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2 SV-TRANSEKSPO is the large and multifunctional transport & logistic Company specialized in complex solution of the Customer’s tasks Our Mission Saving.

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2 2 SV-TRANSEKSPO is the large and multifunctional transport & logistic Company specialized in complex solution of the Customer’s tasks Our Mission Saving you funds & logistics cost optimization Drive for results to solve any of you tasks and issues Guarantee your confidence & assurance due to the high quality of the rendering services, flexible & customer-oriented approach Creation & providing the services required directly your business

3 3 Our clients & partner relationship with them; High-qualified staff; Professional team of the division heads; Operating license; Responsibility for the final result. Our advantages Flexibility to solve any tasks, within our professional field as well as within another related fields; Ability to solve the tasks that couldn’t be solved before us; Quick response to the Customer’s needs; Constancy & strength; Liability & ethics. Our values

4 4 Our Services (in the Russian Federation & outside)  Services of 3PL-operator: the full outsourcing of the Foreign Economic Activity by Customer’s order (“Door-to-Door” cargo delivery, with ability to keep the FEA contracts and further disposal of goods on the local market);  Transport logistics (road transportation, rail transportation, sea and air transportation all over the world, transportation of project cargo, multimodal transportation). Our Company is the Active Member of the International Automobile Transportation Association;  Survey Services;  Customs clearance (SV-TRANSBROKER division - customs representative, the certificate of inclusion to the Register of customs brokers (representatives) №0098/00 (series №004990));  Various permitting documents – certificates, conformity declarations, vehicle type approvals, conclusions of ozone-dangerous substances, evaluation and others;  Warehouse logistics (in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation, worldwide as well);  Consulting services;  Insurance.

5 5 SV-TRANSEKSPO Company pays special attention to the project cargo delivery development. Over the years our Company gained huge experience on organization of the such projects. Despite of delivery complexity (heavy-weight and/or over-sized cargo; in case of the necessity to use more than two means of transport during delivery; tight deadlines; high cost of cargoes; unable to delivery the process equipment parts according to the shipper’s plant conditions at the same time, etc.) our specialists will help you to find the optimal logistic solution to any issue.

6 6 The vast experience of our Company is specified not only by the wide range of our services, but also by the diversity of equipment & goods delivered to our Clients Some of our successful projects: Organization of the document completion for customs classification, the transportation and further customs clearance:  Vacuum gas oil hydrocracker unit mounting for the project of the Ryazan oil refinery ;  The lift equipment of ThyssenKrupp Company from Germany – preparation of the documents within 17 classification decisions;  The serving system of the building sides from Australia for the Complex Federation in Moscow-City district;  The refueling complex equipment from the countries of Europe for the airport Vnukovo;  The lighting system equipment from the countries of Europe for the flight-stripe of the airport Vnukovo;  The processing line from Turkey for the cardboard manufacturing;

7 7  The processing line from Europe, India, China and USA for the sulphuric acid production in the Buryat Republic;  The reinforced concrete products from SOMMER (Germany) and EVG (Austria) – equipment unit import was performed in 2011 during one year, for the whole period there were prepared around 150 means of transport. Expert organization of the customs clearance provided the cargo issue at the short terms (the period of clearance of the each means of transport didn’t exceed one day);  The boosting compressor station equipment for the manufacturing at the Yaktinsk oil/gas- condensate field;  The oil loading system equipment M+F in the oil tank cars for the Novokuybyshevsk oil refinery (delivery was carried by the automobile transport, including over-sized transport, even at the pre-new year period) Organization of the transportation and the customs clearance at the non- recurrent delivery:  The asphalt plant equipment from Amomatic (Finland) – the non-recurrent delivery of equipment was organized using 28 transport units (18 over-sized & 10 standard trucks).The cargo was consolidated for the Warehouse temporary storage within two working days. The issue was performed at the consolidation day without the warehouse discharge. The full terms from the order to the cargo delivery to the customer didn’t exceed three calendar days.

8 Issues which are successfully solved by SV-TRANSEKSPO‘s specialists: 8> All kinds of transport were used in the process of transportation : road, sea (charter of the ship), rail, and air transport. Delivery was organized with maximum savings for the Customer - import of a tower crane was provided with a zero rate not only for customs duties but also for VAT;

9 SV-TRANSEKSPO signed on behalf of the Customer a contract on the delivery of Goods with attraction of borrowed funds, provided customs clearance of Goods (with establishing a division in Belgorod), ensured the delivery of the oversized steel structures for warehouses in Moscow for the subsequent delivery of Goods to the construction site with the accuracy up to an hour 9>

10 The specialists of SV- TRANSEKSPO have been providing supply chain solutions of reagent in the Moscow region for many years, dealing with tight schedules and big required volumes (more than 40 delivery addresses, up to 50 vehicles/day), with full documentary support of supplies 10>

11 SV-TRANSEKSPO signed on behalf of the Customer supply contracts (furniture, the goods for SPA-zones, paintings. cutlery, etc.) with a number of suppliers in the countries of Europe, North America, Asia and provided delivery to the object in time 11> The work was carried out skillfully, strictly within the agreed terms

12 Convenience, flexibility, quality – these are our advantages. The cost of our services is more beneficial than the similar one on the Russian market, because one of the main goals for SV-TRANSEKSPO is to save funds of the Customer. SV-TRANSEKSPO‘s professionals provide an individual approach to all the Customers and their different businesses, no matter whether it is a standard complex of logistics services, or huge projects with a creative, non- standard approach. 12

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