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Rotary International GSE-team May 2008, 1380 Finland -> 4490 Brazil.

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1 Rotary International GSE-team May 2008, 1380 Finland -> 4490 Brazil

2 Greetings from Mr Heikki Arkela and Mrs Tuula Arkela Heikki is the Governor of Rotary District 1380 Best Regards - Cumprimentos

3 Ms Johanna Saila Mrs Sini Karjalainen Ms Tiina Panula Mr Andrea Vascellari Mr Jaakko Panula, team leader GSE Team – 2008 – D Finland

4 Jaakko Panula - GSE team leader in 2008, D1380 Finland -> D4490 Brazil - GSE team member in 1996 to Western Australia Rotary club member in Kauhajoki, Finland Rotary GSE chairman in D1380 Work  European Union development projects, project manager and international coordinator  ICT (information and communication technology) Job  Kauhajoki area development organization  Consultant company LC Logistics Center Web: Phone: GSE 1380 Team Leader

5 Jaakko Panula - Family and hobbies Home: in Kauhajoki, Finland Wife (Helena Panula), nurse Hobby: Dancing and teaching ballroom and latin competition dances Three children (1 daughter, 2 sons)  Mikko Panula, 29, married, one child Lilja Panula, 12 months, almost can walk  Heidi-Maria Panula, 22, dancing with her boyfriend  Jussi Panula, 27, married, in California Familia

6 Fotografia - Pictures from Finland Winter In Lapland Summer lakes Capital city is Helsinki by the sea Finland is in the Northern Europe

7 Total area: Finland 338,000 km² ( Brazil 8,514,877 km² ),km²8,514,877 km² of which 10% is water and 69% forest; 187,888 lakes, 5,100 rapids and 179,584 islands; Europe's largest archipelago Climate: cold winters and fairly warm summers. In the far north of the country in summer the sun does not set for about 73 days In winter the sun remains below the horizon for 51 days in the far north. In summer the temperature quite often rises to +20 Celsius or more. In winter, temperatures of -20 Celsius are normal. People, population: 5.3 million 71% live in towns or urban areas, 29% in rural areas Principal cities: Helsinki (564,000), Espoo (235,000), Tampere (206,000), Vantaa (189,000), Turku (175,000) and Oulu (130,000) Languages: Finnish by 91.5% and Swedish by 5.5% Religion: 82.4% Lutheran and about 1.1% Orthodox Finland at a glance - facto

8 Do you know? Nokia Mobile Phones Formula One drivers:  Mika Häkkinen, Heikki Kovalainen, Kimi Räikkönen Jean Sibelius, Composer Alvar Aalto, architecturer Football:  Mikael Forssell, Sami Hyypiä, Jari Litmanen GSE-team 2008 from Finland  Johanna Säilä  Sini Karjalainen  Tiina Panula  Andrea Vascellari  Jaakko Panula Pessoal - From Finland

9 April 2008, GSE-team from Brazil GSE-4490-Brazil in Finland

10 GSE 4490-Brazil in Finland

11 Ms Johanna Saila GSE Team – 2008 – D Finland

12 My sponsoring club Lapuan rotaryklubi / Rotary Club of Lapua  Member of Rotary International since 1951  39 members representing different branches of commercial and industrial life administrative and other public officials  The first Rotary Club in the world founded in an ordinary country parish  Nowadays also another Rotary Club in Lapua: Kiviristi Club  Lapua About inhabitants Near to the west coast of Finland

13 GSE at Lapua Rotary Club I am to thank Jukka…

14 Johanna Säilä Personally Born in southern Ostro-Bothnia of Finland 39 years old, single Family: Mother, a twin sister and three brothers Studied and worked in the capital of Finland Helsinki Moved back to southern Ostro-Bothnia 2005 Hobbies  Different kind of sports Jogging, rollskating, walking, spinning  Books If only I had time!

15 15 Dear family

16 Susanna with her family My mother

17 Jukka´s family Pekka´s family

18 Hannu´s family

19 My home

20 From my balcony: Snowing!

21 Leisure? Time to run!

22 Professionally Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration  Helsinki School of Economics  Languages and international business  Graduated 1998 Master of Laws  University of Helsinki  Graduated 2004 Career in the public sector since 1992  Social insurance


24 Mrs Sini Karjalainen GSE Team – 2008 – D Finland

25 Suomen Rotary © Sini Karjalainen Born 1972 in Ylistaro, South Ostro-Bothnia married Hobbies: etching, photography, travelling (from Saint Petersburg to Dublin), cooking, short stories, media art/conceptual art

26 Suomen Rotary ©

27 Suomen Rotary ©

28 Suomen Rotary ©

29 Suomen Rotary ©

30 Suomen Rotary ©

31 Suomen Rotary © My educational route xx.xx.2001 Master of Arts (Art and Design) Major: Audiovisual media culture Minor: studies in varied arts, communication University of Lapland, Higher education xx.xx.2005 Teacher qualification training Studies in the basics of educational sciences and in vocational pedagogy, and a teaching practice, among other studies, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College

32 Suomen Rotary © /2001- Full-time teacher, culture sector, audiovisual communication; teaching photography, graphic manipulation, video shooting; Head of Department of Culture

33 Suomen Rotary ©

34 Suomen Rotary ©

35 Ms Tiina Panula GSE Team – 2008 – D Finland

36 36 Age: 28 Town: Seinäjoki Work: As a cruise director –  The Baltic Sea  Viking Line – m/s Amorella  Route: Turku - Stockholm Education: Music pedagogue / traditional music / violin & singing GSE Team member Tiina Panula

37 37 Brother Tomi Panula  Student Mother Seija Panula  Study Secretary / Uni of Applied Sciences Father Hannu Panula  Music teacher Boyfriend Mikael Kuisma  Student Dog Irish Red Setter Esmeralda ”Essu” Tiina Panula – My Family

38 38 Music Pedagogue  Traditional Finnish / Nordic Music  Main instrument violin  Other instruments singing, harmonium, piano, Finnish kantele, bowed harp Folk Music Management Tiina Panula – My Education

39 39 Cruise Director Baltic Sea  The most beautiful archipelago in the world? Viking Line  m/s Amorella 10 days working, 10 days off Safety onboard Tiina Panula – Work

40 40 Dogs  Dog shows  Agility  Field trial Horses  Horseback riding, dressage Sports  Outdoor activities  Badminton Tiina Panula – Hobbies

41 41 Misty Late -project  Tiina Panula: violin  Laura Eklund: vocals, lyrics  J-P Järvinen: producer, composer, lyrics Tiina Panula – Misty Late

42 42 Mother Seija, father Hannu, brother Tomi My Family

43 GSE from 1380 Finland to 4490 Brazil Andrea Vascellari Team Member Where I come from About me My family My job

44 GSE Team – 2008 – D Finland Obrigado Thank You Kiitos

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