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Dolphin 7900 GPS Company Confidential.

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1 Dolphin 7900 GPS Company Confidential

2 Contents Introduction to GPS Dolphin 7900 with integrated GPS
Customer Applications Competitive Landscape Inter-line Positioning Summary

3 GPS Company Confidential

4 Locating and navigation – old news?

5 What is GPS? GPS = Global Positioning System
Satellite-based navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense Satellites in orbit above Earth Signals are free for civilian and commercial use worldwide

6 How does GPS work? GPS receiver uses the distances from satellites to triangulate the user’s position as latitude and longitude Each satellite broadcasts its exact location once every 30 seconds

7 Target Use-Cases for GPS
Utilities Route Accounting Field Service Courier Law Enforcement

8 GPS Addresses Real-World Problems
In mobile applications, drivers do the following tasks: Deliver goods Take orders Meet customers Make pickups Make service calls Follow efficient routes But they may also: Follow inefficient routes? Run personal errands? Get lost? Speed? Take unauthorized breaks? Misreport hours and mileage?

9 Productivity Concerns in Mobile Applications
Average field service technician is only 50% productive (Source: Frontline Solutions) Final delivery accounts for 80% of supply chain costs (Source: AMR Research/Beverage World) Distribution cost per kilometer has increased to over € 0.94 per kilometer as of (Source: Refrigerated Transporter)

10 Safety Concerns in Mobile Applications
Excessive truck driver speed causes 30% of fatal truck accidents Speed-related crashes result in nearly deaths, and € 4.5 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. each year Excessive speed is a leading indicator of other types of poor driver behavior Source: U.S. Federal Highway Safety Administration

11 GPS Solutions Benefits
Driving-related workers compensation claims down 32% Auto liability claims down 35% Accidents down 43% Casualty insurance claims down 58% Speeding incidents (over 110 km/h) down 95% Source: Geospatial Solutions

12 GPS Provides Real Solutions
On-board navigation offers: Improved productivity in the field Actual vehicle trail history data provides: Greater control over field operations Real visibility into driver behavior “Close the loop” on route optimization and other back office systems Integration with work order management leverages your investment in mobile computing The bottom line: GPS is an unprecedented tool for increasing efficiency and cutting costs

13 GPS - a strategic choice
Wireless Integration becomes standard “While integrated WiFi has become a standard feature for many mobile devices, the integration of wide area, GPS and personal area network technology is picking up. The integration of multi-mode wireless solutions is expected to grow from approximately 3% of shipments in 2006 to over 30% by 2011.” “Integrated GPS capabilities are becoming a standard requirement for many rugged notebook solutions. In addition, for small form factor devices, this capability is being integrated for transportation applications.”

14 GPS – A strategic choice
All segments (global figures) 2005 2009 2010 2011 CAGR Handheld / PDA 12 % Importance of integrated GPS 1,40% 5,22% 7,21% 9,90% “On the road” (global figures) 2005 2009 2010 2011 CAGR Handheld / PDA 817,000 1,425,000 1,596,000 1,774,600 12 % With integrated GPS 32,250 243,750 336,000 462,330 40 % Importance of int. GPS 4 % 17 % 21 % 26 % Units w/o GPS 784,750 1,181,250 1,260,000 1,312,270 7 %


16 GPS - a strategic choice
Applications go beyond just tracking and directing trucks. "You're starting to see an evolution of GPS, It's no longer just 'How do I get to where I'm going?' It's also becoming 'Where is my stuff?' “ Darin White, Vice President System Solutions THE key for any solution provider who wants to get into the most sophisticated GPS applications is to find a good software partner and to understand how to integrate GPS into back-end systems.

17 Dolphin 7900 - now with integrated GPS
Company Confidential

18 Dolphin 7900 GPS Rugged and ergonomic - IP 64 rating
Polycarbonate touch panel Adaptus Imaging Technology Integrated GPS module Integration without any effect on IP-rating and drop specifications Delivers 10+ hours of use in scan-intensive, full time RF and GPS-centric applications GPS enabled device: Used in conjunction with most GPS platforms Qualified with key GPS software platforms Not an external component – no requirement for multiple pieces of hardware Hard-wired connection with no risk of the GPS-radio losing contact with your Dolphin Used in conjunction with most GPS-platforms We are not providing any specific GPS software (except a small tool showing your position) We will internally qualify the product with key GPS software platforms We will not be including specific GPS application development tools

19 Core Dolphin 7900 GPS Applications
Navigation Bread Crumbing Asset Tracking Geo-Fencing / Route Optimization Geo-Coding Meter localization Goods localization

20 Navigation Services “Continue on Highway 280”
Dolphin 7900 establishes current vehicle location via GPS Dynamically determines best route to any destination and provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions. Using this data enables: Decreased lost driver time On-time service and improved customer satisfaction Reduced fuel costs Eliminate need for paper maps More flexible driver staffing Directions are determined more quickly and safely Voice prompts keep drivers eyes on road

21 Real Time Location Combination GPS Receiver / WWAN Radio Devices broadcast their location at fixed intervals over a wireless network (cellular or satellite), allowing dispatchers to receive and manage location of the vehicles on a computerized map. Using this data enables: Real-time visibility of field assets & the ability to deploy them more efficiently Ability to coordinate quicker responses to calls or tasks More stops per day Reduced fuel consumption Reduced overtime requirements Improved customer service and increased revenues

22 Asset Tracking The precise location of assets such as vehicles, machinery (forestry and construction), valuable goods, luggage … is transmitted and captured with a PDT. Stolen vehicles, armored transport … can be found back and even applications for private investigation are possible. |The GPS-location is queried via a pull technology. Using this data enables: Displaying the asset on a map Locating the asset Keeping track of every asset Reducing the time / cost for searching

23 Bread Crumbing Dolphin 7900 GPS receiver collects the travel history of vehicles or personnel. A “breadcrumb” trail of GPS points along the entire route is captured and then uploaded for analysis. Using this data enables: Documenting & verifying stops made on route Identifying improvements / efficiencies by analyzing actual routes taken Reduce un-necessary fuel usage and vehicle wear Add more stops per day by streamlining driver travel Identify & eliminate out-of-route travel

24 Geo-Fencing Geo-fencing creates a virtual boundary around a geographic area. Assets carrying the D7900 GPS can be tracked when entering or exiting that boundary This can be recognized as an event with traceability to which device has entered / exited the area, the date and time of the event and the present location of the asset. Using this data enables: Accurate monitoring of travel inside or outside of a pre-determined area Keeping assets within or outside of an area Crossing the fence line can be used to trigger a business process such as tracking time spent outside of the area or an alarm to the dispatch center

25 Geo-Coding D7900 GPS is used to log the location of assets and/or the execution of a service Information is stored and can be recalled for location of assets or validation of service of at any time Using this data enables: Validation that a service was rendered Logging the location of assets placed in the field Identification of landmarks or points of commerce Using geo-coded items to initiate a secondary business process When in proximity of a location, execute a specific activity

26 Dolphin 7900: environments & scenarios
User environments: metropolitan & rural Use scenarios: Vehicle based mobile base, mobile mount, dashboard, on seat, in-holster User based in-hand, in-holster, in-protective enclosure, in/out buildings

27 Dolphin 7900: Market Verticals
Transport & Logistics Route accounting Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Courier Utilities Field Sales and Services

28 Customer Applications
Company Confidential

29 Gas Delivery LPG Gas Delivery by a major gas and power company
GPS Application In-cab navigation for turn-by-turn directions to delivery destination Data Capture Application No barcode, imaging or GSM/GPRS today, but the company required those functionalities to future-proof their investment Competition: Symbol 9090 w. peripheral GPS received attached to device cradle Why Dolphin 7900 GPS? Combination of industrial-grade durability and integrated GPS technology User testing conducted with 400 drivers showed preference for the Dolphin 7900 across key usability criteria

30 Lowri Beck Gas and Electric Meter Reading Services GPS Applications
In-cab navigation for turn-by-turn directions to delivery destination Proof of visitation / service Tracking worker route & logging visits in the field via GPRS relay of location Log the speed of drivers on the road Data Capture Application Enter meter data via device keypad Incumbent: Intermec 700 Competition: Intermec CN3 with GPS Why Dolphin 7900 GPS? Superior battery life: 10+ hours versus the 4 hours or less experienced with the CN3 Industrial grade durability – higher drop spec and IP64 sealing

31 ByBox Provide leasing, pick-up and drop-off of secure storage containers GPS Applications In-cab navigation for turn-by-turn directions to delivery destination Log location of storage containers in the field Real-time driver tracking via GSM/GPRS relay Data Capture Application Barcode scanning for storage container management and traceability Competition: Intermec CN3 with GPS Motorola MC70 with snap-on GPS peripheral Why Dolphin 7900 GPS? All-In-One product solution - eliminated the need for multiple pieces of hardware Superior battery life: 10+ hrs with the vs. 4hrs or less experienced with the CN3 or MC70 Industrial-grade durability: IP64 rating and multiple 5ft (1.5m) drops to concrete

32 ROI Example Assumptions: 1,000 vehicle fleet
Labour savings: ½ hour per € 40 per hour Fuel Savings: 7 liter per € 1.25 per liter Labor Savings per worker = € 1,000 per year Fuel Savings per worker = € 500 per year Fleet Labour Savings = € 1,000,000 per year Fleet Fuel Savings = € 500,000 per year Total Savings = € 1,500,000 per year 3-Year Savings = € 4,500,000

33 Competitive Landscape
Company Confidential

34 The Competition Motorola MC35 Motorola MC70
Enterprise digital assistant 1.2 meter drop spec No IP-rating communicated Motorola MC70 = a GPS snap-on solution Motorola MC9097 and only in the US! Industrial grade device 1.8 meter & IP64 BUT assisted GPS and works only on US-networks

35 The Competition Handheld Europe M3+ Intermec CN3 Gotive H41 1.5 meter
IP64 TDS - Nomad - 1.2 meter - IP67 Intermec CN3 Gotive H41 1.2 meter IP54

36 Winning Against the Intermec CN3
Superior Battery Life: 10 + hrs running continual RF and GPS vs. Intermec’s 4 hr run-time The real-world experience from a journey from Charlotte to Atlanta. Shorter battery cycles means more cycles and much shorter total battery life. CN3 has a back-up battery for data recovery but is not able to recover application and RAM Dolphin 7900 Intermec's CN3 Battery 95 % at the start Radio's powered on GSM + GPS GPS Low battery warning after 10,5 hours Shut down after 4 hours

37 Winning Against the Intermec CN3
Superior Durability & Reliability: IP64 rating vs. Intermec’s IP54 Higher drop & tumble specification Superior Software Utilities: GPS demo application included w out of the box Integrated tools for streamlined application development and deployment, plus simplified device configuration Superior Design & Usability Ergonomics: Front located, extra-loud speaker makes it easier to hear turn-by-turn directions vs. Intermec’s location in the rear of the device Large screen, highly resistant to reflection and easier to read in sunlight vs. CN3’s smaller, highly reflective screen Easy-to-see laser aimer vs. Intermec’s LED aimer Headphone jack and Irda Fast processing speed Good keyboard layout and ergonomics

38 Competition – does the Dolphin 7900 have any weaker points?
COMM-port 1 is disabled but the BT-radio is available for printer connectivity Some of our weak points turn into an advantage! the 3.8” display improves reading!

39 Inter-line positioning
Company Confidential

40 Full Suite of Mobile Computing Solutions
Our Only GPS-enabled Solution Dolphin 9500 Industrial PDT design Windows Mobile 5.0 WWAN, WLAN & WPAN IP64 rated 3.5” ¼ VGA color display 10+ hour battery life Dolphin 7600 Smallest & lightest device in the 7000 series Windows Mobile 6.0 WPAN & WLAN IP54 Rated 2.8” ¼ VGA color display 8+ hour battery life Dolphin 7850 Integrated pistol grip design Windows Mobile 5.0 WLAN & WPAN IP64 Rated 3.5” ¼ VGA color display 10+ hour battery life Dolphin 7900 Industrial PDA-like design Windows Mobile 5.0 WWAN, WLAN, WPAN & GPS IP64 rated 3.8” ¼ VGA color display 10+ hour battery life

41 Dolphin 7900 GPS: products SKUs based on the 79002WP-424C50E
Only 2 SKUs Simplifying the supply chain 79002WPG424C50E WLAN / WWAN / WPAN (802.11b / GSM/GPRS / Bluetooth / GPS) / 5300SR Imager with high-vis aiming pattern / 36 Key / 128MB RAM x 128MB FLASH / Windows Mobile 5.0 79002WPG42HC50E WLAN / WWAN / WPAN (802.11b / GSM/GPRS / Bluetooth / GPS) / 5300SR Imager with high-vis aiming pattern / 36 Key / 128MB RAM x 128MB FLASH / 2 GB MSD / Windows Mobile 5.0

42 Summary Company Confidential

43 GPS Conclusion GPS is no longer a “future” technology
GPS can be integrated into your current work processes GPS-based applications can directly improve your field operations GPS delivers a measurable ROI

44 Summary Dolphin 7900 now offers integrated GPS technology, enabling new applications to drive efficiency and productivity A robust suite of mobile functionality – integrated in a single mobile solution: Real-time wireless voice and data communication Location-based GPS capabilities Barcode Scanning – linear and 2D Image Capture Signature Capture Ideal for mobile applications in Route Accounting, Field Sales, Courier, Utilities and Government Best-in-class across key criteria for mobile data collection device selection Battery Performance Reliability Combination of Durability and Usability Adaptus Imaging Technology: Unparalleled data capture versatility Integrated Software Utilities


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