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HOME Program Tenant Based Rental Assistance

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1 HOME Program Tenant Based Rental Assistance
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Portfolio Management & Compliance HOME Program Tenant Based Rental Assistance

2 Initial File Forms TDHCA Contract
TDHCA Contract System Access Request 2.01 Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization 2.02 Texas Application for Payee ID 2.03

3 The Department will email system ids and passwords
TBRA Setup Process Setups are done electronically in the Department’s Contract Database System Persons who are authorized to setup and approve draws should read the Contract Database System User Guide The Department will system ids and passwords Use the notes section in the system to communicate with PMC staff about setups and draws

4 Initial Activities Create and Maintain a filing and Accounting system
Follow Procurement Procedures for service providers Determine if Relocation/Displacement is applicable There is no environmental clearance requirement

5 Publications Required to Complete a Project Set-Up
HUD’s HOME Program 2004 Maximum Income Limits (Attachment A-27) Use HUD’s Schedule B for Fair Market Rents (Attachment A-34)

6 TBRA Setup Forms (14 Series)
Household Income Worksheet 14.1 Household Income Certification 14.2 Calculating Adjusted Gross Income 14.3 Calculating Total Tenant Payment 14.4

7 TBRA Setup Forms Forms are available on the website
Click on the Programs Menu, Click on the HOME Program, Click on Library Forms. Click on Tenant Base Rental Assistance Forms. Scroll to the correct form If you encounter problems… Call PMC for assistance

8 TBRA Setup Forms TBRA Coupon 1.04 Request for Unit Approval 1.02
Approval will be granted if: unit is in the service area unit meets HQS rent is reasonable not duplicative rental subsidies

9 Setup Forms & Procedures
Mail or fax the following to PMC: Income Certification Forms (HIC 14 series) Rental Coupon Contract Copy of the Tenant Intake Application 1st & last page of the Lease Enter your setup into the Contract Database System Fax number

10 Setups - Additional Information
A household will generally be setup for 12 months. Projects Setups will not be approved in the contract database system until all of the required documentation has been received by PMC Staff will do a desk review of the documents. If there’s a problem, staff will enter information in the Notes Section of the activity and give you a call

11 Draw Process Program Draws Administrative Draws
Project Completion Reports Match Documentation Annual income defined at 24 CFR Part 5.609

12 Program Draw Program draws are approved based on the setup information submitted Worksheets 14.1, 14.2, 14.3 and 14.4 Coupon Contract 14.7 Security Deposit information Utility Deposit information

13 Draw Documentation Program Draws may be requested 2-3 weeks in advance of rent due date May be approved by PMC 7 days (1 week) before rent due date Example: September 1, 2003 rents may be requested August 11, 2003 or later Example: September 1, 2003 rents may be approved August 25, 2003

14 Administrative Draw 10% of your admin funds can be drawn immediately; the remainder is done on a pro-rata basis Payroll Information Timesheets Pay periods Salary information Benefits information Time Allocation for HOME expenses only Back-up for other expenses (NOT salaries)

15 Helpful hints Set-up HOME account on accounting system
Submit Draw Requests monthly Submit draws for same time period or explain exact time period covered

16 Helpful Hints Explain draw amount on “Notes” Section of draw request
Certify before expiration of coupon contract – not at time of request or later Start at least 90 days before!

17 Re-Certification Certifications for each household are done manually (not in the contract system) Tenant incomes must be certified each year Provide the tenant a day notice of the effective date of certification and any change in the rent Annual certification includes verifying household income, assets and allowances and adjusting the tenant and Administrator’s portion of the rent

18 Required Annual Certification
Certify income and calculate subsidy amounts Project Setup Revision Request HIC Forms 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4 Rental Coupon Contract 14.07 HOME Lease Addendum (if moving to a different unit) All new forms must have the appropriate signature of the tenant and landlord

19 Required Annual Certification, cont.
Verify the tenant’s participation in a self-sufficiency program Perform a rent reasonableness test Perform an HQS inspection

20 Other Contract Information
Project revisions are done manually. Mailed or faxed to PMC Follow the prorate calculation instructions if you need to prorate subsidy and utility amounts (page 3, Chapter 2, #27) To cancel a project; fax, mail, or the request to PMC Portability of a coupon is only applicable to the service area

21 Other Contract Information, cont.
Nnotify PMC of any program design modifications in written form Prior to setting up an activity - Read the Department’s HOME Program Occupancy Standards Read the Department’s HOME Program Payment Standards

22 Amendments A contract amendment is a lengthy process if the
appropriate information is not provided with the initial request 1-2 week 2-3 week 4 week Amendment Process Administrator Letter Executive Signature Please organize and prepare letter of request early

23 Match Source of Match as described in the application and contract
Correct match code Documentation to Support Match

24 Project Completion Report
The report is required to: Close-out the project De-obligate unused funds and make them available for other activities Report actual amount of Match

25 TDHCA Mailing Address & Fax
Portfolio Management PO Box 13941 Austin, Texas

26 TDHCA Physical Address
Portfolio Management Suite 800 507 Sabine Street Austin, Texas

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