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Learning for Tomorrow’s World Mock Exams – What Do I Do Now?

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1 Learning for Tomorrow’s World Mock Exams – What Do I Do Now?

2 Today How did it feel getting your results today – what emotions are you feeling now? If you didn’t enjoy getting your results and don’t want to have those same feelings in the summer YOU must do something about it! For those that did well, well done, but remember that it is the success in the summer that counts! For everyone, behind the results there will be successes and areas to improve on – so everyone can improve on what they have now


4 Tomorrow, and the next day and… You only have 71 school days left before your first public exam after today – this will go very quickly! You must make sure every minute in every lesson is well used – do not waste YOUR learning time Working outside of lessons will dramatically improve your chances of reaching your potential. If you haven’t done this up until now you need to start immediately YOUR reaction to these mock results will go a long way to deciding YOUR future – do YOURSELF, your family and us proud We believe in YOU!

5 Spring Term 2014

6 Next year, and the year after and… Employers will always look back at your GCSEs to see how you performed They will want to see you reached your potential in every subject you studied Whilst you may need a certain set of grades for the college course you think you want to study next year, your grades will always be looked at and you will need good GCSEs in the future If you do not get ‘C’ grades in English & Maths you will be studying them next year as part of your college course or apprenticeship

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