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Delaware Telehealth Coalition Winter 2014 Meeting 1.

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1 Delaware Telehealth Coalition Winter 2014 Meeting 1

2 Delaware Telehealth Roundtable Strategic Action Plan O Event: December 4, 2013 O Facilitated by MATRC O 55+ attendees - individuals, government officials, healthcare providers, advocates and citizens O Partners: MATRC/DHSS/DTC O 2-3 year Strategic Action Plan 2

3 Vision “Telehealth will be fully integrated into Delaware’s healthcare system so that all residents will have equitable access to affordable, world-class, patient-centered healthcare throughout the state. 3

4 Strategic Focus/Priorities O Improve access to behavioral health services O Improve access to specialty care O Improve management of chronic disease O Identify technology infrastructure and training needs 4

5 Process O Identify barriers and challenges O Envision telehealth-enabled solutions O Prioritize categories based on lowest hanging fruit (ability to make the greatest contribution in a 2-3 year time frame) O Prioritize solutions within categories based on lowest hanging fruit 5

6 Strategic Action Plan Recommended Areas for Action THE TOP FIVE CATEGORIES O Cost O Fragmentation/Gaps in Service (Care Transition/Coordination) O Fragmentation/Gaps in Service (Caregiver and Patient In-Home Support) O Workforce (Lack of Providers/Specialists/Interdisciplinary Teams) O Workforce (Provider Buy-In and Training) 6

7 Priority “Cost” Solutions O B.1. Establish a value of telehealth that can be quantified (cost savings + improved health outcomes) and find resources to support integrative telehealth practice. O B.2. Make available non-competitive grants through the State for the purchase of telehealth equipment which is standards based and interoperable. 7

8 Priority “Care Transition/ Coordination” Solutions O C.1. Establish remote patient monitoring/care coordination centers O C.2. Use telehealth to provide mental health consultations within primary care practices/medical homes 8

9 Priority “Caregiver and Patient In- Home Support” Solutions O D.1.Enable delivery of health services through telehealth in the home – including evaluation, treatment, follow-up, care coordination and education and support. O D.2.Develop more favorable policies regarding reimbursement for home based services in order to support D.1. This includes reimbursement for home health services, remote patient monitoring, and using the home as the originating site of care. 9

10 Priority “Lack of Providers/ Specialists/Interdisciplinary Teams” Solutions O E.1. Emulate or adopt Project Echo. O E.2. Inventory existing resources and create a database/statewide directory of specialists who can provide telehealth O E.3. Find other organizations that have the capacity to provide services through telehealth 10

11 Priority “Provider Buy-In and Training” Solutions O F.1. Research existing telehealth curricula and encourage adoption of such curricula in health professions education programs throughout Delaware. 11

12 Immediate Next Steps Needed for Success O Infrastructure to support and facilitate plan implementation O Staffing O Leadership O Accountability O Policy 12

13 Priority “Policy” Needs O Credentialing O Electronic Medical Records O Liability O Licensure O Practice Guidelines O Reimbursement O Technology Standards O Health Resources Planning & Coordination 13

14 Next Steps O DTC Feedback O Early wins O Role of the DTC O Mid-range wins O Community feedback 14

15 RUS DLT Grant/Bridging the Gap Scores 15

16 More… O Roundtable page as temporary website O Other updates from members O Permanent website/Facebook page O Email updates O Webinars, trainings, vendor outreach, etc. – should I email to all? To a select few where appropriate? Leave up to the individual members? Wait for website/Facebook page? O Directory updates 16

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