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Vanderbilt Global Health Case Competition Spring 2013.

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1 Vanderbilt Global Health Case Competition Spring 2013

2 What is a case competition? Source Small groups are given a case and have a limited amount of time to work through a scenario, identifying key priorities, weighing a multitude of factors and addressing risks before creating a plan they present to a panel of judges. The competition challenges students on their ability to see and convey the “big picture,” allowing them to draw on their cumulative knowledge in many fields, as well as their teamwork and presentations skills.

3 What about the Vanderbilt Case Competition?  Organized every year by the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health’s Student Advisory Council  Student Advisory Council made up of 15-20 diverse students from across the university  Goals of the Student Advisory Council:  foster cross-disciplinary student networking and collaboration  bring the student perspective to the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, especially with regards to student opportunities and experiences  Learn more at  Contact to get involved with the Student Advisory Council

4 Goals of the Vanderbilt Case Competition Student Advisory Council’s goals for the Case Competition 1.Increase general knowledge of global health issues and awareness around solving current health challenges 2.Provide a forum for students to practice, receive professional feedback on, and improve their analytical and presentation skills 3.Engage a group of students from across the university in an effort to create innovative and multi-disciplinary solutions to real life global health related issues 4.Send strongest possible team to represent Vanderbilt at the International Emory Global Health Case Competition in March. All expenses paid. 25 teams compete, 1 st place team wins $6,000 and cash prizes for 2 nd and 3 rd place teams, plus Participants’ Choice Award and Innovation Award.

5 How does it work? 10 10 teams compete 4 to 6 4 to 6 students per team 3 3 Vanderbilt schools or more must be represented on each team 72 72 hours to research, analyze, and create presentation outlining recommendations to judges College of Arts & Science Divinity SchoolGraduate School School of Medicine Owen Graduate School of Management Blair School of Music School of Engineering Law School School of Nursing Peabody College

6 Timeline of Events Thurs, January 31 Last chance to register as an individual, team, or partial team at Weds, February 13 Case is revealed and materials are distributed in the evening and teams jump into action Sat, February 16 Team presentations to judges followed by awards reception Sat, March 23 Winning team competes at Emory Case Competition

7 Previous Cases  Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) within the Russian prison system. Propose cost-effective recommendations for effective reduction of MDR-TB.  Propose a strategy to improve severe acute malnutrition in children in Ethiopia.  Set and justify Canada’s Agency for International Development’s strategic priorities for Sri Lanka, taking into account the country’s complicated and war-torn socio- political past, and the major health and social disparities between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamil populations.

8  No right or wrong solution to the case.  No knowledge of the case topic is required. No background in medicine or health is needed.  Instead, teams are charged with designing a feasible and sustainable program response and policy recommendations within the proposed budgetary constraints.  This requires a pragmatic, multidisciplinary approach to the case.  People from all disciplines bring their different perspectives and expertise to address a complex problem. Approaching the Case


10 2012 Winning Presentation Click to view

11 Why should you participate? » Apply your knowledge and skills to a real-world challenge. » Be a part of a multidisciplinary team with other action-oriented students interested in issues of health, education, poverty, international development, sustainability, ethics, management, etc. » Enhance your analytical, problem-solving, and presentation skills and receive constructive feedback from faculty and professionals who are experts in their fields. » Winning team will compete at the Emory International Global Health Case Competition and could win $6,000. » Network and have fun!

12 More information Website Registration Contact

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