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Dual Fuel Engine Conversion

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1 Dual Fuel Engine Conversion
JFE Engineering Corporation 18 May 2010

2 Engine Cycle <Diesel Mode> <Dual Fuel Mode> Gas Admission
Pilot Injection Gas Admission Intake Compression Combustion <Diesel Mode> Advantages : DF engines can operate at 100% load using only diesel oil in case of need Intake Compression Combustion Fuel gas : 95% Fuel oil : 5% <Dual Fuel Mode>

3 Features of Dual Fuel Engine
Less operation cost → Main fuel : Natural Gas Environmental friendly → Drastic reduction of NOx, SOx & CO2 emission Stable operation → Pilot injection system → Operatable on either fuel of natural gas or diesel oil Excellent dependability → Main component : Diesel engine Clean combustion and Less maintenance cost Effective utilization of existing assets

4 Reductions Operation Cost Approx. 30% less
*Reduction in Operation Cost will fluctuate because of the operation conditions of engines and the price level of fuel oil and natural gas in a project site. CO2 Emission 30% less SOx Emission 95% less NOx Emission 20% less                    (comparing with diesel oil firing)

5 What we do? Converting diesel engine power plants to dual fueled engine power plant Present Main Fuel … [Diesel Oil] “ Diesel ” Engine After conversion Main Fuel …[Natural Gas] Pilot Fuel…[Diesel Oil] “ Dual Fuel ” Engine

6 Dual Fuel Engine Conversion
Before Conversion After Conversion Exhaust System Air/Gas Intake System Fuel Injection System Cylinder Head Piston Connecting Rod Typical samples of the Dual Fuel Engine (Carburetor Type)

7 Major Modified Engine Parts and Auxiliaries for Conversion
Engines parts <additional parts>  - Gas admission system, knock detector - Air/Fuel ratio control system - Oil mist ventilation system <Specification change parts> - Piston ring, Piston pin metal - Fuel injector, Plunger assembly, Fuel governor <Modification parts> - Cylinder head, Piston, Liner, Charge air duct, T/C matching Plant Auxiliaries - Gas supplying system - Safety device for gas system - Engine control panel - Remote monitoring system

8 Schematic Diagram for DF System
<New Installing Part for Conversion> IDO Tank Shut off Valve Gas Press. Regulating Valve S Gas Pump Air Filter FO Injection Pump Air Exhaust Gas Rev. Pick up Valve Controller Turbocharger Cam Governor DO Injector A Gas Admission Valve Air Cooler Charged Air A To Turbocharger Water Main Controller (Fuel, Gas) Piston

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