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The role of the additional language teacher in the PYP community Global Language Convention, Singapore Fiona Davis, Diane Fisk.

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1 The role of the additional language teacher in the PYP community Global Language Convention, Singapore Fiona Davis, Diane Fisk

2 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20062 Towards a common understanding What is an ‘additional-language teacher’ in the context of the PYP? What are the roles and responsibilities of these teachers and of all members of the PYP community? How can PYP schools support additional-language teachers to become an integral part of the community? The next step Implications In what ways do we expect our teachers to rise to the challenges of the PYP?

3 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20063 What does the PYP mean by ‘additional language’? Any languages which are not languages of instruction in a school.

4 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20064 IBO Standards and Practices : B1.23 The school offers a language, in addition to the language of instruction, to students from the age of seven.

5 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20065 Years Number of schools (as of February 2006) 68 67 39 78

6 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20066 How many additional language teachers are there? IBAP 168 authorized and candidate schools: 10 dual language (offering 2 or more languages of instruction) 158 additional language

7 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20067 IBO Standards and Practices A1.4 The beliefs and values that drive the programme are shared by all sections of the school community (including students, teachers, administrators etc)

8 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20068 What are our beliefs and values about additional-language teachers? All additional-language teachers are PYP teachers

9 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 20069 “How does the school ensure that the additional- language teachers view themselves as PYP teachers and are considered part of the PYP community?” PYP Guidelines for developing a school language policy (IBO 2006 –Online Curriculum Centre) The role of the additional-language teacher

10 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200610 What are the implications for additional-language teachers? that they should adhere to PYP philosophy ? that they should plan collaboratively whenever possible ? that they should teach through inquiry whenever possible ? that they should include the five essential elements in their teaching whenever possible ?

11 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200611 China Daily State-sponsored teachers to teach Chinese overseas Minimum requirements include: a university degree; two years of teaching experience; Putonghua (Mandarin) level 2A or above; aged under 55; and a good command of the target country's language. Applicants will need to pass three exams organized by the office: a foreign language test; a general test (such as expression, psychology, speech, personality and appearance); a professional skills test (applicants will be required to fulfil a teaching task). More than 6,000 qualified applicants have enrolled in the office's reserve force of teachers.

12 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200612 What does inquiry look like in our classrooms?

13 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200613 Language is the main medium of inquiry Language is, by nature, transdisciplinary Can we teach an additional language through inquiry? Literature is a vehicle for inquiry

14 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200614 Exploring, wondering and questioning Deepening understanding through the application of a concept What do inquirers look like? Making connections between previous and current learning Researching and seeking information

15 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200615 IBO Standards and Practices relating to planning: C2.10 Planning at the school makes effective use of the PYP planning process across the curriculum and by all teachers. C2.2 Planning at the school takes place collaboratively.

16 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200616 Integrating or supporting a unit within the programme of inquiry Additional-language teachers in the PYP programme of inquiry: Preparing for or following on from a unit within the programme of inquiry Independent inquiry: structure teaching and learning through the use of the learner profile, the transdisciplinary themes and central ideas. Skills-based teaching: in any rote-learning, the same philosophy and pedagogy must underpin planning and teaching of the subject.

17 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200617 teaching through inquiry? teaching through central ideas? What is the PYP’s main tool for documenting: The PYP planner collaborative planning? reflection?

18 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200618 Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong “There is an emphasis on teamwork. Chinese and English teachers plan together to ensure the integration of subject areas and a balanced education for students.” (From Victoria Educational Organisation website)

19 PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (c) IBO 200619 An inquiry into: Central idea: Transdisciplinary theme: Summative Assessment Task(s) What are the possible ways of assessing students’ understanding of the central idea? What evidence will we look for, including student-initiated actions that may take place? 1. What is our purpose? How can additional language teachers use the planner? We use different language to talk about habitual actions or events in the past. Where we are in space and time At the end of the four weeks, students will be asked to write about key events in their own lives, and things that they used to do when they were younger, but no longer do. They will explain why they no longer do these things. The teacher will compare the language written to oral language used to discuss these issues at the start of the inquiry (recorded on tape).

20 Fiona Davis Diane Fisk

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