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Adjustment of an Immigrant Sandra Rupnarain. Culture Culture is an integral part of an individuals well being. Any diminishing of culture contributes.

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1 Adjustment of an Immigrant Sandra Rupnarain

2 Culture Culture is an integral part of an individuals well being. Any diminishing of culture contributes to the diminishing of an individual. Cultural shock is part of the transition that newcomers have to deal with.

3 Acculturaltion Learning a new groups culture is called Acculturation –It happens when an individual breaks down cultural and communication barriers and assimilate to the host country culture.

4 Adaptation Defined as the productive involvement in the countrys life Adapt to a new culture and a new environment Factors that influence immigrants' adaptation: –demography, economy and social aspects –immigration policies –reasons for immigration Disconnection from family Difficulties to understand the new system (taxes, policies and rules)

5 Assimilation Involves the separation of what was formerly known and the integration into a new and unfamiliar society Immigrants will have to: –learn a new language –adopt new values and behaviors –integrate with new neighbours, schools, workplace and government policies The experience can be depressing and overwhelming, leaving a person to feel confused and lost (

6 Typical problems/issues Discrimination Cultural Shock Language barrier Visual differences Values, beliefs, and behavioral norms clashes with their new environment Lack of awareness of others cultures norms, behaviors and beliefs

7 Barriers faced Social injustice due to their inability to meet basic needs Professional skills not equally valued or compared Have to accept work at lower wages Language issues Inability to match education and skills (Canadian Labour and Business,2003)

8 Discrimination Discrimination is reality for many immigrants Individuals are treated with differentiation in a direct and unconscious way Racism is reinforced in the media where minorities are portrayed in negative and stereotypical ways Hate crime is an act of violence based on prejudice against ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation groups

9 Religion Provides social familiar structure for immigrants Helps to give a sense of cultural identity It can be helpful while adjusting to a new society Oppression due to religion of choice Other common discrimination reasons: –racial identity –Lifestyle, clothing, beliefs –women submissiveness to their husbands. They can be seem as unusual in a society that is unfamiliar with those customs

10 Homosexuality In some countries homosexual behaviour in both women and men are intolerant Although the marriage laws have changed, homosexual still face discrimination by institutions and society Many countries have criminalized same sex sexual behaviour laws Some individuals who engage in homosexuality receive death penalty Many gay, lesbian, bisexual, or Tran gendered individuals chose to migrate for the safety of their lives (Jail Death Sentences in Africa,2001)

11 Social Workers need to Be aware of their clients challenges Understand the different resources available to assist in the development process Help clients meet basic needs such as education, housing, food, transportation and clothing Play significant roles in cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution between groups Be able to make an effective intervention during an interview (Corey, M. and G, 2005 )

12 During the interview Individualize the client Do not lose sight of clients hopes, dreams and goals Ask for their advice in how you might adapt your helping methods to their values, traditions and customs Leave emotions aside while listening to a client Constantly examine attitudes and behaviors Have self-awareness - empathy Be alert to the possibility in making judgments based on racism, prejudice and stereotypes Ask open questions since it opens the dialogue for new topics, classifies details and enriches the clients story (

13 Better Serving Clients Be aware of the immigration process Offer interpretation services when language barriers exist Gain understanding of certain cultural and ethnical factors Provide settlement services to support their adjustment Focus on the predominant issue(s) – ask questions –Basic needs? Employment? Health care? Child development? Suggest programs that can offer emotional support – usually available in multiple languages Understand specific resources to each culture Refer the client to other social service agencies when required (

14 Social workers strive for the greater good, and for the betterment of our entire society by embracing cultural issues in a positive manner and acknowledging that cultural differences are one of our countrys strengths and challenge

15 REFERENCES Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Manual, pg. 6 Shearfor B., Horejsi C., and Horejsi G., Techniques and Guidelines for Social Work Practice, Needham Heights, MA, Allyn and Bacon fourth Ed., 1997 Corey, M. & G., Code of Ethics in Huot, J. Ed, Orientation to Human Services Course Reader, Toronto, 2005, pg. 60- 75 Linda, David, Caroline and Adie, Family Problems, in Second Canadian Edition, Understanding Social Problem, pg 122- 160 Ivey A., Ivey M., Intentional Interviewing and Counselling, fifth ed., United States, 2003 /index.asp

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