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Unraveling Pre-AP,GT and AP Course Selection CHHS counseling Department 2012.

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2 Unraveling Pre-AP,GT and AP Course Selection CHHS counseling Department 2012

3 What is a pre AP course? AP stands for Advanced Placement and all AP courses are reviewed by the CollegeBoard for course curriculum and strategies Pre-AP courses are the initial classes that lead to, and prepare students for Advanced Placement courses. Pre-AP and AP courses receive extra weight for GPA

4 Grade Points A “B” in a preAP class does not equal an A on the report card…it is a B on the transcript. A grade of 90 receives the following grade points: 4.0Regular 5.0Pre-AP 5.25AP

5 Why the fuss about Pre-AP Courses? The grade points of a pre-AP, AP and GT course receive more weight and thus can increase a student’s g.p.a. The pre-AP, AP and GT courses provide more advanced curriculum and challenging course work. The pre-AP,AP, and GT classes usually require additional time outside of class – 1.0 -2.0 hours per class.

6 How do I decide if pre-AP courses are right for me? Do you complete homework when it is assigned? Do you enjoy completing projects to demonstrate understanding of material? Are you an independent worker? Are you willing to work hard and challenge yourself?

7 Plan with Honesty Do you have the TIME to devote to the subject matter? Do you enjoy the subject matter? Will the course assist you to reach your academic goals?

8 What about AP Courses? AP stands for Advanced Placement courses and are reviewed by the CollegeBoard. AP classes are taught at an advanced level and MAY earn college credit if the AP exam is passed. AP tests are given in May and students are strongly encouraged to take these exams.

9 AP TESTS Exam fee waivers are available for students who qualify. You will need to verify scores needed for the college or university that you plan to attend. Not all colleges accept scores Scores may be counted as an elective

10 GT Courses Students must qualify to take Gifted and Talented Courses A student does not need to requalify once he/she meets the criteria GT courses receive preAP or AP weight. Check the Program of Study for the specific weight Taught emphasizing critical thinking skills

11 GT courses Some AP classes are GT Taught with same expectations and high levels of rigor

12 Finding a balance that’s right for YOU You only increase your g.p.a. by taking advanced courses AND making good grades. Make sure to review commitments both inside and outside of school-church, athletics, travel, sleep patterns… Just because a friend is taking a course doesn’t mean that the course is right for you!

13 What do you enjoy? Take courses that interest you You are more likely to work hard and be successful!

14 Things to consider Students will begin the year with the courses selected in the spring. Schedule changes will not occur because a student fails to read required material over the summer. Schedule changes will be considered at the 3 week and 6 week mark for misplaced students. However, students must attend tutorials and seek assistance before the change is made. The grade earned moves with the change of schedule and may effect athletic and fine art competitions.

15 Making the right choice Make a decision based on YOUR situation. Be realistic about course choices. Find the balance between course rigor and outside commitments. Quality of life is important!

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