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Tips on Starting at Secondary School

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1 Tips on Starting at Secondary School

2 Lost in School? Don’t worry, everyone gets lost at least once – even the teachers! If you do get lost – ask someone. They will always help you find your classroom Use breaks and lunchtimes to get to know the layout of the school

3 So Many Teachers! You have a different teacher for every subject. Confusing! Different teachers allow to you enjoy a variety of teaching styles. This helps you learn more effectively. All your teachers have two aims: to help you to do well in their subject to help you enjoy each lesson

4 Friends Don’t worry about making friends – if you haven’t made friends already, you soon will. Everyone feels the same when they start secondary school.

5 Friends Join clubs Do sports Support After-School Activities
In Other Words… …GET INVOLVED! That’s how you’ll make friends

6 Don’t Suffer in Silence!
Bullying doesn’t happen as much as people say. But, if you think you’re being bullied – report it immediately. NEVER Suffer In Silence You will NOT be picked on because you reported it. That’s a guarantee.

7 Enjoy! Secondary school is brilliant
It is your biggest opportunity so far Join in Represent your school. Make friends Work hard. Do all this and… …these will be the best days of your life.

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