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Ensuring Fire Compliance An Action Plan Clive Reilly Checkmate Fire Solutions.

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1 Ensuring Fire Compliance An Action Plan Clive Reilly Checkmate Fire Solutions

2 An Important Question Why are new buildings not always fire compliant?

3 Case Study

4 Fire Strategy The fire strategy addresses life safety under the Building Regulations, and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, but not fire risk assessments, which are the client's responsibility. It does not specifically address either property protection, or business disruption. Building insurers should be consulted over the proposals since their preferences are sometimes more onerous.

5 Ground Floor Kitchen Area

6 Lifts 1 st Floor 3 rd Floor

7 Fire Walls



10 Raised Floor Barriers

11 Ducts, Dampers, M&E


13 Protection of Structural Steel

14 The installation of a fire door is a complex procedure requiring a detailed understanding of the important role played by each component & therefore needs to be undertaken by someone with the correct training. (BWF-CERTIFIRE) Fire Doors Norman Macdonald, BRE Principal Consultant, checking upgraded fire doors at Ormskirk Hospital It is estimated by BWF Certifire that more than 80% of installed one hour fire doors will in reality not provide one hour fire rating

15 Door Gaps LocationDimension Door edge gapsRepresentative of those tested but as a guideline, a minimum of 2mm and a maximum of 4mm Alignment tolerances Leaves must not be proud of each other or from the door frame by more than 1mm Threshold10mm between bottom of leaf and top of floor covering

16 Fire Doors - Gaps



19 Hinge Intumescents ElementDimensions (mm)Location Bracket 40 x 35 x 25 with 3 mounting holes for minimum 25mm long steel screws 1 No per leaf in frame head – 100mm from closing edge Intumescent protection Leaf Edge Seals 2 No 15 x 4 Lorient Palusol 100P or Type 617 Fitted 5mm either side of the centre line of the leaf hanging edges and head Hinge Blades 1mm thick Interdens Under both blades Lipping 6 – 18 thick Hardwood min density 640 kg/m 3 All leaf edges

20 Fire Doors – Hinge Intumescents


22 Fire Doors – Protecting for the life of the building Pictures courtesy of Intastop Ltd

23 Ensuring Fire Compliance What can be done to ensure that fire compliance is built in?

24 Specification Talk to the experts. Be clear on what is required. Specify exactly what is required and issue as a part of the Tender process.

25 Ensure products are correctly installed

26 Select the right contractor



29 Permit to Work Specific to fire compartmentation. Provides a record of works. Informs the contractor of your requirements. Prompts an inspection of finished works before payment is made.

30 Ensure what is specified is installed PU foams tested as linear gap seals cannot be used to seal pipe or cable penetrations unless they have been tested in that end-use application Association for Specialist Fire Protection

31 Inspect the finished works

32 ... on-site inspection & compliant handover

33 Quality Assurance CONFORMITY:We confirm that the products identified within the project specification have been installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

34 doing it the right way, first time around, will always be the most cost-effective course of action. (ASFP Red Book) Checkmate - providing practical fire & smoke containment solutions

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