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2 JAZZ PERIOD Started after WWI Between 1918-1929 up to the depression Happened along side the Harlem Renaissance Jazz was a result of the renaissance popular music included dance songs, novelty songs, and show tunes

3 JAZZ Traits from West African music black folk music Considered immoral by older generation 1919 - Kid Ory’s Original Creole Jazz Band First jazz band

4 I NSTRUMENTS USED IN J AZZ Piano – used to provide harmony, melody, and rhythm (Art Tatum – Tea for Two) Varies the sound by amount of force used to press keys Guitar – 6 stings plucked to strummed with fingers or a pick ( Charlie Christian, I Found A New Baby) Banjo – the five string in G or C, the four string tenor banjo and the six-string guitar banjo These are common chords played in jazz

5 J AZZ INSTRUMENTS Drums – including bass drum, snare drum, ton- tons, and cymbals (Art Barkey – Stop Time) Congas – with the fingers and the hollow palm of the hand (played in one or pairs) Vibraphone – percussion instrument (Milt Jackson) Timbales – Latin American Drums

6 P OPULAR JAZZ ARTIST King Oliver and Bill Johnson Bessie Smith Bix Beiderbecke – The Wolverines Louis Armstrong Jelly Roll Morton Jean Goldkette’s Orchestra Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra Fletcher Henderson’s Band Duke Ellington’s Band Earl Hine’s Band


8 1896-1940 F. Scott Fitzgerald -Born in 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota -Attended Princeton University -Coined term Jazz Age -Works on Jazz Age include The Great Gatsby, The Beautiful and Damned, This Side of Paradise, and Tales of the Jazz Age -Novels describe lives and morality of post WW1 youth -Died in 1940 from complications after a heart attack

9 Anita Loos 1888-1981 -Born in 1888 in California -Professions include: actress, novelist, screenwriter, and producer -Some works include Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes stars a bold flapper who is more interested in gifts and money than marriage -Died in 1981 in New York

10 Dorothy Parker 1893-1967 -Born in 1893 in New Jersey - Worked as author, poet, critic, and screenwriter -In the 1920s alone she had over 300 poems published in magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Life -Published her first volume of poetry, Enough Rope, in 1927 -Plays include Business is Business (1924) and Close Harmony (1924) -Died in 1967 in New York

11 Edith Wharton 1862-1937 -Born in 1862 in New York as Edith Newbold Jones -Family connected to phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” -Used connection with upper class postwar New York in her literary work -Works include: The Age of Innocence, Old New York, and Twilight Sleep -In 1921 she won a Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Age of Innocence. -Died in 1937

12 T. S. Eliot 1888-1965 -Born in 1888 in St. Louis, Missouri -Studied at Harvard from 1906 – 1909 -One of the 20 th centuries most influential poets -Most famous poems include: The love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land, and Hollow Men. -Many poems dealt with the disillusionment of the post war generation and lost opportunities. -Often wrote using the stream of consciousness approach -Died in 1965 in London, England


14 P ROHIBITION 1920- 1933 18 th Amendment Volstead Act Speakeasies Organized Crime 21 st Amendment

15 A L C APONE Also known as Scarface Head of the Chicago Outfit Outfit made 10 million dollars annually St. Valentines Day Massacre

16 C HARLES L UCKY L UCIANO Considered father of modern organized crime First boss of Genovese crime family

17 F RANK C OSTELLO “Prime Minister of the Underworld” Close friend to Lucky Luciano Later would take over the “Rolls-Royce” of organized crime

18 F ILM Transition from silent films to talkies. Toll of the Sea The Jazz Singer Mickey Mouse Charlie Chaplin Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer

19 M ICKEY M OUSE First appearance was in Plane Crazy Disney considers birthday to be November 18, 1928 Supposed to serve as a replacement character for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

20 T HE J AZZ S INGER Starred Al Jolson Aided in switch from silent films to talkies The first feature length film to use synchronized dialogue Originally was a short story that was turned into a successful play

21 S PORTS NFL Negro National League Red Grange Jack Dempsey Babe Ruth Helen Wills Bobby Jones

22 A UTHORS AND B OOKS T.S. Elliot F. Scot Fitzgerald Edith Wharton Anita Loos The Great Gatsby The Waste Land The Age of Innocence Gentleman Prefer Blondes

23 P OPULAR L ANGUAGE Blind Date Gold Digger Crush Flapper Heebie Jeebies

24 TECHNOLOGY The jazz Age was a very rich age for technology. Radio were very common. Even though the first combustion engine was built in 1896 by Henry Ford. The automobile really took off in the 1920’s Ford’s Model-Ts became such an overwhelming success that Henry sold over 15 million Model-Ts by 1927

25 TECHNOLOGY Television was being experimented on. Philo T. Farnsworth developed the dissector tube. The first movie with sound is released. “The Jazz Singer”

26 AUTOMOBILE By the end of the decade there was almost one car per American family. As a result people no longer needed the job to be close to their homes. Family visited each other more frequently.

27 RADIO The radio just like the car become very popular during the jazz age. The radio not only reported the events but shaped them.

28 R ADIO People spent half the night listening to the radio. News, Sports, Concerts, and Sermons. Those without radios in their home gathered in public places to watch crystal sets. People were more in tuned with what was going on in the world to a sense.

29 R ADIO The radio became and instant success in the 1920’s The Radio was partially in every Americans home in just a few shorts years. KDKA was the first public radio broadcasting station located in Pittsburgh. Thousands more starting popping up in the next few years.

30 H OMOSEXUAL The Jazz Age was groundbreaking to a sense Homosexual were accepted to a certain degree They got a certain level of freedom that they wouldn't see again until the 1960’s Gay clubs other wise known as pansy clubs were openly operated

31 F LAPPER Flappers was a term used for young women during the 1920’s. The Flappers had short sleek hair. Wore shorter then average shapeless shift dress. wore make up and applied it in public. smoked with a long cigarette holder.


33 W OMEN A typical women in the 1920’s have a life expectancy of 55 years She married at age 21 She would be pregnant for 34% of the time during her fertile years.

34 W OMEN Women were given the right to vote. Nellie Taylor Ross becomes the first woman elected as a governor in the United States.

35 M EDICAL A DVANCEMENTS Antibiotics being one of the Medical advancement that caused less fetal death rate. Formula’s invented. Due to medical advancements the labor force grew threefold between the 1920-1950 Discovery of vitamins C, E and insulin


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