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2013-2014 District Assembly Miles Petroff - DG Debbie Harris – PR Chair Welcome! District 5300 Public Relations.

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1 2013-2014 District Assembly Miles Petroff - DG Debbie Harris – PR Chair Welcome! District 5300 Public Relations

2 Your PR Committee  Debbie Harris – PR Chair  Las Vegas Rotary Club  Jennifer Weed – Social Media Chair  Red Rock New Generations Club  Will Kelso – Social Media/Online Marketing  San Gabriel New Generations  Rachel Diehl – Press Releases, Traditional Media  Red Rock New Generations Club  Anne Aldrich – Press Releases, Traditional Media  Lancaster/Palmdale  Richard Reed – Online Marketing  Las Vegas Rotary Club  Bob Basile – Content Writing  Rancho Del Chino

3 Get Organized  The Golden Rules of PR  Keep it simple  Be where you are not supposed to be  “Everyone” is your audience, your tool, and your media

4 First Steps for Your Club PR Committee  Familiarize yourself with the Club Public Relations Committee Manual & the RI Visual Identity Guide  Form your PR Committee  Determine your PR Budget for the year  Set Goals – create a strategic calendar for the year  Prepare an Elevator Speech – how do you answer What is Rotary?

5 Attention Spans are the Size of a Knat  “ have 7 seconds to entertain someone. If you don’t … then you can forget about someone sitting through your article, website, video, etc…”  Don’t make people look for information  Have a call to action  Send them to where you want them to be

6 Use Press Releases & Media Alerts  Announce your incoming Board of Directors  If your Club makes a significant contribution to the local or international community  Include a photo identifying (left to right) the names of individuals (no more than 5-10 people)  If you are doing an event that includes a Call to Action for the public  Send Media Alert when there is a significant event for them to cover, i.e. Santa Clothes

7 Rotary PR Resources are Plentiful  Rotary International is redoing their website to make it easier to find information, etc.  There are many resources available on the RI website  Don’t become overwhelmed…let your District PR Committee help you  Sign up for District and RI Newsletters  RI PR Tips  Weekly Update

8 Press Release Tips  Who Are you?  DON’T develop a key message – WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE?  Where will you be performing your event, task, etc.  When [time logistics]  DON’T tell the story – FEEL THE STORY, EXPRESS PASSION FOR THE WHY.  What makes this story newsworthy?  What makes it compelling? Use statistics to show the enormity of the story.  Can you tie it to something “trending now”?  Why do YOU care? Why are YOU doing what you are doing?

9 Social Media – It’s Free  Social media continues to grow and should be an integral part of your Club’s PR campaigns and outreach programs:  Facebook  LinkedIn  Google+  Twitter  Pinterest

10 Get to Know Your Local Media  Take a reporter to lunch  Invite a reporter/anchor to your Club  The Las Vegas Club has a Channel 3 News Anchor visit once per month and give a News update  This relationship has grown and she is always doing whatever she can to get their events media attention

11 Honor Someone with Community Draw  When planning an Event  Golf Tournament  Gala  Think about honoring a local celebrity that will draw people – this can be:  A media personality  Philanthropist  Entertainer

12 Multi-District Grant for Creating Awareness of Rotary  In an effort to raise awareness about Rotary and reverse the decline in membership in the United States:  Billboard Ads in Southern Nevada and South Central California

13 Website Banner Ads  Banner Ads will continue to enable Clubs to link to their websites or Facebook pages

14 Bus Stop Ads  Bus Stop Ads will also call attention to Rotary and our End Polio campaign. These ads will encourage people to visit or  Both URLs will take them to a website where they can learn about Rotary and find out the Clubs in Southern Nevada and California

15 Introducing Quarterly Webinars  Beginning in August, quarterly live webinars will run for three consecutive weeks each quarter at different times of the day:  Week 1 | 7:30am  Week 2 | Noon  Week 3 | 6:00pm  Topics to be announced  Open to all Rotarians who want to learn more about how to effectively use Public Relations and Social Media to increase awareness

16 2013-2014 District Assembly Miles Petroff - DG Debbie Harris – PR Chair Thank you! District 5300 Public Relations

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