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2 T HE P URPOSE to improve vocabulary to have a fun English experience to have meaningful conversation

3 I MPLEMENTATION approach the principal build a work schedule and evaluate costs read up on drama

4 A DVANCE P REPARATION ( SUMMER TIME ?) Access (or write) a script Edit the text to fit your needs Download songs Think about props and scenery Build an image in your mind

5 T IME SCHEDULE Choose date for final production and work backwards – how much practice do you need and when to hold auditions. (for example we had 10 weeks of rehearsals – once a week after school for 2 hours per week.) Book a location to hold the production in advance

6 A UDITIONS Send a letter to parents in advance announcing the intention to hold a school show Prepare a portion of the text for kids to read aloud in pairs Look for fluency in reading as well as good body language

7 C HOOSING CAST Don’t choose too many for the cast – hard to handle (25 children max.) Consult with teachers Seek ability to read a lot of text Choose committed students Send a letter to parents for permission to participate (to stay after school)

8 T URNING THE CAST INTO A TEAM Begin first rehearsals with drama exercises Get to know and work with one another Focus on teamwork to make the cast feel responsible for the whole group

9 C HOOSING R OLES First read through the entire script and understand the plot Distribute questionnaire – which role does the cast member prefer and which job behind the scenes (first, second, third choices) Important! The teacher has the final word – no changes!

10 B EGINNING P RACTICES Read play through with scripts in hand Use assistant director to save time (divide and conquer)

11 CHALLENGES Memorization of lines Paying attention: knowing when to say the line Pronunciation of the text clearly, correctly and loudly Remembering to always face the audience What to do if someone forgets his lines

12 D ISCIPLINE Quiet during rehearsals Attendance Coming on time for rehearsals

13 S TAGING, PROPS AND COSTUMES Consult with the cast members for prop and costume ideas Establish strict order for going on/off stage Set rules for touching props Find ways to borrow costumes

14 A SKING FOR HELP Art teacher: scenery, props, costumes Music/computer teacher: disk of songs Gym teacher: dances English teachers: new vocabulary Administration: sound system/microphones

15 B EFORE THE FINAL P RODUCTION Hang posters Send invitations Do playbill Relax the cast

16 T HE S HOW ! Looks professional when all put together including costumes, scenery, make-up, and music Keep in mind: no one notices mistakes Parents are happy and appreciative Distribute small prizes for the cast members afterwards Remember: It’s the process that’s important, not the final production. The cast already gained a lot. So relax and have fun on stage.

17 W HAT THE CAST GAINED Confidence speaking in front of an audience Improved vocabulary in English Feeling part of a team Fun experience speaking in a foreign language Bonus: Other students are motivated to try out for next year’s production!

18 A FTER THE SHOW Hold a post cast party – watch the movie of the show Send pictures Produce a disk of the show Write an article about the show for the school/neighborhood newspaper Enjoy the good feeling of a job well done! Remember! If you don’t advertise what you do – it’s like you didn’t do it!

19 Q UESTIONS ??? Bonnie Weinberg

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