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LAMPTON SCHOOL An outstanding academy. Ambition and Aspiration andReality and Reality.

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1 LAMPTON SCHOOL An outstanding academy

2 Ambition and Aspiration andReality and Reality

3 Aspiration: Year 11 Focus – time and energy A belief in what you are doing NOW will make a difference to current and future prospects Responsibility – “your name on your certificate” Commitment to yourself and what you are working towards Opportunities need to be seized

4 Lampton Ethos Expectations: Behaviour Homework Basic Equipment Attitude in lessons Managing Distractions 28 Weeks Some stress is good

5 Examination success Test/exam scores are an important measure of success Selection for progression to further study or a job Only 20% of low achievers go on to further education and training High grades at GCSE are an essential requirement for entry to top universities Education is more important than ever in the labour market – a global market Exam results are a good proxy for people’s ability to participate effectively in society Achieving grades A*-C will be tougher – grade boundary changes This year SPG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) – 5% marks in English and humanities subjects

6 Examination results 2013 5A*-C grades89% 10A*-C grades63% 5A*-C grades including English and Maths ◦ 72%

7 Examinations: a changing national picture

8 1. Changes in boundaries 2012 – English & Maths (& others) Exams are ‘harder’ B is the new ‘C’

9 2. Changes in components English pre - 2013 20% speaking and listening 40% writing controlled assessment 40% exam English after November 2013 Speaking and listening removed from total 40 % writing controlled assessment 60% exam

10 2. Changes in components History from November 2013 changes in allowed combinations of controlled assessment and exams Students need to cover more content across controlled assessments and exams

11 3. Linear and first entry rule 3. Linear and first entry rule Y10 Y11

12 2015 changes to A levels AS as a separate qualification A2 as a 2 year linear course Reduced coursework

13 Two responses

14 Response English IGCSE - S&L retained - coursework component - traditional and ‘stable’ exam Science -Drop down days for ISAs (practicals) Y10 formal exam practice (April/June) Y11 mock exams Further mocks in English/Maths/Science Additional reading

15 Snowball theory of learning!

16 Homework Homework Not an optional extra but an essential part of your course Teachers use homework as a means of ensuring:  content is covered  controlled assessments are prepared for  skills are developed through PRACTICE  exam technique is developed

17 The Challenge ‘Always fight, always look for what more could be gained.’ Fullan

18 Getting the job done The importance of Maths and English Level 3 qualifications Competitive environment Progression routes You can do it!! Need to work harder and smarter. Homework time is essential.

19 Current climate Competitive market Getting the Grade opens doors Employers wanting students with certain ‘key skills’

20 Different pathways... BTEC, NVQ and other vocational courses Apprenticeships Employment A-Levels

21 Next Steps... Be pro-active- students need to research, read books, ask people they know, visit colleges/ universities etc... College- if you son/daughter enjoys practical work, may not gain all C grades at GCSE and is better at coursework this may be an option to explore. Apprenticeships- If you want to work and study at the same time this may be a pathway for your son/daughter. It generally focuses on specific areas like ICT, Construction, Administration and Business. A-Levels- If your son or daughter is capable of 5 A*-C grades and wants to study A-Levels they need to start researching and thinking about choice of A-Levels and researching universities.

22 It is time for… ◦ Reflection- Have a goal- what is it that you really want to do next year? ◦ Honesty- are you behind with any work? Are you finding certain subjects challenging? ◦ Action- what will you do about subjects you find hard/work you have missed? ◦ What will you do about it?

23 What we will be doing this term…. Targeted support for students applying for College Support from the Higher Education Co-ordinator and myself in understanding how to apply to top universities A/A* workshops University subject specific trips Women Can Do day Stress management workshop Data analysis of reports -liaising with you

24 Next term… Work experience de-brief and PSHE drop down day Careers focus- continued support for students applying for college Identification of students needing support in subjects- working with departments especially English and Maths 6 th form mentoring in specific subjects Close tracking of students in terms of their grades Revision support- to ensure students are prepared for Mick examinations Coursework support- to ensure students have completed this

25 A powerful partnership Parents, Teachers and Students is needed more than ever before We want to support you at this time and help you maximise your potential!

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