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PST OST SPED is a family enterprise founded in Kalisz in 1992. Currently we employ over 200 people and we are one of the leading logistic companies in.

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2 PST OST SPED is a family enterprise founded in Kalisz in 1992. Currently we employ over 200 people and we are one of the leading logistic companies in the region of Wielkopolska. As a result of dynamic development we established state-of-the-art logistic centres in Poland, as well as, due to cooperation with our partners, in Germany and Russia. Consequently, we offer global logistic solutions adjusted to our customers individual needs. Having a solid ground on a wide range of services and experience we are ready to complete even the most demanding orders of contemporary logistics. Our staff are high- class experts providing comprehensive counselling within transportation, forwarding, warehousing and customs services. Our philosophy which helped us to achieve the present market position is based on friendly, open and effective relationships with our customers and partners at each stage of our business. Our mission involves continuous improvement of our logistic solutions providing our customers with optimal offers and excellent cooperation terms and conditions. ABOUT US

3 3 Logistic Centres in Poland - Gądki n / Poznań, - Kalisz - Wojkowice n/ Wrocław 15 000m2 warehouse space Transportation and documentation assistance Completing mixed cargos and distribution to points of destination Goods warehousing and storing Loading and unloading Goods insurance Transportation monitoring Payments connected with the cargo COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTIC SERVICE

4 We ensure the following: integrated process during the entire supply chain, starting from an order, through storage up to delivery at the right time and place, characteristics of products are included in the distribution process, that is their durability, size, variety, various limitations, methods of packaging, storage and transportation conditions, quality and sanitary standards for individual trades, regulations and requirements are taken into consideration rapid and precise realizations, a big number of transactions is realized in short time, COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTIC SERVICE

5 information is exchanged quickly and efficiently within the network products are identified quickly, including their valuations, specifications and on-line availability, warehouse space is properly utilized through effective bar code management and history of services, various kinds of customers are served, distribution is planned taking into account bulk storage, container shipment, automatized pallet or carton handling. COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTIC SERVICE

6 Optimized bulk transportation PST OST SPED is one of the founders and shareholders of the Polish Distribution System (PSD), which is based on several transshipment terminals located across Poland. PSD enables joint shipments according to their destination while taking optimal advantage of transport capacity, which prevents non-ecological empty freight. DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION

7 Primary domestic and international distribution criteria delivery within 24/48 h in door to door system full coverage of domestic territory delivery of ADR-class (2, 3, 9) hazardous cargo delivery of long cargo from 4.20 to 6.20 metres shipment tracking and tracing due to PSD participation bulk cargo is delivered quickly and safely all over Europe distribution of international shipments is supported by PST OST SPED Customs Agencies in Poland and those of our partners at their terminals DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION


9 domestic and overseas transport neutral cargo transportation specialistic cargo transportation: - hazardous ADR - refrigeration - high- tech OCP insurance of 350 000 EU both in domestic and international traffic transport control and safety by regular monitoring of drivers innovative IT systems for management and localization modern fleet – 3 years old on average - standard – tarpaulin cover - specialist – coffers, coolers, articulated, trailers, containers Qualifications and experience of our staff is confirmed by the Certificate of Professional Competence in Domestic Road Transportation issued by the Truck Transportation Institute in Warsaw. TRANSPORTATION

10 transportation safety due to the carrier qualification system counselling within goods transportation and customs documentation required OCS insurance of 350 000 EUR DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND FORWARDING

11 Shipping and forwarding solutions: A complex service of various goods groups: products requiring temperature control, ADR, oversized products, high-tech products, goods under cover of TIR carnets, and door-to- door. Adjusting our offer to individual needs of our clients by professional counselling on each service stage. Complete logistics service in respect of transportation of goods (commissioning, storage, distribution). Handling shipping, forwarding, storage and customs documentation. A specialized fleet; experienced and trained drivers. Timeliness and reliability of our services Cooperation with trained carriers ensuring high quality and security of transportation DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND FORWARDING

12 We offer solutions in various segments of the shipping and forwarding market: Road transportation Sea transportation Plane transportation Train transportation Multimodal transportation Our shipping and forwarding agents have FIATA, ADR, and TIR certificates. They are fluent in a wide range of languages (e.g. English, German, Russian). DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND FORWARDING

13 We make the cultures meet: Our experience on the Eastern market and the longstanding cooperation with our partners in the Western Europe have allowed us to specialize our services in the scope of EAST-WEST transportation using predominantly our own transport base. Our customs agencies have proved to be very effective in realizing logistics projects between countries of Eastern and Western Europe, as they have back-up facilities of customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses. EAST – WEST

14 Our strenghts in East-West transportation High quality and security of transportation Minimizing the costs by optimizing routes Timeliness Optimal offers based on individual needs and expectations of our clients The best counselling in customs and documentation EAST – WEST


16 20-year experience in providing customs services We have our own Customs Agencies located throughout Wielkopolska, and thanks to our long term partners with whom we work, we realize the customs services throughout the whole country. CUSTOMS AGENCY

17 Our services include but are not limited to: export and import customs, clearance notifications simplified customs clearance import customs clearance with omission of VAT (pursuant to pt..33 A of VAT Law) T1 & T2 transit procedures preparation of such customs documents as SAD, DWC, TP, EUR1, ATR preparation of such transport documents as CMR, CIM, SMGS, TIR ticket settlements business procedures (goods on a temporary basis, customs bonded warehouse, temporary clearance) goods storage in the warehouse or customs warehouse preparation and submition of applications and appeals to customs authorities assist in obtaining permissions issued by customs authorities preparation and submition of excise returns export and import INTRASTAT service transport insurance CUSTOMS AGENCY

18 Our shipping and forwarding agents have FIATA, ADR, and TIR certificates. They are fluent in many languages (e.g. English, German, Russian). All shippings and forwardings are realized on the basis of the CMR convention, the Transport Law, and the Civil Code. We follow the European convention - AETR – concerning drivers working hours. We are covered by a 350,000 EUR liability insurance of carriers and forwarders in both domestic and international transport. We systematically renew the ISO 9001:2008 certificate that guarantees the highest standard of service. The qualifications and experience of our employees are proved by the Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Transport issued by the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw, Poland. GUARANTEE OF HIGH QUALITY


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