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Introduction to PowerPoint

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1 Introduction to PowerPoint
By Michelle Kravitz

2 What is PowerPoint? A presentation software
Uses multimedia: text, graphics, pictures, sounds, videos, music, etc. A tool for professionally displaying and presenting work

3 Getting Started First, click on the Button in the bottom-left corner
This will open up the menu options Second, click on Programs then Microsoft PowerPoint This will open PowerPoint and you will have a choice box

4 PowerPoint (continued)
You will be asked about your new presentation that you’re going to create with this menu: Click on “Blank Presentation” then click on

5 PowerPoint (continued)
Next, a choice of several screens will come up for the New Slide you will be making Double-click on the first screen

6 PowerPoint (continued)
You will now have the template for a “Title Slide” open This will serve as the first slide in your presentation. Click in the top box and type a Title Click in the bottom box and type a subtitle (or name and date, etc.)

7 The Title Card The title of your presentation should be concise and to the point The subtitle box can contain your name, date, or an actual subtitle.

8 Coloring and Formatting Text
We don’t live in a boring Black-and-White world Let’s add color and nice formatting to the text!

9 Coloring and Formatting Text
Select text you wish to format by dragging across the text with the mouse Click on Format, then Font to make changes to Font Style, Size, Color

10 Moving a Text Box Put arrow on the thick gray line, and a four-headed arrow will appear Click, hold, and drag the text box to where to you would like it

11 Resizing a Text Box Click on one of the corner “handles” of the box (and hold) Using your other hand, drag the mouse either inside (to make smaller), or outside (to make bigger)

12 Adding a Background Color
Adding a background color to your slide will improve the visual quality and appeal to the entire presentation First, open the Format Menu, and select Background

13 Background Color (cont.)
Click on the down-arrow then select More Colors From the palette, you may pick any color you want!

14 Background color (cont.)
After you have selected your new color, the previous window will again appear. Choose “Apply” to apply this background color to just this one slide If you choose “Apply to All”, this background color will be applied to all of your slides!

15 “Importing” a picture Pictures and images can also be incorporated into presentations (as you have seen with this presentation) Pictures can be from sources such as Clip Art, the Internet, or from your personal disk Clip Art: Internet: From disk:

16 Importing Clip Art Open the Insert menu and select Picture, then Clip Art

17 Clip Art (cont.) First, select the category that interests you (single click) Then, select the image within the gallery that you want (single click)

18 Clip Art (cont.) Now, close the Clip Art dialog box and you will see your selected clip art on the slide To move and resize the clip art, apply your knowledge of the methods of moving and resizing text boxes

19 Importing a picture from your disk
To personalize your presentation, it is always a good idea to add pictures that are generated yourself. This makes your project unique to you!

20 Importing a picture (cont.)
To insert a picture from your own disk, first select the Insert menu, then Picture, then From File ….

21 Importing a picture (cont.)
Next, you will be presented with a screen that asks where the picture file is located..

22 Importing a picture (cont.)
If your picture is on your disk, select drive A, 3½

23 Importing a picture (cont.)
Select the picture that you’d like to import from your disk, then click

24 For additional study Adding a slide transition Importing a video
Importing a sound / Recording a sound Applying design templates Word art Inserting graphs from Excel and Word

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