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BACKGROUND The «NAVIGATOR-M» Company — is a Russian trucking enterprise founded in 2002 for freight transportation between European and CIS countries.

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2 BACKGROUND The «NAVIGATOR-M» Company — is a Russian trucking enterprise founded in 2002 for freight transportation between European and CIS countries. The «NAVIGATOR-M» Company is a full member of the ASMAP of Russia (Association of International Road Carriers of Russia). The «NAVIGATOR-M» is one of the leading companies on the international freight transportation market of Europe, CIS and Central Asia. For over 7 years the «NAVIGATOR-M» Company has operated in the field of international freight transportation and logistics providing its customers with individual and package services transportation, storage, customs clearance and insurance of goods.

3 The company’s fleet is comprised of 150 modern trucks with payload volume of 93 to 100 m3. All our trucks are fitted with equipment for transportation of dangerous goods (ADR). 70 trucks with payload volume of 100 m3 (MEGA trailers) feature 3.00 м inner height, thus providing us with the opportunity to carry oversized cargo. TRANSPORT Through application of our professional approach to transportation planning and management we guarantee to our customers minimal transit time, continuous tracking of each transportation stage and observance of delivery terms. The primary destinations of export and import traffic are Germany, France, BENELUX Economic Union, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Kazakhstan. If an itinerary that you require does not appear in the list above, then specialists of our company will work out a customized option for delivering your cargo.

4 Nowadays the «NAVIGATOR-M» is a group of transportation and logistics companies, which amalgamates several enterprises based in different countries, that have their own structure, functions and goals. The headquarters of «NAVIGATOR-M», Moscow: - arrangement of international transportation; - project management ( specific transportation); - customs related services; - insurance of goods. «KTL», Minsk: - arrangement of international transportation - Insurance of goods «NAVIGATOR – M Deutschland», Hannover: - arrangement of international transportation; - warehousing services; - customs clearance; - insurance of goods. THE COMPANY TODAY

5 3.0 m 13.6 m 3.46 m 2.48 m 14.6 m 3.5 m 2.68 m 13.6 m 2.48 m 93m3 Standard Trailer 100m3 MEGA Trailer Transportation of Oversized Cargo 70 trucks in our fleet feature trailers of increased capacity (the MEGA trailers). These MEGA trailers are capable of carrying up to 100 m 3 of cargo. The inner height of the cargo compartment is up to 3.0 meters. In addition the «NAVIGATOR-M» Company carries out transportation of oversized cargo up to 14.6 meters long, up to 3.5 meters wide and up to 3.46 meters high. Based on specifics and dimensions of goods to be transported, specialists of our company will select the required type of vehicle. TRANSPORTATION OF BULKY AND OVERSIZED CARGO

6 ПРОЕКТНЫЕ ПЕРЕВОЗКИ The particular advantage of the «NAVIGATOR-M» Company is great experience in project transportation: - transportation of expensive production lines or plants including oversized package units; - transportation to hard-to-reach oil and gas production fields; - transportation that requires prompt provision of large number of vehicles and strict observance of loading schedule. If required we can offer additional services: - Armed escort - Tracing - Cargo insurance PROJECT MANAGEMENT

7 The «NAVIGATOR-M» Company provides services on transportation of dangerous goods (ADR). We carry our transportation of dangerous goods of classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9. The trucks are equipped for this type of transportation as per the requirements of UNECE. Drivers selected for these activities are specially trained on transportation of dangerous goods. TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODS (ADR) Transportation of general cargo requires special care, experience and professionalism. These are the qualities that help us to comply with delivery schedules. We carry out delivery and processing of general cargo from any place in Europe. By exercising capabilities of the consolidation warehouse in Germany (Hannover), the «NAVIGATOR-M» Company effects general cargo shipments on a regular basis. TRANSPORTATION OF GENERAL CARGO

8 The «NAVIGATOR-M» Company provides customers with customs clearance services in the European Union Countries. Specialists of our branch in Germany (Hannover) dealing with customs related services, keep abreast of all changes in the European customs legislation and take care of prompt and smooth clearance. In the Russian Federation the company provides consulting services with regard to customs clearance. Our customs clearing partners are customs brokers recognized throughout Russia and greatly experienced in customs affairs. CUSTOMS RELATED SERVICES Our liability (CMR-insurance) is underwritten on the basis of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR). Liability for loss or damage of goods is limited to: - one year policy— 8ОО'ООО Euro; - one insurance event within one year policy — 400'000 Euro. The above liability limits are also applicable to transportation in Russia under CMR-notes. INSURANCE OF GOODS

9 The principle of our work is the customer-centered approach. In processing an order we make sure all specifics of goods, itinerary and customer’s preferences are taken into account. We are proactive in applying ready-to-use logistics solutions and implementing new business processes for improving our work. Both large international enterprises and small companies entrust us with their goods. By choosing «NAVIGATOR-M» you get a reliable partner in the area of logistics services. Our professionalism is your success! CUSTOMER-CENTERED APPROACH

10 «KTL» ООО Republic of Belarus, 220034, Minsk, Chapayeva 5 Tel./fax: +375 17 285-38-58, 294-16-03, 294-31-72 Е-mail: «NAVIGATOR-М Deutschland» GmbH Germany, 30179, Hannover, Alter Flughafen, 22 Tel./fax: +49 (511) 357-377-33, 357-377-34, 357-377-35 Е-mail: «NAVIGATOR-M» ООО Russia, 109428, Moscow, Ryazansky Prospect, 8A, blg.1, office 537 Tel./fax: +7 (495) 937-13-10 E-mail:

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