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The 1920s.

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1 The 1920s




5 Chapter 21 The 1920’s

6 I. Rise of isolationism and nativism
Americans return from WW1 disillusioned and frustrated with the outside world Americans wanted to be left alone; isolationism

7 I. Rise of isolationism and nativism
Isolationism leads to nativism Nativism leads to racism Second rise of the KKK; the Red Scare (fear of communists)

8 II. The Red Scare Communists take over Russia
People feared communists would take over the world Problems caused by the Red Scare Palmer Raids (arrests of people thought to be communist) Sacco and Vanzetti Case – Italian immigrants; tried for murder; put to death (were not really guilty)

9 I. The rise of mass media A. New forms of entertainment and communication 1. Radio 2. Movies 3. Newspapers 4. Magazines

10 B. Creation of American culture
1. American heroes a. Charles Lindbergh b. Amelia Earhart c. George Herman “Babe” Ruth d. Jack Dempsey 2. Popularity of Jazz

11 II. The Jazz Age A. Night clubs and dance halls 1. Duke Ellington
2. Louis Armstrong

12 3. Flappers

13 B. The Harlem Renaissance – African American celebration of culture through arts, music C. The Lost Generation - the generation from WWI that came of age

14 III. The Roaring 20’s A. Technological advances spur on the economy
1. Affordable automobiles, new roads a. Henry Ford; b. assembly line C. Model T

15 2. Vacuum cleaners, movie industry, radios

16 B. Almost everyone is investing in the STOCK MARKET and making money

17 IV. Fundamentalism People feared the changing society
People feared society’s morals were declining People try to preserve their traditional way of life 1. The Scopes Trial 2. Xenophobia (KKK) 3. Prohibition

18 Scopes Trial High school teacher from Tennessee teaches evolution, rather than creationism Traditionally, creationism from the Bible had been taught Scopes Trial – case about the teaching of evolution, which showed a change in values in society


20 Prohibition Time period in which alcohol was banned in America (18th Amendment)

21 V. The era of Prohibition
A. Alcohol was poisoning society B. * (not in notes) Immigrants were known for consuming alcohol C. Prohibition originates in the Temperance movement -Women led the temperance movement Prohibition empowered women and led to the passing of the 19th Amendment (voting rights)

22 VI. Passing of the 18th Amendment (Prohibition)
Passed on Jan. 16, 1920 B. Proved difficult to enforce 1. Bootlegging 2. Speakeasies

23 Bootleggers – people who illegally smuggle alcohol
Speakeasies – illegal bars set up all over cities

24 C. Rise of organized crime
1. Al Capone – Chicago’s most famous bootlegger 2. St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – violent gang related event in Chicago during Prohibition

25 Jazz – a New Orleans creation
Random pictures Jazz – a New Orleans creation Have you ‘scoped’ out the monkey trial?

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