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Sacramento State's One World Initiative: Using themes to engage a campus community in global education Lisa Hammersley & Raghuraman Trichur.

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1 Sacramento State's One World Initiative: Using themes to engage a campus community in global education Lisa Hammersley & Raghuraman Trichur

2 Outline Background –The challenge of curricular globalization –Mapping global education at Sac State The One World Initiative –Goals –Format/structure Campus Response Lessons Learned and remaining Challenges Group discussion activities

3 The Challenge How to provide students with the tools they need for their futures in a global society? How to effect curricular change across a complex and decentralized curriculum? How to do this in a climate of budget restrictions and low morale?

4 Background Provost's advisory committee on curricular global engagement –Develop a mission statement –Collect information on global education activities already occurring on campus –Consider challenges to curricular globalization (structural and individual)

5 Sacramento State is committed to developing, sustaining and promoting global studies, international educational exchanges and research initiatives, in support of the universitys commitment to the preparation of informed world citizens. The University strives to provide students and faculty with the multidisciplinary, intercultural and ethical understandings necessary to engage, lead and prosper in a variety of settings requiring knowledge and problem solving skills in a diverse, global arena. Provost's Advisory Committee for Curricular Global Engagement, 2011 Figuring out what global education means to us

6 Taking Stock: What are we already doing? International students Study Abroad Area studies Languages Visiting scholars International faculty Faculty research Courses on globalization Cultural organizations Diverse student body Location in CA state capital How do we pull this together in such a way that we create something that is greater than the sum of its parts?

7 Highlight the global education opportunities and resources at Sacramento State by engaging the campus community in year-long discussions of themes of global importance Based upon the successful One Book model An open invitation to the campus community to participate (ground-up vs. top down) in a variety of ways

8 One World Participation: Incorporation of theme into course curricula An easy buy-in for faculty Students take multiple courses, often unrelated Encountering the One World theme in different courses encourages making connections across disciplines Informal "learning community"

9 One World Participation: One World Calendar of Events Campus units invited to create events related to the One World theme All events promoted widely under the One World heading Small amount of funds available to support events Generate a rich calendar of public events around a central theme (talks, movies, art shows, etc.)

10 One World Participation: Student-led Activities Student groups and clubs invited to organize activities related to the One World theme Encouraged to incorporate a service component

11 One World Participation: End-of-Year Celebration One-day event that caps off the year's theme Student symposium: –Student responses to the theme in the form of posters, talks, art, digital media, etc. Faculty Panel –Faculty from different disciplines discuss how the One World theme fits in their work Keynote Speaker –Presentation by a prominent speaker to the campus community and the public


13 GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES ON WATER 2012-13 Inaugural One World Theme

14 Water is essential for life

15 There can be too much water......or too little There can be too much water......or too little

16 Water is an integral part of world religions and cultures

17 Water has inspired music and art Water has inspired music and art

18 Water is a human right......but also a commodity?

19 Campus Response Faculty from across the campus pledged to incorporate the One World theme into their courses. –The arts, the sciences, government, business, social sciences, health sciences, AFROTC, etc. Over 20 One World events per semester in the first year –Art and museum exhibits, movies, discussions, lectures –Many activities included multiple departments and multiple colleges Over 40 students participated in the student symposium for the end-of-year event. Attendance at all three components of the event was very good.

20 GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES ON MIGRATION 2013-14 One World Theme Already 10 events on the calendar for this semester and more are being developed One notable event is a student symposium on migration presented by international students who are part of the English Language Institute

21 What have we learned? Importance of having both faculty and administrators involved in the initiative The right approach can overcome obstacles such as low/no budget and low faculty morale Encouraging participation rather than controlling or requiring it creates an environment of collaboration and creativity. Challenges remain: –Getting students engaged in the initiative –Getting more faculty to incorporate the theme in their courses –Securing funding for the future

22 Challenges Remain Getting students directly engaged in the initiative Getting more faculty to incorporate the theme in their courses Securing funding for the future "Beating the Drums" - maintaining a high profile

23 Discussion #1 What are the goals and challenges for global education at your campus? –Status of global education at your campus –Challenges to moving forward

24 Discussion #2 Asset Mapping: –What global education activities and resources are already available at your campus? –What groups could/should be involved in creating a campus-wide global education initiative? –What (if any) funding sources are available?

25 Discussion #3 Next steps: Implementing your campus- wide initiative –What kind of model might work best at your campus? –What themes might you use? –How to promote your initiative to various stakeholders?

26 Contact and information Our website: – Email us: – Like us on facebook! –

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