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Rapid Results Veteran Boot Camp Westchester County, NY 30 Day Review September 16, 2013.

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1 Rapid Results Veteran Boot Camp Westchester County, NY 30 Day Review September 16, 2013

2 100 Day Goal & Progress Goal: 10 new landlords signed up to take chronically homeless veterans Progress towards the goal: Westchester Patriot Housing Initiative chosen as name Logo and letterhead created, landlord letter drafted Website (with countdown), Facebook page, Twitter created CVR will send 200 letters to Section 8 landlords by 9/16 VA will mail 164 letters to HUD-VASH landlords by 9/18 CVR will send 1,000 emails to Section 8 landlords by 9/27 WestCOP planning Congressional press event for 10/7 WC Veterans Agency organizing events in 5 cities Met with all local Section 8 agencies and HUD on 9/12 to ask them to give priority to homeless vets

3 100 Day Goal & Progress Goal: Pilot wrap-around services for 25 non-HUD VASH chronically homeless vets Progress towards the goal: DSS reorganization plan submitted to County Exec DSS will release details by 9/30 New DSS Homeless Services Director will be announced and join our team by 9/30 Existing peer counselors identified at WestCOP Priority needs: details from DSS on their reorganization, Confirm DSS commitment to use CTI, County Exec. approval to fill 1st new position, Push partners to prioritize planning peer supports

4 100 Day Goal & Progress Goal: Get buy-in of Bronx VA + 4 out of 5 major unrepresented allies Progress towards the goal: We have buy-in from: Bronx VA (~15 of 25 new HUD-VASH committed), Westhab (largest homeless housing provider), Common Ground (largest veteran shelter provider), Westchester County Veterans Service Agency, Yonkers Dept. of Veterans Services. Priority next steps: Still working on firming up commitment from Westchester Dept. of Community Mental Health to give vets priority for CoC-funded rental assistance.

5 100 Day Goal & Progress Goal: Develop and pilot a common assessment yielding data that everyone can access Progress towards the goal: Decision reached to use VA HOMES for VA resources + VI- SPDAT for non-VA programs Plan is that VA will use HOMES to maintain list of VA housing placements, other placements will be tracked using VI-SPDAT, PD&D will send VI-SPDAT unique IDs (e.g. BER56) to Montrose VA weekly, VA will deduplicate lists and send current Y-T-D count of placements before weekly team meeting VI-SPDAT database converted for WC by 9/16 Local users (already using VI) will be trained on VI-SPDAT on 9/17

6 Early Successes 172 homeless veterans identified Strong immediate support from CVR (HUD-VASH agency), Bronx VA, and Common Ground Approximately 15 of 25 new HUD-VASH approved in first 30 days, including vets from non-VA programs Westchester Veterans Agency now on board, met with all local veterans service agencies on 9/9 to inform them of program Massive outreach to 1,000+ landlords will be completed by 9/27

7 Early Difficulties and Setbacks August vacations and September religious holidays have slowed implementation DSS cant reveal details of reorganization until new budget for next year is approved by County Executive, delaying announcement until 9/30 or earlier.

8 Level of Confidence Given all of this, what is your level of confidence that the goal will be achieved?

9 Support Needed: HUD: provide materials for Section 8 and public housing administrators to encourage them to work with our CoC and amend their Operating Plans to give preference to homeless veterans. VA: encourage Montrose to move toward a Housing First mode. Local Grant Per Diem requires treatment compliance with programs.

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