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Comprehensive Student Leadership Program Model: An Introduction, Applications & Critique Paige Haber University of San Diego Leadership Educators Institute.

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1 Comprehensive Student Leadership Program Model: An Introduction, Applications & Critique Paige Haber University of San Diego Leadership Educators Institute December 6, 2008

2 Program Outline Overview of the Comprehensive Leadership Program Model  Students  Structure  Strategies  scope Application of Model on Campuses Critique & Further Development of Model

3 Handbook For Student Leadership Programs (2006) Chapter 3: Structure, Design, and Models of Student Leadership Programs (Haber) National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs Editors: Komives, Dugan, Owen, Slack, Wagner Second Edition under development

4 Handbook Chapters Approaches, Lenses & Models Student Learning in Leadership Programs Structure, Design & Models of Student Leadership Programs Lesson Plans for Leadership Educators Experiential Learning Leadership & Diversity Leadership Courses Co-Curricular Leadership Programs Competencies of Leadership Educators Funding Leadership Programs Standards for Practice Assessment & Evaluations of Leadership Programs Leadership Resources

5 Rationale for Chapter 1976: American College Personnel Association’s (ACPA) Leadership Task Force Increase in presence of College Student Leadership Programs Many are ad-hoc -without intentional structure, outcomes, and strategies Growing emphasis on comprehensive leadership programs CAS Standards for Leadership Programs

6 Overview of Chapter Student Leadership Programs  Background & definitions Developing & Establishing Leadership Programs  Kotter’s (1996) model of change  Planning Team, Staffing Comprehensive Leadership Program Model Program Spotlights

7 Leadership Program Program or activity intentionally designed with the purpose of developing or enhancing college students’ leadership skills, knowledge, or abilities

8 Comprehensive Leadership Program An intentional array of experiences, programs and services that provides educational, experiential, and reflective components includes a variety of delivery methods is specifically designed to promote self- understanding, development of a personal leadership philosophy, development of leadership skills, and the ability to view self as an integral component of a larger community

9 Comprehensive Leadership Programs Designated Concentrated within a specific office or department Campus-Wide Collaborative efforts from campus as a whole

10 Background of Model Comprehensive Leadership Program Model  CAS Standards  Training Education & Development (TED) Model  Leadership Identity Development Model (LID)  Program-specific examples

11 Comprehensive Leadership Program Model

12 Students OpenTargetedPositional Campus- wide All students on campus can participate All students in a specific student population can participate All students holding leadership roles can participate Designated All students on campus are eligible to apply All students of a specific population are eligible to apply Only students in specific leadership roles can participate

13 Structure Program mission Structure adapted to fit campus environment/ mission Learning outcomes identified, defined & assessed Intentional design that utilizes past research, theories, and models Commitment / requirements Credentials Themes, tracks, phases

14 Strategies Diverse delivery methods Learning Models:  Experiential Learning  Leadership Identity Development  Training, Education & Development (TED)  Individual level  Group level Cocurricular Elements Curricular Elements Strategies used should be in line with mission, outcomes & purposes of the program

15 scope Individual Focus  Relational Focus  Big Picture Focus FocusView of selfExample Individualself as leaderclub president Relationalself as a member of a group club president and integral part of club Big Pictureself as a citizen/ member of a community club president, integral part of club, and integral part of community

16 Loyola Marymount University Jesuit Institution, Approx 5000 undergrads Committee: Student Activities, Student Housing, Multicultural Programs Allies on campus- invited many to join Capitalizing on what already exists & streamlining programs Focus on making programs intentional Campus-wide focus and housed from one office (Department of Student Leadership and Development) Leadership Institute focus of Divisional Convocation

17 LMU- Students Students:  Open/ Campuswide: All Students, Open Entry  Designated/ Positional: Leadership Scholar Program  Required some student leaders (i.e. RAs) to do workshops (which were open to others)

18 LMU- Structure Mission, Values & Definition- in line with institution Learning Outcomes Leadership Models: Social Change Model of Leadership Campus considerations- around Service, Mission, programs in existence Commitments varied by track (i.e. Leadership Scholar, Positional Leader, etc.) Added to co-curricular transcript; Associated with scholarship program

19 LMU Strategies Leadership audit of programs on campus and classified them as Training, Education, or Development 1-Credit Courses- open to all, required for some  1st year- SCM- Individual  2nd year- SCM- Group  3rd year- SCM- Community Workshop Series - across campus A-la Carte - Menu of presentations and resources from across campus for clubs and organizations Speakers

20 Univ. of California- Irvine Created 3cs of the Process (The Leadership Train)  Connect- all the programs- in same room, identify what ’ s happening, share resources and information  Collaborate- work together- whole greater than sum of the parts  Create- campus-wide comprehensive program- pull the pieces together and “direct traffic for the students”

21 UCI cont. Involved students in the process- creating culture of student empowerment Talked to people from other institutions Chapters 1-3 with students Chapter 3- helpful for creating any type of organization or program

22 University of San Diego Committee of stakeholders from across campus (co-chaired by Dept. of Leadership Studies & Student Affairs) Audit of what leadership programs are already in existence on campus Leadership models Leadership definition Examining what other campuses are doing Learning Outcomes Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

23 Applications How can this model inform student leadership programs and initiatives on your campuses? What ideas can you take back to strive toward a comprehensive or campus- wide leadership focus?

24 Model Critique What’s missing? What doesn’t make sense? What opportunities do you see for growth? What are practitioners looking for? What additional questions do you have?

25 Questions & Discussion Paige Haber University of San Diego Leadership Educators Institute December 6, 2008

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