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2 Company SIA „Busters Z” is transportation company, formed by professionals with more than 10 years experience in transportation and logistics. Our company is successfully operating in transportation business since May 2002, providing regular freight forwarding services between The Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark). Starting from the very beginning we offer accurate and safe transportation services that we achieve through: well organized transport coordination system, that includes effective communication with drivers; drivers with high level of responsibility; excellent technical condition of transport units.

3 Services In compliance with client needs, we offer transportation services for: full loads; partial loads; oversized shipments; refrigerated goods; dangerous goods. Also we offer to arrange: customs formalities, cargo loading, unloading and reloading; short-term and long-term storage.

4 Fleet SIA “Busters Z” is transport and spedition company. Overall we operate with 30 trucks, that consist of: Mega trailers (inner height 3 m, capacity 100 m3); Standard trailers (inner height 2,7 m, capacity 92 m3); Refrigerators (with possibility to open one side). Platforms.

5 Directions We provide regular transport services for export and import between The Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and: Sweden; Norway; Finland; Denmark. Our trucks cover all the territory of countries listed, providing transportation services for both full loads and collected cargoes. Thanks to our drivers’ high level of responsibility and well coordinated ferry system, every truck can make till 5 round trips per month, providing to our clients regular shipment flow.

6 Contacts ‘Busters Z’ SIA Finance Freight forwarding
VAT Nr. LV Office/legal address: Kurzemes prospekts 3a, Riga, LV – 1067, Latvia Phone Fax Bank AS Swedbank, SWIFT HABALV22 IBAN LV30HABA Finance Andra Zaimina Phone GSM Skype: andra.zaimina Freight forwarding Vents Jansons Phone GSM Skype: vents.jansons Zane Mincane Phone GSM Skype: zane_mincane Anete Zavadska Phone GSM Skype: zavanette


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