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Let’s Make a Happy Classroom

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1 Let’s Make a Happy Classroom
So we need to keep our hands down.

2 This is Bob. Bob is a good person. He is very friendly.

3 Bob is a good student. Bob is very smart. He does his work very well.

4 Bob can get upset. Sometimes Bob gets mad at his friends and teachers.

5 Oh No! Bob might want to hit or push his friends when he is upset.

6 Is that a good idea, Bob? Bob should not hit or push other people. That hurts them and makes them sad.

7 What happens if Bob hurts other students?
If Bob hurts other people, Bob has to go take a break in the Quiet Area.

8 What else happens? Bob cannot get snack or his Choice Time activity.

9 What should Bob do if he gets upset?
Bob could tell a teacher that he needs a break if he feels upset.

10 What else could Bob do? Bob could read his social story to remind him of the consequences.

11 What happens if Bob keeps his hands down?
If Bob keeps his hands down, he gets to play in gym, have a snack, and have his Choice Time activity.

12 How does everyone else feel?
Bob makes his teachers and friends happy if he keeps his hands down.

13 If Bob keeps his hands down…
If Bob keeps his hands down, he will learn, he will be calm, and he will be happy.

14 Great Choices! What can we do if we feel upset? 1. Take a deep breath.
2. Ask for a break. 3. Keep our hands down. 4. Read your social story.

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