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A new tool for Anatomic Pathology

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2 A new tool for Anatomic Pathology
Presents A new tool for Anatomic Pathology

3 epathComposer® is a digital imaging, database, and report enhancement software program.

4 The software is cross platform (Mac’s and PC’s)
and is very easy to use.

5 epathComposer uses a point and click interface to combine digital images and text to create an enhanced surgical pathology report.

6 Several modules are available that create customized reports for breast, prostate, and other sites.

7 The prostate module, for example, creates reports that combine images, Partin tables, client information, and FAQ’s.

8 Program Demonstration This is the initial splash screen

9 This is the Main menu. Multiple modules are available to create customized reports.

10 This is the prostate module. Add patient information.

11 Next import digital images.

12 BMP, Jpeg, tiff, and png, are a few of the pdf file types supported.

13 Click on popup menu to select a canned title for image 1.

14 Click on popup menu to select canned description for image 1.

15 Next, enter the biopsy information,

16 Site designations are client specific.

17 Select the number of core biopsies at each site.

18 Select a diagnosis.

19 Other data are added such as atypia, PIN, and nerve invasion comments.

20 Completed data entry screen

21 Print Options dialog allows you to select various reports to view or print.

22 Cover Page

23 Photo Page

24 Biopsy Summary Page

25 Partin Table Page

26 Patient Education Page

27 Treatment Page

28 Client Information and Publicity Page

29 Other available reports
Text only report Short form

30 Other available reports
Activity Report per Client Fax/Preliminary Report


32 For more information please visit


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