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STUFF I WISH I’D KNOWN! Mary Anne Holmes University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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1 STUFF I WISH I’D KNOWN! Mary Anne Holmes University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2 At the Very Beginning 1. Piarra  Budget for a professional publicist; student in marketing  Flyers, ads, design – all cost $$  Need swag – pens, water bottles, pads of paper, magnets, all with ‘logo’  Use University Marketing class to design your ‘ad campaign’  Campus Newspaper Public Relations You are a TEAM, all working towards the same goal

3 At the Very Beginning 2. Your Evaluation Team 3. Lunches are the best way to get people to a meeting. Budget for a lot. 4. Working with the library: a huge help  Digital resources 5. Use Appreciative Inquiry to get groups, committees going; call it “Discussion Questions” 6. Internal Advisory Board: pros and cons  What to use them for  How to get them going, engaged 7. External Advisory Board: same Q’s

4 In Case You Don’t Already Know…  Polyglotism of STEM  The Art of Data Interpretation

5 Interpreting Data  “It’s encouraging to see that the trend is up.”  “…they are not going on for advance degrees because there are jobs out there already.”  “Quite frankly, it’s been about ten years now, and…we [don’t see] these percentages [from degrees] on faculties.”  “The pipeline narrows a little from bachelor’s to PhD, but where they fall out is after PhD.”

6 In the Middle  Be prepared for personnel turnover  The Third Year Site Visit is a Wonderful Opportunity  Hire extra help: guides, drivers  Provide administrative structure chart


8 In the Middle  Institutionalization  What? You haven’t started yet?  Publications  Shield writing time – writing retreat  Be clear about who gets what data  Evaluation and Research go hand-in-hand

9 Near the End  Bring in fresh people for new ideas  Change is HARD!  Celebrate small victories  Celebrate Large Victories, too!

10 Some Resources  Crucial Conversations, Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler  How to Write a Lot, by Paul Silvia  The No Asshole Rule, Robt. I. Sutton  Leadership Without Easy Answers, Heifetz  Leadership on the Line, Linsky and Heifetz Communicate Effectively:  Pink Brain, Blue Brain, Lise Eliot  books by Malcolm Gladwell

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