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Citavi – Attaching Ebook Chapters from EBSCOhost to Reference Records.

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1 Citavi – Attaching Ebook Chapters from EBSCOhost to Reference Records

2 You can attach chapters or passages from EBSCOhost ebooks to reference records from within Citavi if you prefer. But you may find it awkward to work in the Citavi preview pane.

3 Instead, return directly to the database record – in EBSCOhost in this case. After clicking on the eBook Full Text button, the book opens to the cover image with the table of contents to the left.

4 Click on the Fit Page icon to display the full page.

5 The official sources for book citations are the title page...

6 and the copyright page. So, plan to attach them to the reference record.

7 You also might find it useful to have in the reference record the table of contents and any prefatory material.

8 For an edited book like this one, the title page through the prefatory material is all that should be attached to the Citavi parent reference record.

9 So, copy these as a group. To find the number of the last page in the Editors Preface, go to the first page of the next section, then click on the back arrow.

10 This page is blank, so the last page to copy is the one before it: xi.

11 Return to the title page, then click the print icon. (This is the most efficient way to copy as well as to print pages from ebooks on EBSCOhost.)

12 Notice that printing (and copying) rights for this book are limited to 30 pages during any viewing session, and that the system will print (or copy) just the current page by default.

13 Select the second print option. Since you want to start with page iii and copy through page xi, enter 8 for the next number of pages. Then click the Print PDF button.

14 Click OK in the dialog box to open this sequence of pages as a PDF document.

15 Right click your mouse, select Citavi Picker, then click on Add as local file to the current Citavi reference.

16 The sequence of pages is attached to the reference record. Now examine the title and copyright pages to identify any needed revision. The order of these editors needs to be reversed.

17 You also would need to add the Place of publication.

18 To add a chapter from this edited book as a reference, click on Add contribution to open a Contribution in record.

19 Return to the full text in EBSCOhost, click on the chapter to copy in the Table of Contents, then click the print icon. It has 32 pages while just 21 remain of the 30 available to copy each session. 0300041446

20 Copy 21 pages more now and then start a new session for the rest. The Citavi Picker cant save this book chapter to the reference record, so send the copy as E-mail. 0300041446

21 Add your E-mail address, a subject description, and any comments you might wish to make, then click the E-mail PDF button. 0300041446

22 EBSCOhost confirms that the e-mail was sent to the specified address. Click the Continue button. 0300041446

23 In your e-mail account, click on the attachment and then the OK button to open the message. 0300041446

24 Click the File drop-down menu, select Save As, then click on PDF. 0300041446

25 Create a PDF Folder inside your Citavi folder, give this file a meaningful name, then click the Save button. 0300041446

26 Then go back to the Library home page to connect to the EBSCOhost database in a new session, copy the remaining pages from the book chapter, and save the file to the Citavi/PDF Folder. 0300041446

27 Return to the Contribution in record and click on Add local file in the preview pane.

28 Click the first file to add and then select Move into the Citavi project unless you want to save the PDF outside of the project, too. Then click the Open button.

29 Citavi adds the PDF to the Contribution in record but cant fill in the citation. Complete it after adding the rest of the chapter. Click Local file in the editing pane.

30 Click the remaining file to add and select Move into the Citavi project. Then click the Open button.

31 You can display either part of the chapter by clicking on the PDF icons in the editing pane or in the preview pane. Now complete the citation and save your project. 0300041446

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