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LT 6 & 7 R EVIEW. Finland Germany Poland Estonia.

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1 LT 6 & 7 R EVIEW

2 Finland

3 Germany

4 Poland

5 Estonia

6 Austria

7 Yugoslavia

8 East Prussia

9 Lithuania

10 Hungary

11 Czechoslovakia

12 Latvia

13 Why were many groups in the Middle East struggling to get along after WWI? Many different ethnic and religious groups were put together in countries France and Great Britain were given mandates over that area

14 What two groups living in Palestine after WWI were not getting along? Jewish Arabs

15 What were the Allies' goals at the end of the war? Prevent future conflicts Punish enemies Demise of empires Redraw Europe

16 How did the Treaty of Versailles help Hitler come to power? Capitalized on Germany’s humiliation to bring the Nazi party to power

17 Who was give mandates (control of) the Middle East? France Great Britain

18 What type of country did Russia become after WWI? Communist

19 What did Ho Chi Minh, the leader of Vietnam, want for his country at Versailles? Freedom from French rule

20 What was Ho Chi Minh told at Vietnam? His request for freedom was denied

21 What problems did Russia have after WWI? 3 million deaths Hungry Broke Russian Revolution Overthrow of the tzar

22 What were the results of the Vietnam war? Vietnam became communist Has become somewhat capitalist in recent years

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