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The campus in Seinajoki. Just getting to know Helsinki, its only a few hours by train from Seinajoki.

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1 The campus in Seinajoki

2 Just getting to know Helsinki, its only a few hours by train from Seinajoki.

3 My Room You get your own washroom if you pay a little bit extra! My kitchen and deck shared between 3 The Apartment Building it even has a Sauna!

4 My Apartment isnt the closest to where the business school will be located. Mine is similar to the other apartments except for the deck,which the others dont have, and of course theyll vary if you take a cheaper apartment and share a washroom, or if you only have 1 roommate. If coming to Finland please ask me which apartment building you should apply for, so you dont end up 3 or possibly 5km from the school. The tall building in the back is the first of the apartment buildings, just behind it there are more. On the left of the river is directly where the Business school will be located. Less than a 5 min walk from the apartments.

5 Seinajoki may only have 56 000 habitants but it is an entrepreneurial city and its growing! A famous Finnish architect, Alvar Alto, designed quite a few buildings in Seinajoki.

6 SeAMK (the University) is based out of Seinäjoki, therefore there is a large student population. They will also be moving more campuses here and it will grow even more! The student club (Samo) is always arranging events, parties, and trips! Here is the opening event of the year. All the different programs gathered to compete in making the longest line of clothing. Why? Who knows but it was a great source of entertainment. Can you see the students wearing overalls? Different colours represent different programs. Throughout the year each event offers an opportunity to receive a badge and stitch it on to your overalls. A Finnish student tradition, a symbol of your school (or partying) spirit!

7 I will be going on a cruise to Stockholm next month as organized by the Samo club. I will also be going on a trip to Rovaniemi (Santa Clauses town in the Arctic Circle) where well be staying in a winter cottage with saunas and ice holes. (Finnish tradition) Well also have the opportunity to go on a sled dog ride, see Reindeer, and an opportunity to see the Northern Lights is possible! Ive already been to Rovaniemi, but Im going again with the Samo club because Santa Claus park wasnt open yet. And I Know with Samo itll be so much fun!

8 Though Finland is a little bit out of the way (compared to the proximity of the rest of Europe) it still offers opportunity to travel! Ive already been to Tallinn, (capital of Estonia) Riga, (capital of Latvia) and Nordkapp in Norway (most northern point of Europe). Im going to St Petersburg (capital of Russia) this weekend and Stockholm (capital of Sweden) next month. Photos from Tallinn

9 The Baltic Sea, on the road in between Tallinn and Riga.

10 Riga! Warning! Dont try and climb this national monument. It will result in problems!! My friends tried to climb it and almost each received a 250 Euro fine.

11 On the way to Nordkapp, Norway!

12 In the summer, the sun doesnt set here. Most northern point in Europe.

13 With over a hundred exchange students here, you can always find something to do! From picking mushrooms and berries, (ps. dont eat these ones) to cooking classes, to costume parties! Oh yeah and of course you do have to study sometimes ;)

14 Thanks for watching! I hope Ive sparked some interest! And if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at Samo BBQ

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