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SCHOOL MANAGEMENT. HOS AS MANAGER AND LEADER School in changing environment. With the spurt in changes introduced due to implementation of RTE Act 2009,

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3 School in changing environment. With the spurt in changes introduced due to implementation of RTE Act 2009, vast expansion of educational and vocational opportunities, expansion of information and technology, managing schools is a challenging task. It involves multipronged approach by the head of the school as there are varieties of people and there is need to provide opportunities to all.

4 WHAT IS MANAGEMENT Management is the art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is the art of creating an environment in which the people can perform as individuals and yet cooperate towards attainment of goals. It involves the utilization of the given resources through the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling to attain the stated objectives.

5 CHARACTERISTICS OF MANAGEMENT Universal Process Involves several functions like planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Involves Decision making Continuous Process Group Activity Both Science and Art,



8 MANAGEMENT PROCESS PLANNING  Setting the objectives  Course of action/method to achieve these objectives What to do?When to do?Where to do?How to do?

9 MANAGEMENT PROCESS ORGANIZING Dividing the work into several categories Allocating the duties Creating authority and responsibilities network

10 MANAGEMENT PROCESS DIRECTING “Issuing instructions and ensuring that operations are carried on as originally planned”  Supervision  Motivation  Leadership  Communication

11 MANAGEMENT PROCESS CONTROLLING Whether performances of the person matches the objective set in the plans, Comparing the actual performances with the goal set beforehand. Steps in Controlling: Setting the target Measuring the performance Comparison of performance with targets Finding out variances/ deficiency if any Locating reasons for deficiency if any Taking remedial action

12 QUALITY SCHOOL VISION A quality school has an atmosphere and infrastructure conducive to learning, where everyone is happy, radiant and beaming. It is a child centred school that facilitates learning and thinking, catering to all round development of the child. It produces ideals citizens with moral and cultural values.

13 PLANNING In order to achieve these set objectives the HOS needs to plan the activities Annual school Calendar – broad framework or outline schedule of activities to be taken up during the year. HOS should frame his/her own calendar of school activities

14 HOS should frame his/her own schedule for – Utilization of various schemes Faculty meeting PTA meeting Classroom teaching Checking teachers’ diary/monitors diary Checking of records eg cash books/service book/VKS funds Supervision of classroom teaching Educational tours

15 ORGANISATION TIME TABLE The school timetable is the chart in a school showing the daily allotment of time among the several subjects, activities and classes. It is a mirror that reflects the entire educational program followed in the school.

16 TYPES OF TIME TABLE Class wise Time Table Teacher wise Time Table Leave Arrangement Time Table Science Practical Time Table Library Time Table Remedial Period Time Table



19 DELEGATION –KEY TO SUCCESS Delegation of Authority means assigning work to others and giving them authority to do it. ELEMENTS OF DELEGATION Assigning Duty/Work Granting of Authority Creating Accountability


21 SUPERVISION Punctuality Morning assembly Online attendance Classroom teaching Science lab, Library etc. Sports activities Cultural Activities- Zonal competition, Population Education/Science Fair Routine Officer work – cash book, Service book, ACP, Pension cases, Leave records etc. Utilization of Funds (Plan/Non Plan) Scholarship Utilization of VKS funds Improvement of School Library Educational Tour

22 MOTIVATION Motivation is the process by which employees are inspired to work for the achievement of organisational objectives. Motivation increases the efficiency and helps to achieve goals.

23 LEADERSHIP Leadership is the process of influencing subordinates towards achievement of common goals Leadership guides, directs and motivates subordinates

24 LEADERSHIP STYLES High supportive and Low Directive Behaviour Low supportive and Low Directive Behaviour Low supportive and High Directive Behaviour High supportive and High Directive Behaviour Participating Consulting Delegation Telling High Low High SUPPORTIVE BEHAVIOUR DIRECTIVE BEHAVIOUR

25 COMMUNICATION Communication is exchange of facts, ideas, opinions by two or more persons PURPOSE OF COMMUNICATION  To send information  To create understanding

26 COMMUNICATION Arranging Staff meeting PTA meeting VKS Attending EO/DDE meetings Communicating Though MIS Time bound replies to queries and supply of information to Higher Authorities.

27 Role of the Principal reach the school on time attend the morning assembly regularly and supervise discipline, uniform, and late comers Plan the schedule of morning assembly Ensure conducting the following: a) Value education b) Yoga and Laughter therapy c) Celebration of important events and days d) Imparting Life skills through activities such as role plays, story telling e) address the students and staff at least twice a week in the assembly f) Interaction with students by HOS, teachers, guests, PTA/VKS members Follow HOUSE SYSTEM to ensure punctuality and discipline

28 Role of the Principal mark the staff and students’ attendance on line within half an hour of commencing of school. assign teachers for arrangement period for teachers on leave ensure that the school has sufficient number of bulletin boards with useful information and inspiring ideas about great personalities or environment – related issue

29 Role of the Principal take 12 teaching periods per week ensure that unit tests and weekly tests are conducted as per schedule Further ensure tests are checked on time and feedback is given to students for improvement of their performance arrange for remedial classes for weak students hold open day (parent- teachers meeting), twice a session ensure that faculty meetings are held every month and positive interaction among the staff takes place

30 Role of the Principal ensure that teachers actually use the TLM money effectively to develop the teaching-learning materials Implementation of CCE in true spirit– planning activities for FA1, FA2, FA3 and FA4 with the teachers Maintaining proper records for inspection by CBSE Ensure timely distribution of textbooks, support material supplied by the Department and CBSE Ensure proper practice from Mental Maths books

31 Role of the Principal Conduct Co curricular activities as per the school calendar, hold various competitions: observe special days of national and international importance and ensure maximum participation of students Organize sports and games activities, ensuring availability of sports material in school to encourage participation by each & every student in at least two sports events Ensure excellent preparation of students participating in inter school events

32 The Right to information Act, 2005 Role of principal All the HOS of the govt. schools have been designated Assistant Public Information Officer(APIO) for receiving the RTIs pertaining to their school. All RTIs thus received must be addressed and replied to within stipulated time.

33 RECORDS TO BE MAINTAINED BY THE HOS Admission record Students attendance record Teacher’s attendance record Leave records Budget allocation, sanction issued and expenditure incurred Records of disbursements made to students on account of scholarships, uniform, books and all other incentives given under any scheme Copies of circulars/notifications/orders received from Directorate of education and other department from time to time Linguistic Minorities register Expenditure on Educational Tours, Mid day Meals, VKS/ SMC, Sanitation and CEP Heads

34 RECORDS TO BE MAINTAINED BY THE HOS(cont.) Various registers like  Inspection register  Visitor register  Movement register  Complaint register All The above mentioned documents/registers can be useful and facilitate HOS for addressing queries under RTI.

35 Common Concerns and Suggested Solutions

36 Reach the school 15 minutes before the school starts. On seeing the Principal present, most of the staff will start coming punctually. The remaining will improve once various mechanisms set in the school system are implemented. To improve punctuality

37 TO IMPROVE RESULTS Regular supervision of the classroom teaching Result analysis of SA 1 and SA 2 Result analysis of regular as well as guest teachers Identification of weak students Arrangement of zero periods for them Action plan by the teachers and regular follow up Practice from support material provided by the department and CBSE

38 Strict supervision. Attendance in first and eighth period. Action against defaulters. Co-operation from parents. Improving the ambience of the school and providing good academic environment. Organizing educational trips to sustain the interest of the students. Allocating important duties to the students. To Curtail Truancy

39 Personal attention to all aspects of the school Encourage co-operative learning. Stress on Team building Focus on Time Management Ensure optimum utilization of human, financial and material resources Parents should be involved in improving the performance of their wards and counseled to provide a supporting environment at home Essential Do’s for all Heads of Schools

40 Our aim in life is not to get ahead of others. But to get ahead of ourselves, to outstrip yesterday by our today, to do our work with more force than ever before.”.

41 Thank You

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