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Lefeng Logistic Transportation Service

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1 Lefeng Logistic Transportation Service

2 . LeFeng self introduction
. Our core value . Our service scope . Our simple service procedure . Our response to customers

3 About LeFeng * Lefeng logistic was founded in 2004 with a widely cargo forwarding service in international business. * we provide first-class of physical goods delivery service to customers from domestic and foreign client. We have a comprehensive global transportation system and its service base on territories of Pearl River Delta cities in South China.

4 * The LeFeng Freight Forwarders are your partner when it comes to transporting goods suited to your logistical needs in the most cost and time efficient way. * The ability to act flexible and economically focused is the basic principle of a successful Freight delivery. Direct access to the major Carrier contracts enables us to act in that way. The combination of know-how, which we have acquired over a long time, and a strong network of logistics partners behind us, who act both globally and regionally, makes us your valuable partner for all kinds of freight.

5 * Whether you are a trade company, an industrial company or a logistics provider, benefit from the advantages of our experience in international container handling in combination with an ever growing network of partners worldwide. * Which are your advantages? The guarantee of allocation and equipment at the right time as well as competent and friendly expert advice about the status of your delivery and potentials in cost minimization.

6 Our core value . Customer Satisfaction . Customer benefit oriented . Customers receive our strongest commitment to meet their needs with high standard service . Taking care of customers’ goods in whole process, Safely arriving at the final destination

7 Our service scope . International ocean transportation service
. Domestic transportation service . Haulage service . Storage service . Customs attendance service

8 International ocean transportation service
* FCL (Full container loading) FCL is our core competence and thus the perfect solution for the fast, reliable and low-priced shipping of your goods. With FCL you have access to all the benefits of container transportation such as the loading of the container on location, the intermodal haulage or the multiple choice of routes with different Ocean Carriers. Worldwide Shippings with a high degree of reliability in the most cost-effective way. Lefeng FCL.

9 International ocean transportation service
* LCL (Less than container loading) LCL is the optimal solution if you want to benefit from the advantages of container transportation but your goods are considerably smaller than a container and can thus be transported more efficiently. Worldwide cooperation provide for a high degree of service and reliability of LCL transports. A major advantage of LCL is the global connection to almost every port and the low price level. The Maritime Freight Forwarders can be your competent partner in this attractive alternative for small cargo. Worldwide shipping of small cargo at low prices. Lefeng LCL.

10 International ocean transportation service
* Temperature Container Temperature control enables the transport of temperature-sensitive cargo in temperature-controlled containers. The continuous maintenance of the cold chain requires a high level of reliability. The constant exchange of shipping information, which involves the shipper as well as the receiver of the cargo, perfectly-briefed truck drivers and a good choice of the Ocean Carrier are the basic principles of a high-quality reefer transport. The Maritime Freight Forwarders also provide their own Gen-Sets which support the continuous maintenance of the cold chain even during transport interruptions. The quality of the transport is the golden rule in the reefer business. Worldwide shipping of temperature-sensitive cargo with the highest standard of quality. Lefeng Temperature-Control.

11 International ocean transportation service
* Break Bulk Cargo which exceeds standard weight and volume and can therefore not be shipped in a regular container is referred to as break bulk. These shippings are often organized as a project. Our experts have a lot of experience in organizing such transports and will plan your break bulk cargo in detail so that "nothing gets in your way". Efficient shippings of oversize and overweight cargo carried out by experts. Lefeng Break Bulk.

12 International ocean transportation service
* Customs clearance & customs attendance The customs attendance and clearance of your cargo can be organized by us for any country. Our regional partners ensure the reliable and fast execution of the procedures respecting local conditions. Worldwide Customs Attendance & Clearance efficiently handled by local partners. Lefeng Customs Service.

13 Domestic transportation service
With the strongest partnerships based on railway, road and river transportation companies we are currently offering to our Customers full inland transportation solutions within whole country, using or combining one of the following modes of transportation: Pearl Delta River transportation South China Transportation Railway transportation Road transportation

14 Pearl delta river Haulage service
The Haulage service offered by Lefeng is different to any other available. People wishing to relocate to and from Guangdong Province now have the opportunity of using our company that offers a seven-day house removal service. The vehicles are driver accompanied throughout the journey, ensuring that not only are personal effects delivered quickly they are transported safely and securely.

15 Storage service Guangdong is a major gateway to the oversea markets and a highly frequented transit stop for goods bound to foreign countries. Our Ocean Freight products in combination with customer-oriented warehousing solutions provide for a multitude of opportunities. At present we have a bonded warehouse storage capacity of more than sq.m. in Guangzhou alone. Our widely ramified network of partners allows us to offer worldwide customized warehousing solutions. All processes involved in warehousing can be efficiently handled by us and thus give you the freedom to concentrate on your core business activities. The service offerings cover all requirements of a modern supply chain management from the place of production and maritime transport to the final destination.

16 Our simple service procedure
1. Order 2. Booking Space 3. Customs attendance 4. Goods on ship (send an operator on site to deliver an assistance for installing goods into container) 5. Bill of lading + payment 6. Following up + promptly response 7. Feedback

17 Our response to customers . Reply customers’ email within 10 minutes
( Deliver our fastest speed to customers) . Reply customers’ within 10 minutes . Reply customers’ phone call within 1 minute . Reply customers’ instant message within 1 second

18 Thanks! Toll-Free No: 4008 163 110 Mobile: 0086 015800246878
Telephone: 0086 – MSN / Yahoo: bragecai Alibaba:bragecai Taobao: bragecai Gtalk: bragecai QQ: Website:

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