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Helping Your Team Win By Having An Effective Field Presence.

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1 Helping Your Team Win By Having An Effective Field Presence

2 There Are Three Types of Catchers Catchers Who Can Cause you to Lose Games Catchers Who Do Not Cause you to Lose Games Catchers Who Help You Win You Games

3 Catchers That Do Not Cause You To Lose Games Can Do The Following Catch Balls that should be caught and keep strikes-strikes. Block balls that should be blocked and minimize bases on balls in the dirt. Make quick accurate throws to bases.

4 An Effective Field Presence It Is Like Having a Coach On The Field Catchers That Help You Win Games Have That Fourth Dimension

5 Five beliefs your catcher needs to have I am here to make the pitcher look good. The team is more important than me. I will outwork teammates and opponents. I make the team better when I am on the field. I bring energy, enthusiasm And encouragement to the team.

6 Five Levels of Catchers Who Help You Win Games 1. Hustle and bring energy to the field. 2. They make good decisions and are vocal when needed. 3. They anticipate situations. 4. They know how to get hitters out. 5. They can call and run the game.

7 Confident in Himself Confidence of His Teammates Respect of Teammates

8 How Do We Build Respect? Hustle Effort During Games Energy In Pre-season And Practice The Hardest Worker

9 Having a “Team First” Attitude Helps Respect of The Team The Trust of The Team

10 It is not just being Tough! Possums are tough!

11 Confidence does not come in a bottle. It does not come from a seminar. Confidence comes from doing certain things over and over again that are foundational skills. Brian Tracy

12 Build Confidence by: Experience Knowledge Competence

13 Knowledge Confidence of Teammates Competence

14 A good leader needs to be able to get it done himself Through consistent Skill Work

15 Build Experience Make Practices a Pressure Cooker Visualize Situations Work on Being Decisive

16 Knowledge of the Pitcher Knowledge of how to throw Hitters Strengths and Weaknesses Know how to work with Umpires Overall savvy of the game

17 How to talk to pitchers What to say to pitchers When to talk to Pitchers Teach Your Catchers:

18 When can we work on knowledge? Lunchtime meetings once a week. Bullpens. Hitting cages. Scrimmages. Bus rides to away games. Games.

19 How do we work on knowledge? Have a set of basic rules. Ask questions. What do you think is Johnny’s best pitch? Sit behind the screen during bullpens. Have a screen to the side of the plate during scrimmages. Ask “why” questions. Have your catchers next to the cage during BP and ask them how they would throw the hitter in the cage. Video a pro game. Watch footage with the catchers.

20 You do not need to do this for an hour a day. Because you probably don’t have it.

21 Demonstrate Respect for the Umpire Build Rapport with the Umpire Take Care of The Umpire

22 Motivation Tips Chart bullpens on catchers. Affirm and call attention to good energy. Call attention to those actions or attitudes that promote the fourth dimension. Have catchers run the bullpen. Ask them to report information on pens. Empower them. Have goals for the catchers to achieve in the pen.

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