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Presentation Outline Center Overview Guiding Principles Mission Achievement Goal Achievement Current Initiatives FY2013 Goals.

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2 Presentation Outline Center Overview Guiding Principles Mission Achievement Goal Achievement Current Initiatives FY2013 Goals

3 Center Overview 52 University Center Staff – Associate Director – Activities Advisor II – Activities Advisor I (VACANT) – Greek Housing Coordinator (VACANT) – Leadership Instructional Assistant – Student Assistants Our Pillars – Leadership Development, Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Service & Citizenship

4 Mission Statement The Center for Leadership and Fraternity & Sorority Life develops students into ethical and purpose- based leaders by providing meaningful learning and involvement experiences. Through leadership development programs, fraternities and sororities, and service opportunities, the Center guides students in development of the self-awareness and critical thinking necessary to enhance individual, organizational, and community growth. The Center values integrity, inclusivity, and collaboration as guiding principles for effective leadership.

5 Jason Bergeron Associate Director, Center for Leadership and Fraternity& Sorority Life Creates and implements a vision for Fraternity and Sorority Life Develop Leadership Programs Budget Oversight Cassandra Joseph Activities Advisor II, Center for Leadership and Fraternity &Sorority Life VACANT Activities Advisor I, Center for Leadership and Fraternity &Sorority Life Advises National Pan-Hellenic Council Advises Multicultural Greek Council Advises Order of Omega Supervises Student Staff in CLFSL Students (4) Advises Fraternity/Sorority Council Advises Metropolitan Volunteer Program Coordinates service initiatives Advises Metropolitan Volunteer Program VACANT Greek Housing Coordinator University Centers Center for Leadership and Fraternity & Sorority Life 11-1-11 Supervises the townhouse managers at Bayou Oaks Advises Fraternity/Sorority Council Liaison between the Greek organizations American Campus Communities Liaison between American Campus Communities and UH Serves as one of the staff of Bayou Oaks, including work on leases, discipline, on- calls, etc. Courtney Reynolds Instructional Assistant, Center for Leadership and Fraternity and Sorority Life Develop Leadership Programs Leadership Development Task Force Co-Council of Campus Leaders (w/CSI)

6 Guiding Principles General Office Mission Statement Fraternity & Sorority Life – Shared Purpose and Values Leadership Development – Shared model and definition Service – MVP Mission – “Nourishing the spirit of volunteerism” – Active Citizen Continuum

7 Mission Achievement Pre/post test data that supports learning in the following programs: – Spring 2011 Cougar Leadership Institute Upcoming: – Fall 2011 Cougar Leadership Institute – 2012 Fraternity & Sorority Visions Institute – Fraternity/Sorority Experience Survey – Profile of Today’s College Student – Upcoming outcomes data

8 Goal Achievement Achieved Goals – Clarification of staff responsibilities – New Fraternal Excellence Program – Alternative Spring Break site leader training In-Progress Goals – Visioning & Strategic Planning – Greek New Member Education – Bayou Oaks Social Responsibility – Leadership Development Program – Volunteer Opportunities Changed Goals – Leadership Development Student Organization – Alternative Spring Break

9 Additional Points of Pride Leadership Development Task Force – Identification of leadership development strategic goals Hiring of Instructional Assistant Growth of Fraternity & Sorority Community – SP 2009 – SP 2011 5 additional fraternities 1 additional sorority Continuing to grow throughout 2011-2012 academic year

10 Current and Upcoming Initiatives Fraternal Excellence Program pilot Alternative Spring Break – New Orleans, LA – Atlanta, GA ProPEL Leadership Development Program 2 nd Cougar Leadership Institute Catalyst Leadership Luncheons

11 FY2013 Goals Goal 1: Create a fully formed vision, strategic plan, and assessment plan for the Center for Leadership and Fraternity & Sorority Life. Establish an office/center vision to drive strategic planning efforts. (May 2012) Define specific goals, objectives, and action items in the form of a CLFSL strategic plan. (December 2012) Develop a comprehensive assessment plan using survey instruments, metrics and rubrics that support achievement of each University Centers learning outcome. (December 2012)

12 FY2013 Goals Goal 2: Fully actualize all short-term and mid-term goals as outlined in the Leadership Development Task Force. Short-Term Goals - The following goals are expected to be actualized within the 2011-2012 academic year. Transition the Leadership Development Task Force to a Leadership Development Advisory Board. Create and implement a comprehensive program targeted for emerging leaders. Provide at least one significant leadership experience per semester. Engage university partners in the establishment of a common leadership framework at the University of Houston. Mid-Term Goals - The following goals are expected to be actualized within the 2012-2013 academic year. Establishment of a Peer Leadership Council Student Organization. Creation of a residential living-learning experience focused on leadership. Secure permanent funding for leadership programs. Identify a series of programs designed to support diversity education as a function of leadership.

13 FY2013 Goals Goal 3: Grow the culture of civic responsibility on campus. Sponsor at least four (4) Alternative Spring Break trips in the Spring 2013 semester. (May 2013) Partner with Metropolitan Volunteer program to create a campus- wide campaign promoting active citizenship. (May 2013) Establish a student organization that will direct and guide Alternative Break efforts. (December 2012)

14 FY2013 Goals Goal 4: Provide support for planning for the UC Transformation Project and begin Phase 1. Coordinate relocation of services during the UC Transformation Project (May 2012) Develop partnerships to provide alternative meeting locations for registered student organizations (May 2012) Assist in the development and implementation a proactive marketing and communications plan to engage the UH community with updates about the UC Transformation Project, as well as providing weekly updates related to service/office/support impacts (May 2013)

15 Goal 5: Fully integrate University Centers Learning Outcomes into departmental educational initiatives and departmental operations. Identify overarching learning outcome statements (October 2011) Identify sub-outcome competency areas more directly related to measures (December 2011) Identify specific metrics and measures by department that demonstrate achievement of outcomes (May 2012) Identify and integrate measurement questions into each UC-based survey or assessment project (December 2012) Review first year of implementation and make edits as necessary (May 2013)

16 FY2013 Base Augmentation Greek Housing Coordinator Salary & Benefits – Position currently funded by American Campus Communities – Allows CLFSL to provide more authority over position responsibilities – Total amount: $39,018

17 FY2013 Base Augmentation Leadership Development – Fund comprehensive leadership development program. Includes costs for the following: ProPEL Comprehensive Leadership Development Program Educational resources Travel opportunities – Total requested: $10,000

18 FY2013 Base Augmentation Continue and grow Alternative Break Program – Expand Alternative Break Program to include 4 domestic trips. Includes costs for the following: Travel fees for advisors Assistance with deposits for sites Training for Alternative Break site leaders – Total requested: $2,000

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