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25 Cities Initiative: New York City Launch June 10, 2014

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1 25 Cities Initiative: New York City Launch June 10, 2014
NYC Implementation of the Vulnerability Index Service Prioritization Decisions Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) 25 Cities Initiative: New York City Launch June 10, 2014

2 What Is the VI-SPDAT? The VI-SPDAT is a “supertool” that combines the strengths of two widely used existing assessments: The Vulnerability Index (VI), developed by Community Solutions, is a street outreach tool currently in use in more than 100 communities. Rooted in leading medical research, the VI helps determine the chronicity and medical vulnerability of homeless individuals. The Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT), developed by OrgCode Consulting, is an intake and case management tool in use in more than 70 communities. Based on a wide body of social science research and extensive field testing, the tool helps service providers allocate resources in a logical, targeted way. Source:

3 What Is the VI-SPDAT? (continued)
The tool is evidence based (please refer to the “Tools Grounded in Evidence” insert in your packets) User-friendly, with the option for electronic or paper-based assessments when there are connectivity issues High inter-rater reliability, meaning that multiple screeners should arrive at the same prescreen score regardless of who is completing the assessment Option to update the individual’s/family’s information if necessary, should the household’s need change

4 Who Will Be Screened Using the VI-SPDAT?
Using data from the NYC Continuum of Care, the 25 Cities Campaign will target literally homeless Veteran households across the five Boroughs of New York City. This will include both single adults and Veteran Families residing in homeless shelters, Grant and Per Diem units, contract residential care facilities, and many other settings. Please note that there are two versions of the VI-SPDAT that we will be using: Coordinated Entry System VI-SPDAT Survey (Individuals) Coordinated Entry System VI-SPDAT Survey (Families) Some of the differences are apparent between the surveys, others are more subtle (surveys are included in the launch packets)

5 Why Use this Tool? The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has called for Continuums of Care (CoCs) across the Nation to begin implementing coordinated assessments to meet the housing needs of the homeless population in their respective communities. The Federal commitment to ending homelessness among Veterans, particularly chronic homelessness among this population, has never been greater. The VA and its private and public partners nationwide aim to accomplish this by the end of calendar year 2015.

6 How Will This Tool Help? With the 25 Cities Initiative targeting communities with the largest homeless Veterans populations, this tool will be allow stakeholders within the NYC CCoC to be at the “tip of the spear” in implementing this coordinated assessment among homeless Veteran households. Participation by community stakeholders, shelter staff, VA homeless program workers, SSVF/GPD/HCHV teams and others will streamline the screening and assessment of the most vulnerable homeless Veterans within the NYC homeless system. This will not only aid those households in meeting their housing goals, but will have numerous other system-wide benefits: Providers will be able to meet their program-specific goals more rapidly Efficient, targeted outreach and screenings should help front-line staff with their daily responsibilities Coordinated engagement and placement will prioritize placements and encourage transparency across agencies and improve communication across the CoC. As the process and the NYC implementation of 25 Cities becomes more fine-tuned over time, this process has the potential to be replicated to more efficiently serve the broader homeless population across the city.

7 Reviewing the Tool Section by section review of Individual and Family tool (brief) Note that some questions require observation, others must be read exactly as written Overview of scoring Implications of score: Low, Medium, High Vulnerability

8 When Will This Begin? The expectation is that teams will begin using this tool immediately for identified homeless Veterans. Over the first 100 days, providers will conduct assessments using the VI-SPDAT in close coordination with the 25 Cities leadership team. Additional trainings are being scheduled for service providers who will be using the VI-SPDAT tool, particularly for staff who were unable to attend today’s launch.

9 Questions? Brief Q&A session

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