussein’s Death Died of cancer on Feb. 7, 1999.
Jordanians mourns their dead king. Funeral brought together bitter enemies. King Hussein widely respected. Representatives came from 75 different countries. Had his son Abdullah put in line to succeed him as king.

19 New King Abdullah Born in Amman on Jan. 30, 1962.
Previously served as major general in Jordanian army. Assumed power when his father died. Expected to continue his father’s policies.


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