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Hannelie du Plessis-Walker

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1 Hannelie du Plessis-Walker Email:

2  You must have completed a full sandwich year placement  You have to be enrolled on your third year of studies  You have to be willing to experiment with yourself  You have to be willing to be part of an ALS  And more importantly, you have to be willing to do what is asked of you  And above all, engage and enjoy the process!! ALS = Action Learning Sets

3 Find out  Start connecting the DOTS  Explore your Personal Vision (so get homework out please)  Explore options, start researching DESTINATIONS™

4 Researchers in the field of career development identified what they call the DOTS model when considering career planning To join up the dots it is recommended that  You start at the S  Then you go to O  Followed by D  And ending in T BUT WHY???

5 S = self awareness O = opportunity awareness D = decision making T = transition

6 Self awareness  Who are you?  What is your vision ?  What do employers want? That is where this module may help……

7 Personal visioning… is to think about a desired future and gaining a clear picture in your mind of this future VVisions can be powerful in creating change in your life Activity to follow so get out your homework……the picture from session one

8  For homework you had to think of a metaphor for your future life, this can be a journey, a home, a country, a piece of art, anything you like!  Now TAKE IT OUT and show your ALS, and have a laugh (5 minutes max) (look at comments left online)  Look at your friends METAPHOR (picture) and tell them what you think it tells you about their hopes and/or fears and/or predictions (20 minutes) (discuss comments left)  Then again look at it yourself and ask yourself what it is saying about you?  Make a list and WORK ON IT!!! (at home) For portfolio

9 ……. is to tie in with your final output: Reflection on your own qualities and professionalism and identification of your own future learning, personal development and career development needs

10 To move from one point of life to another, we need to reflect, and to successfully reflect we need to:  Make time to reflect  Have something to reflect on  Have a medium to capture our reflection  Have skills in reflection  Be honest  And give and receive feedback

11 aLL All jobs Possible jobs Desirable jobs***

12  All jobs = whole of the labour market, so now you need to narrow it down to what you want  Possible jobs = next step is to consider which jobs could you potentially apply for given you education, training and experiences  Desirable jobs = those ones you ideally wish to have, and what do you need to do to make this possible SO WHAT CAN YOU OFFER IN RETURN????

13  Cognitive skills  Problem-solving & decision- making skills  Research and investigative skills  Information and communication technology skills  Numeracy and quantitative skills  Communication skills  Interpersonal skills  Team-working skills  Personal management skills  Learning skills  Self-awareness  And many more……

14 From newspaper adverts: ‘graduates who are ambitious, motivated, good communicators and able to work to deadlines’ ‘a rigorous approach to work matched by highly developed communication and interpersonal skills’ ‘a strategic thinker…an excellent communicator with strong networking and negotiating skills’ ‘competency in a range of business planning issues, excellent writing skills and experience of giving presentations’ ‘strong leadership skills, excellent communication and organisation skills, an ability to resolve complex problems and personal resilience and stamina’

15  See yourself as a product  Watch the market  Develop yourself continuously  Be prepared to change

16  Have you heard about this?  A theory by Bryon, et al. (1998) in becoming even more creative, also a tool called ‘creative emergence’  Very simple but can become surprisingly powerful  HOW TO? Start waking a little earlier, and write three A4 pages continually, just write, anything, about study, work, to do lists, anything, sort of a brain dump  Don’t re-read, don’t show anyone, just put it away

17  It is claimed that the act of writing creates a safe psychological space  Helps clearing the ‘chaos’, clear goal forming, aspirations emerge from the chaos  Expect no instant results…….will free up time at work/studies and free up a great deal of energy

18 Opportunity awareness  What are your choices?  What do you know about these choices?  Where do I find out about them? Etc. This for next week with your ALS! But start thinking……

19  Graduate job  Starting up on you own  Voluntary work (gap year)  Post graduate education  Professional training  Research Check out the University of Reading software, DESTINATIONS™ Full access available via ELP3 pages, CU students only Check out the Prospects website, - Graduate Jobs, Postgrad Study, Graduate Career Information / Advisory Service NOW

20 See next slide to remind you of what to collect over time!

21  Evaluating the industry sector of your placement (e.g. Own activity session 3)  Evaluating the nature of the organisation, including nature of products/services (e.g. Own activity session 3)  Your perception of the sector’s (or host organisation’s) key characteristics and trends (e.g. Own activity session 3)  Potential career opportunities in the sector (can also include future placements) (e.g. Own activity session 3)  Reference to the qualities and professionalism needed by a graduate entering graduate employment with the host organisation (or similar organisation) (e.g. Activity 2 session 3)  Reflection on your own qualities and professionalism and identification of your own future learning, personal development and career development needs (e.g. Activity session 2)

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