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Outcomes of WWI.

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1 Outcomes of WWI

2 Costs of the War Make a quick list of some of the costs of the war.
What was Europe like at the brink of war in 1914 compared to Europe in 1918? How will the end of this war impact each of these countries? Germany France Britain United States What do we see in the infographic on page 835?

3 WWI Ends November 11, 1918 Germany and Austria-Hungary sought an armistice an agreement to stop fighting Germany thought of it as a cease-fire, not a surrender

4 Should the loser pay? Tradition dictated that in war, the winner gets a benefit – land, assets or money. Germany extracted reparations out of Russia in 1917. Prussia (before it became Germany) got money and territory out of France. What do you think?

5 The Germans shall pay! The Allies (Triple Entente) blamed the losers and wanted them to make reparations Payments for the war damage Payment decided in 1921 269 Billion gold marks (about 100,000 tons of gold) In 2011, worth about $785 Billion

6 Paris Peace Conference
Allies met to discuss the outcome of the war Different agendas- different countries wanted different things. Revenge and punishment was central.

7 Wilson’s 14 points Woodrow Wilson wanted a lasting peace to come from WWI. He developed his 14 points to ensure that war would not occur again. In your notebook, write an interpretation for each of the 14 points. Work with your immediate neighbor.

8 Start here on Thursday

9 The League of Nations Created to encourage diplomacy, trust and prevent another war Promoted by Woodrow Wilson. 40 nations joined. US didn’t join – opposed by the Senate.

10 Treaty of Versailles June 1919 allies had the new German Republic sign the treaty They were forced to sign…

11 Germany would: Take full blame for causing the war
Pay widows and families $30 billion ($2.7 trillion today) Return Alsace and Lorraine to France Lose colonies Lose portions of land in eastern and western Germany

12 Europe 1914

13 Europe 1920

14 New countries were formed or territories given independence:
Poland Latvia Lithuania Estonia Czechoslovakia Austria Hungary Yugoslavia

15 German Territorial Losses: 1919-1921

16 Create a table in your notebook.
Create a chart like the one on page 836. Use the information on pages to fill in your chart.

17 After World War I War Debt Fear of German Strength Nationalism
Issue Treaty Settlement Problems War Debt Fear of German Strength Nationalism Colonies and Other Non/European League of Nations

18 After World War I War Debt Fear of German Strength Nationalism
Treaty Settlement - Because of the Treaty, the new German Republic had to make large payments to pay for the damage caused by the war. Problems - These payments would hurt an already damaged German economy. Fear of German Strength Treaty Settlement - The treaty limited the size of the German military Problems - German’s resented the treaty demands Nationalism Treaty Settlement - The treaty created new states Problems - Some ethnic groups became unwanted minorities in the new states.

19 After World War cont. Colonies and Other Non/European Territories
Treaty Settlement - The treaty created a system of mandates Problems - Mandates added to imperial rule instead of ending it League of Nations Treaty Settlements - The treaty established the League of Nations Problems - The US did not join, weakening the League’s power.

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