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Modular Manufacturing AMARCO MODULAR

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1 Modular Manufacturing AMARCO MODULAR

2 Custom Modular Designer & Manufacturer.
The definition of AMARCO means ‘BEAUTIFUL PLACE’. When I decided on the name of the business I asked myself the question of “What I wanted to provide people when designing or manufacturing a modular building product”. The answer came quickly and easily because I know what I wanted when I thought about a place to spend time in. Whether it be a mining danger or a house, I just wanted to be comfortable and safe, yes it must be a “Beautiful Place”. We as inventors are always looking for faster, better and cheaper ways of living our lives. Within a short period of time we have landed on the moon in 1967 and the color TV was introduced to us. From then on technology is travelling faster than we could ever imagine, IPhones, twitter and facebook are now the common words used throughout our lives.

3 Custom Modular Designer & Manufacturer.
When I looked at the building industry I recall watching the odd Italian bricklayer laying his bricks with his travel and I realized that the one industry on the world which was one of the most important areas of our lives was moving so slowly in technology.IT was then that I decided to invest my time and money into finding a faster, smarter, safer and cheaper way to build a house. After nearly 10 years of my personal time and money, making many mistakes and many successes I have finally developed a system and a product that answers all the questions I posed to myself. The answer is Modular Building.

4 Custom Modular Designer & Manufacturer.
We can now build a 4x2 single storey house within 2 weeks rather than 6-8 months, that is incredible and if I hadn’t done it myself with my own hands I wouldn’t believe it.Not only do we enable a fast install time of a house we have increased the quality and strength incredibly. Additionally from an environmental factor we have decreased the environmental impact dramatically not only in the building of the house, by introducing fantastic insulation technology. You can now cool or heat a house at a margin of the cost because our houses are so well insulated. If you check to use our modular building products to build your next building project whether it be your own new home or a development or a hotel or a mining camp you can be guaranteed you will 100% save a great deal of time, money and stress without sacrificing quality . I look forward to helping you if you choose to buy one of our modular building products to build your next building project.

5 How do we do it….. Amarco Modular are able to deliver a brilliant modular building because we have over 85+ years of combined experience in building, manufacturing, construction and management of modular buildings. More importantly all members of our team really love what they do . Our team comprises of tradespeople, technical people, artistic people who really do care about delivering a house, a unit, a hotel, a camp or a simple granny flat that will pass the test of time and is a true representation of them. Their signatures are on every building that is produced and we are all proud of that fact. Additionally to support our Australian ideology and integrity we have a partner factory who shares our values in all of what we produce together. They have 35 years of modular manufacturing experience producing amazing products. Together using our focus on quality control to Australian standards and our personal commitment to assuring only the best product is supplied to our customers. We are able to deliver a strong, reliable, high quality and artistically designed building every time. “THAT IS HOW WE DO IT”

6 We invite you to take a look at our. Manufacturing &
We invite you to take a look at our Manufacturing & Installation Processes

7 Manufacturing Process
There are 11 separate stations of production Station No.1 - Structural work and precise measurements are essential in this step; if the actual dimensions of the structure are beyond the acceptable barriers (+0 / -2) according to the original engineer's drawings it may lead to serious problems during the following phases or production. Thus, in each step there are stringent quality control measures enforced on all sides to closely monitor & inspect Dimensions and sign off on the documentation in each Module to ensure 100% accuracy to the original specification.

8 Manufacturing Process
Station No.2 - International fire regulations stipulate that buildings constructed from steel must be fire-proof for more than 2 hours. Therefore, all modular buildings must have satisfactory fire wall protection. There are many methods available including Monokote spray (Density 350 Kg/M3) or installation Rockwool; both products if used must have Certification that is recognized by institutes & organizations such as Australian standards and BMA

9 Manufacturing Process
Station No.3 - Flooring: There are many and various methods for making floors, such as PC Plank flooring, Light weight concrete and precast. However what we are going to mention is specialist for Modular buildings. In our precast floor panels to suit each room and can be divided into sections; Corridor Panel, Balcony Panel, Bedroom Panel and Bathroom & Kitchen Panel . We fabricate the precast floor sections externally and then, assemble into the correct position inside the building as indicated on the designer's drawings.

10 Manufacturing Process
Station No.4 - Plumbing systems and electrical systems, have been installed in the walls and floors and ceilings to Australian Standards. Further installation of plumbing pipes and fitting have been installed in walls, floors and ceilings and the remaining sanitary & bathroom systems. After installation, we test the water systems, electrical systems, telephone systems, internet and Fire alarm systems to coincide with the standards of each region and to meet Australian Standards.

11 Manufacturing Process
Station No.5 - Ceiling; filled panels finished in plain 12mm plasterboard and are used to assemble the ceiling panels in 4 parts which are Corridor, Bathroom, bedroom and balcony. In the bathroom and wet areas waterproof gyprock and sealants to Australian Standards are used to provide waterproofing. After aligning all four panels completely they are fixed into place using 100mm spacings off screws, next the relevant electrical components are installed and the ceiling is given a final inspection.

12 Manufacturing Process
Station No.6 - Flooring; after the successful installation of walls and ceiling we move to the next phase, laying the specified flooring by the following procedure: - Clean the floor thoroughly and apply selected treatments. - Lay the flooring according to product & drawing specifications. - Floor skirting (if applicable) is completed after installation of all built-in furniture units

13 Manufacturing Process
Station No.7 - Fitted furniture is installed: ( if applicable) - Bedroom wardrobes - Kitchen - Bathroom sinks cabinets and cupboards - Hall way closets - Floor skirting is now completed

14 Manufacturing Process
Station No.8 - Interior & Exterior Doors; after the successful installation of all interior fittings we are able to hang the doors.

15 Manufacturing Process
Station No.9 - External cladding: The selected external cladding whether colour bond, stone, weatherboard or cement render are all installed to Australian Standards. Modules are completed with external cladding selection to client's specifications ready for finishing once building is located on site.

16 Manufacturing Process….
Station No.11 - Final inspection; this station is vital before we continue with construction. Every component, fitting & measurement is scrutinized to guarantee 100% accuracy and complete customer satisfaction. All stations No's are double checked & triple checked before handing over to station No.12.

17 Manufacturing Process….
Station No.12 - Cleaning & Packing; the cleaning process begins internally, deodorizing, disinfecting and polishing throughout to provide an immaculate room. Then the process moves external to ensure total cleanliness before packing. All unfixed equipment such as doors are locked into place, and exterior walls are covered to prevent damage during transport.

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