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Aleks Presentation How can using Aleks™ daily help you?

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1 Aleks Presentation How can using Aleks™ daily help you?

2 Aleks Presentation You have probably heard about the Algebra 1 Math requirement, but may not know what it is, or why it is so important to you.

3 Aleks Presentation The Los Angeles Unified School District has raised the requirements for high school graduation. You need to pass Algebra 1 to graduate high school.

4 Aleks Presentation A-G Requirements for most colleges require the passing of Algebra 1 with a grade of “C” or better.

5 Aleks Presentation What is Algebra? Why do I need to take it? Why do schools make such a big deal about getting ready for it? Why do my parents care if I pass, or get a high grade? Isn’t it just another Math class?

6 Aleks Presentation What is Algebra? Algebra, for most students, can be thought of as a system of brain puzzles that are common to all students around the world. Solving the problems involves using rules that you need to learn, memorize, and put to use when you take quizzes and tests.

7 Aleks Presentation Why do I need to take it? Taking and passing Algebra 1 with a “C” or better, along with other Math classes, is a graduation requirement for all LAUSD high schools. It is also a requirement for admission to California State Universities.

8 Aleks Presentation Why do schools make such a big deal about getting ready for it? The reason your teachers make such a big deal about learning your math skills in earlier grades, and then passing Algebra 1, is this: Students who pass Algebra in Middle School or High School almost always go to college, but students who don’t almost never get to college.

9 Aleks Presentation Why do my parents care if I pass, or get a high grade? Your parents want you to be successful in school. Parents want their children to someday be smarter in school, and possibly more successful in careers, than they were. Your parents want to be proud of you. You want to be proud of yourself.

10 Aleks Presentation Isn’t Algebra just another Math class? No. Passing Algebra 1, more than almost anything else you do in school, is an indicator of the choices you’ll have in your future. In The United States of America, you can decide what future you’ll have, but you have to work hard to get to college where you’ll have the chance to make your choices.

11 Aleks Presentation What if I don’t pass Algebra 1 the first time I take it? You can re-take Algebra 1 if you get less than a C the first time. Many students don’t pass Algebra 1 the first time. Ideally, you’ll pass the first time. It doesn’t matter as much when you pass it, but that you ultimately do pass.

12 Aleks Presentation Algebra is like a mountain to climb…. Using Aleks, along with carefully doing your classwork and homework, will help you get to the top.

13 Mt. Algebra You may be asking yourself, Can I get to the top? You can, but it will take a lot of hard work on your part. Teachers can teach you how to climb, but you have to do the climbing!

14 Aleks Presentation You can teach yourself how to climb the Algebra mountain by using Aleks….

15 You can log in to Aleks™ from anywhere you can access the Internet, including at home, or the library.

16 The first time you log in, you are given a short test. This helps Aleks find out what you already know, and what you need to learn.

17 You will need to use paper and pencil to answer most of the questions.

18 When you enter your answer and click Next, you will not be told if you are right or wrong.

19 If you don’t know how to answer a question, click “I haven’t learned this yet.”

20 The progress bar tells you how far along in the test you are.

21 Some questions will require you to control a tool like a ruler or protractor.

22 Some questions require the use of special math vocabulary.

23 Many Aleks tools are well designed to help you locate a correct answer.

24 Geometry is a part of all Aleks courses.

25 Critical thinking and logic are also tested in Aleks, as with this Venn Diagram.

26 Aleks tasks often take far less time than doing the work using a textbook.

27 Some Aleks tasks, called Topics, can be completed in just a few minutes.

28 When you have completed an Aleks assessment, you will be given a report of how you did. You’ll click Next to see it.

29 The report comes in the form of a pie chart. Your goal in Aleks, over time, is to fill in the entire pie.

30 Aleks explains how to use the pie chart.

31 Choose a slice to work on. Choose the first topic in the list. You can only work on topics with an arrow next to them.

32 Completing 5 Topics in 30 minutes is a good daily goal.

33 Make note of where you are each day you start to work on Aleks. Try to increase this number by 5 or more each day.

34 A goal for the end of this session would be 93. (That’s 88 + 5)

35 Use paper and pencil, if necessary. Enter your answer, then click Next.

36 If you answer correctly, Aleks will tell you immediately.

37 You only have to answer a few questions correctly to complete a topic. This Aleks message says that.

38 Now you can click Done, or choose to continue to practice this skill.

39 The Topic just completed is removed from the list, and the dark part of the pie grows. You can choose another topic from the same slice, or a different one.

40 Here, a new Topic has been chosen. Again, only three or four correct answers may be needed to complete the Topic.

41 That’s a lot better than having to do a whole page of questions from a workbook.

42 If you’re not sure how to do a problem, click on the Explain button.

43 Aleks shows how to work out the problem, all the way to the correct answer.

44 If you answer incorrectly, Aleks will let you know with red letters. You can try again and change your answer.

45 If you’re still not right, Aleks may prompt you to use the Explain button, and give you more help in highlighted colors.

46 If you’re still having trouble, Aleks will tell you to “…try something else.” Just return to the pie and pick another Topic.

47 Choose another Topic from the pie that you can do by yourself. Ask for help with especially difficult ones when a teacher is available.

48 Some Topics are not hard, but you do need to be careful. Notice the red stops between two numbers.

49 Taking good notes in Aleks is very important when working on Topics.

50 You can also use your notes when you take an assessment.

51 Aleks assessments mostly contain questions you’ve practiced. If you’ve taken good notes while working with your pie, the questions should be easy.

52 If you do well, your pie will likely stay the same, but if you do poorly, Aleks will take Topics you had previously passed off the pie, and you’ll have to do them again. 

53 When working on Aleks with a parent who speaks Spanish, you can change the language to Spanish.

54 Everything will work exactly the same way. You can switch between English and Spanish any time.

55 QuickTables is a part of Aleks that will help you become faster in multiplication.

56 You can use QuickTables for a few minutes each day. Time in QuickTables is limited.

57 Remember, your goal is to complete 5 or more Topics each day you work on Aleks

58 3 Topics completed so far…

59 Your teacher can view your progress.

60 5 Topics completed!

61 5 Topics per day is 25 topics in one week.

62 25 topics per week ≈ 100 Topics in one month.

63 Completing a pie is like making a year’s worth of math growth.

64 Many students are able to complete more than one pie, or one year’s growth in a school year.

65 The teacher is notified when a student has completed an Aleks course (pie).

66 A student could begin the year as a D student who hates Math, but finish the year as an A or B student who gets it. Hard Work in Math Class + Hard Work in Aleks

67 A student could begin the year as BB (Below Basic) and finish the year as a P (Proficient) student. There are direct connections between Aleks and your State Tests you’ll take at the end of the year.

68 Connections Between Aleks™ Topics and the California Standards Test (CST) All images copyright California Department of Education (CDE) or ALEKS™ Corporation Assembled by Henry Anker

69 6 th Grade Adding Integers CST Question Aleks Question

70 7 th Grade Finding Slope CST Question Aleks Question

71 8 th Grade Graphing Inequalities CST Question Aleks Question

72 A view from the top…. A very good feeling!

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